Best military watches under $200 in 2022

Do you wish to get a rugged and the best military watch under 200 dollars? You can get the best one at a reasonable price.

Best military watches under $200

Watch connoisseurs love to invest in classic and durable timepieces. Even military officials and personnel look for the exact best military watches. It is not less than a treat for them to get the best military watches under $200

The innovative technology and numerous functions let your watches stand apart from the crowd. Some time back your military watches were just preferable for military staff, but now everyone can use them. The outdoor enthusiasts and sports lovers add these military-style watches for their outstanding features.

Military watches are no more just part of military fields, but sleek and stylish looks made them the part of formal dinners and official meetings. We gathered some of the top and best military watches under $200 to be your reliable companion. 

Among the countless options, getting one of the best under 200 dollars is not less than a blessing. You get various choices with appealing colors and comfortable wear to match your needs without making a hole in your pocket. Don’t worry; your reliable military watch does not always need a considerable fortune.

Dive in to know the best military watches under 200 and a buying guide.

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Review of the best military watches under $200

Seiko 5 SNK805

Seiko 5 SNK805 Buy on Amazon

Is it hard for you to find one of the best military watches under 200? It is not a big deal anymore. Seiko is a valuable watch you can add to your military watches collection.

Besides being a classic military watch, it has every hallmark aspect you wish in your military watch. You must be happy that you can get the best automatic watch under 100. Not to ignore the vintage vibe that it gives to modern men.

Seiko 5 strikes the world with the green color when everywhere you mostly get black and white color. The perfect blend of two green hues gives an aesthetic and visual accent as well. Experience the combination of legibility with ruggedness in this class military watch under 200. The sharp luminescence gives clear visibility to the watch in the dark as well.


·         Low cost

·         Highly reliable

·         Snug fit

·         Easy to read


·         Water resistance of only 30m

·         Inappropriate for swimming and showers

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Timex Expedition Watch

Timex Expedition Watch Buy on Amazon

This simple category is the other eye-catching model for you. It has a stainless steel casing. You will love the elegance and simplicity of the nylon strap watch. The strap co implements the black case well. Moreover, the snug fit and sturdy nylon strap make your purchase worthwhile.

The 24 hours marking with the white color on the black casing gives clear visibility and aesthetic looks. Furthermore, the tiny window near the 15-hour point shows the date. So, you got everything you want in your best military watch under 200.

However, this classic look has the oomph factor with the addition of the coin-edged crown. The company created every part and featured, considering the easy and seamless readability of the watch.


·         Minimalist and classic look

·         Lightweight

·         Easy to read


·         Limited functions

·         The night light is weak

·         Ticking sound

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Timex Men’s Expedition Field Chronograph Watch

The expedition was not only created by one of the world’s most renowned watchmakers but also has great features that make this military watch the location of this chapter. Despite its rugged design, the Expedition promises a great experience.

Made to withstand the toughest hiking trails, but perfect for formal wardrobes. The genuine leather strap offers not only comfort but also a noble and elegant look. Suitable for both outdoor activities and daily office use. Adventurous and elegant. It is water-resistant to 100 meters.

On the other hand, its impact resistance complies with the standards established by ISO. continues to offer works with excellent aesthetics and functionality at very affordable prices.

The back of this military watch is made of stainless steel only, but the rest of the case and the metal finish give it a luxurious feel. Not too strong, but the needle has a lumen. In addition, the Indiglo function illuminates the entire dial, making it visible at night.

The stopwatch is very accurate with a 1/20 second display. The Expedition is available in four colors: beige, black, green, and dark brown. The watch features impressive features like a night light, an easy-to-use date window, and three sub-dials.


  • Simple and affordable.
  • Packed with excellent features of night light.
  • Available in four different colors.
  • Incredibly accurate.


  • Some customers have faced difficulty in seting up chrongraphic.
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Casio G-Shock GA-100-1A1

Casio’s best budget military watch, the Casio GA1001A1 is a large, comfortable analog watch that’s lighter than it looks and is water-resistant to 200 meters. This famous G-Shock design features an analog dial in the center and digital displays on both sides.

Its interface raises dials and time markers that give this watch a three-dimensional look. Although it is completely black, the LED backlight feature is designed to improve readability.

But its lighting is still poor and almost its only drawback. This makes it difficult to read at night. Premium-priced survival watches Equipped with an automatic calendar pre-programmed to 2099. You can also check out our guide on Best Watches For Army Basic Trainings.

Why Should You buy this Military Style Watch?

The GA1001A1 has a 1/1000 second stopwatch function with a speed display. This stopwatch has multiple measurement modes, including lap time, elapsed time, and average time.

These features make time measurement very accurate and make it one of the best military watches to consider. In addition to these features, there are 29 time zones and world time exchange capabilities. This is especially helpful for travel junkies. A nice camouflage watch (available in several different camo colors) with great resistance and a good price.

Why Should You Not buy Casio G-Shock GA-100-1A1?

The disadvantages of the are that it is a bit difficult to read in dark places, it is relatively heavy and the alarm function is not reliable. Its highlights include a stopwatch and countdown timer, a pre-programmed calendar, and its distinctive buttons.

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Suunto Adventure Watch

Suunto Adventure Watch Buy on Amazon

Do you wish for a reliable companion watch on your adventure? Sunnto knows what you want. When it comes to navigation and terrain, Suunto takes a clean bold in the tactical watches companies. Enthusiasts find it must have a model with its rugged, functional style and sleek looks. It caters to a diversified group of people ranging from divers, climbers, outdoor adventurers, and hikers.

Suunto leads the brand race with craftsmanship in almost 60 countries. The company mainly focuses on the concept of “Core” to continue with the product innovation.

It is perfect to know the sudden ongoing changes in the climatic and weather conditions when you go for outdoor activity. One of the worth mentioning features is the Intelligent Storm Alarm. It informs the users about every air pressure drop to make them secure.

There is something more to it! The altimeter proves to be beneficial for your hiking and biking adventures by monitoring and tracking the current elevation. It is beneficial later on.

Moreover, the barometer offers inkling to inform you whether to be equipped with rain gear or not. Even you will be notified by it to withdraw in a critical situation. The compass and thermometer complete the outdoor functionality package.


·         Reliable

·         Perfect battery life

·         Easy readability


·         No GPS

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The Best Military Watch Under 200 Dollars – Buying Guide

Field watches must be reliable and tell the accurate time in every scenario. So, automatic functions with self-charging batteries are cherry on top. Still, there are many things left that you must consider buying the best military watch under 200. Let us have a look:


An automatic battery will work best in military watches. Still, you wind the watch as a precautionary measure. Also, change the battery frequently. Eco-drive watches may be a bit expensive but are an excellent option to consider.


Make sure the top of the mineral crystal must be scratch-proof. Moreover, the case must also be made from scratch-free material such as stainless steel. At least, it must not get scratches quickly.


The field watches are waterproof till 100 meters maximum. So, don’t forget to take them off before a shower, swimming, or bath.


Being a military official, you know the importance of this feature. The users check the right time with the luminescence markers and hands. Easiness to read in dim lighting or dark is highly preferable.


Military watches must have a nylon or leather strap because both are durable. It will create no irritation on the skin. You can easily adjust it and enjoy the snug-free military watches on your wrist.

Weight and size

It is always lovely to wear light watches. But another problem arises when you wish your military watch to be light because it is hard. The watch’s casing turns out to be the heaviest of all. You may find titanium cases to be light, but they are not pocket-friendly.

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Final Verdict

In a nutshell, we covered some of the best military watches under 200 dollars. However, you can choose the best one according to your needs, tastes, and preferences. You should not worry much about the budget because every watch on the list is under $200. So, don’t wait and keep the buying guide in your mind to get the best military watch under 200 for you.

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