How Much Does A Watch Weigh? Is It Worth Considering?

Wristwatches are a must for the desired classy look. But how much does a watch weigh? The weight of a wristwatch pretty much dictates its trend curve. No one wants a wrist-breaking watch!

Heavier watches tend to have a lower fashion curve as compared to light stylish ones. Today we will debate on how the weight of the wristband watch makes or breaks a sales trend.

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Why Did Weight Become So Important?

You might be wondering why in the world does the weight of the watch matter? They all will have optimal weight. That is something that needs justification.

The modern watches grow design-superior but they get heavy with the same proportion. That is why you must have an ideal figure in mind before you decide on your next purchase.

Factors Which Dictate the Optimality of the Watch Weight 

Speaking of purchase, let’s debate on what should be the optimal weight of a wristwatch? Before that, there is one note-taking point. The weight of your watch depends on three things explained below.

Inner Mechanism

Automatic watches (which use the wearer’s energy to function) are bulkier compared to mechanical watches. The stainless steel parts used in them are responsible for their distinct heaviness.

In contrast, mechanical watches are much lighter. The absence of the bulky mechanism makes the mechanical watch lighter than the automatic one.

Case Thickness

How Much Does A Watch Weigh?

The next thing which comes is the case thickness. Before thickness comes, the material is used. Watches made from wood or silicon rubber are airier than metallic ones.

Stainless steel is the most common metal in the watch industry. It is lightweight, luxurious, and has good starch resistance.

Bracelet Size

Next thing which predicts the weight of the watch is the bracelet or the wristband. The size of the wristband varies from person to person. As the wrist size differs, the weight of the watch varies with it.

So much reading and still in the air about the optimal answer? According to our observation, an average stainless steel watch with a stainless steel bracelet weighs almost 125 grams. However, a watch with a rubber or lighter wristband material weighs about 80 grams.

The figures above are evidence that the weight of the watch depends on the material used in its construction. Lighter materials and mechanical parts reduce the overall weight of the watch.

With innovations coming in every day, the watch-making industries bring models with balanced weights and sizes.

Final Thoughts

One dangerously neglected aspect is the weight of the watch. When making a purchase, a lot of us prefer style to weight, don’t we?

The best practice would be to go even for the style and weight.

But how much does a watch weigh? We have addressed this question in our post. The topic of the watch’s weight is underrated despite its importance. Therefore we decided to shed some light on it.

Lastly, we sum up this discussion by asking for your valuable opinions. Feel free to communicate your thoughts in our post!

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