Top 5 Best Pilot Watches Under 200 Dollars

Are you looking for an affordable wristwatch for a pilot but can’t find any? Read the article for the top 5 best pilot watches under 200 dollars.

Top 5 Best Pilot Watches Under 200 Dollars

Uniform one point, hat all-set, shoes, looking good, but why still it seems like something is missing? Hold on! Why are you not wearing a wristwatch to look more professional? Hey, you are not having the best pilot watches under 200 dollars? Well, you are here at the right place then.

Despite having a marketplace full of multiple versatile options, selecting the best wristwatch for pilots is such a nerve-racking task. Why? That is because of the demand for affordable options. 

Let us tie things all together. In this article, we are sharing with you the top 5 best pilot watches under 200 dollars.

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Top 5 Best Pilot Watches Under 200 Dollars 

SEIKO SNK809 5 Automatic Stainless Steel Watch

SEIKO SNK809 5 Automatic Stainless Steel Watch Buy on Amazon

Being a pilot, selecting the best yet affordable wristwatch must be nerve-racking as you want to keep things decent per your constant demand. Keeping that in mind, here we are presenting you with the SEIKO SNK809 5 automatic stainless steel watch.


The dial is round and medium enough to cover up your whole wrist. Talking about the bezel ring, it is also slim and sleek in design. Along with analog numbering, Arabic numbering is also printed at a distance of 5 minutes.


The date window display is at the 3 o’clock mark, which can be set whether in English or Spanish. As the dial is luminous silver-toned, you can effortlessly tell the time even in darkness.


The sweeping second’s hand has a red tip to increase visibility. For mechanical lovers, the case back is the picture-perfect option. The moment you flip the watch, you will go awe-struck at the glance of its design.


The strap of this best pilot watch beautifully defines the definition of decent yet attractive. The 0.70 x 7.76 inches band gives a snug fit and can easily be changed whenever you want. 

Water resistance is up to 10 meters. To mention, the watch does not need any battery to run. The moment you wear it automatically starts running.


  • Automatically running
  • Better visibility even at night
  • Water resistance
  • Decent yet attractive style
  • Snug fit


  • Not reliable 
  • Spots suddenly then continue 

Timex Men's Expedition Acadia Full Size Watch

Timex Men's Expedition Acadia Full Size Watch Buy on Amazon

Decent, water-resistant, affordable, and classy, aren’t it what you want in the best pilot watches under $200? Amazingly, Timex Expedition Acadia’s full-size wristwatch elegantly sums up all these features in the wristwatch.


The material of the strap band is leather fabric with 8 inches in circumference. The leather is 20mm genuine with adjustability to fit your wrist size. Available in two colors, black and brown. 


Let us move to the center part of the wristwatch- the dial. The dial color is black with a white interior. Round dial with Analog numbering gives a classic look. The date window opens at the 3 o’clock window.

The cherry on the top is the resin acrylic casing. The shatter-proof glass casing increases the lifespan.

Indiglo Backlight Technology

Viewing time in daylight is pretty simple, but what about at nighttime? Well, for this, you have Indiglo Backlight technology. This power-pack feature of the best pilot watches under 200 dollars lights up the wristwatch for unbothered viewing.

Up to 10-Year Battery & Water-Resistance

Not one nor three, but the Timex Expedition Acadia full-size wristwatch lasts for freaking 10-years. On top of that, the water-proof covering stands around 100 meters.


  • Indiglo backlight technology
  • Water and shatterproof
  • Date and time windows
  • Genuine leather band
  • 10-years battery life


  • Not as advertised
  • Keeps on ticking

SEIKO Men's Analogue Automatic Watch with Textile Strap SNZG11K1

SEIKO Men's Analogue Automatic Watch with Textile Strap SNZG11K1 Buy on Amazon

Having the label of SEIKO is all enough to define this watch’s legacy. With 24 hours time format and classic design, this wristwatch ought to be tagged as one of the best pilot watches under 200 dollars. 


Yes, you read it right. You do not need any battery to operate the wristwatch. All you need to do is wrap the watch on your wrist and let it work. The auto-sensor activates the moment you wear the watch. 

Dial and bezel ring

The round dial with slim bezel ring both impressively matches each other. The interior is blue with white count marks and time hands, a picture-perfect option for pilot uniform code.

The shape of the hour hand is a sword, while the second hand is an arrow pointer shape. For better visibility, the second-hand tip is inked with red color. As usual, the date window is at 3 o’clock. You can set the date display in English and Arabic- the way you want.

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The Strap

We believe the strap is the main highlighting element of this wristwatch. The material is gents analog fabric for classy looks and reliable performance. The style fits all, whether you wear it while flying or on casual days.

Case Back

How can we forget to mention the hidden element of this wristwatch? The display is ideal for mechanic lovers, with 10 bar water resistance.


  • 10 bar water-resistance
  • Imported quality
  • 100mt WR
  • Automatic movement
  • Lightweight and slim design


  • The leather on the strap is poorly stitched
  • Common replica cases

LOREO Men’s Silver Stainless Steel Sapphire Glass Black Rotating Bezel Men's Automatic Watch

LOREO Men’s Silver Stainless Steel Sapphire Glass Black Rotating Bezel Men's Automatic Watch Buy on Amazon

Can’t say anything about you, but the moment we saw this wristwatch, we were awe-struck. Metallic exterior, chain band, overall classic looks. Isn’t it the best affordable pilot watch? 

Rotatable bezel ring

Unlike other wristwatches, the bezel ring of the LOREO silver stainless steel watch is rotatable. Rotating the bezel ring, you can set time settings and set a timer as well. 

Scatter-proof housing

The glass case and the band will not crack, whether you drop it from 1 foot or 5 feet. The shatter-proof housing protects the exterior from cracks and scratches. If you feel the chain is loose on your hand, you can remove the linked bracelet to adjust the size.


Are you ready to wear this wristwatch in every weather condition? With the water-proof covering, you can wear this watch even in water dangers. 

Automatic-self winding movement

That is the cherry on the top feature of this wristwatch. Keep the performance on track without worrying about whether the battery is up to date or not. The automatic-self-winding movement is for accuracy and durability. 


  • 25 jewel automatic-self winding movement
  • Screw-down crown
  • Adjustable chain
  • Sapphire crystal protects housing
  • 20 ATM water resistance


  • Not as advertised
  • Poor customer support

PAGANI Design Watches for Men Automatic Mechanical

PAGANI Design Watches for Men Automatic Mechanical Buy on Amazon

Let’s wrap the review section with the budget-friendly pilot wristwatch under $200- PAGANI design automatic mechanical GMT watch.


After purchasing this GMT 42mm waterproof stainless steel sapphire glass wristwatch, rest assured for years of high-quality performance. The shatter-proof housing protects the watch from external damages.

Talking about the dial, that is round in shape with a broad bezel ring and embedded numbering. 3 o’clock displays the date window. The hour and minute hands are in the shape of a sword and defense cover, while the second’s hand is an arrow in shape and red. 

Ergonomic design

Ergonomic design is the secret behind the popularity of the PAGANI GMT 42mm water-proof stainless steel sapphire glass wristwatch. Being a chained design, the wristwatch fits your hand smoothly and comfortably. When dressed up, this wristwatch increases your overall looks. 

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Perfect for everyone

Not only pilots, but doctors, engineers, teachers, office employees, and even a student, this classic design meets everyone’s needs.


Water-proof housing is up to 10- bars. It means the submariners can effortlessly wear this watch without worrying about water damages. Not only the uppercase but the back case is also water-resistant.


  • Perfect for everyone and every occasion
  • 60 days money-back and 1-year warranty
  • 1682 luxurious automatic mechanical watch
  • Crystal sapphire shatter-proof glass
  • Highly reliable
  • Affordable


  • Highly poor customer support
  • The automatic mechanical movement is not as efficient as mentioned

What to Look For While Buying the Best Pilot watches Under 200 Dollars 

  • GMT

Being a pilot, your job is all about traveling from one country to another. As we all know, each country has a different time zone. 

Wearing a watch with one time zone will make it difficult for you to adjust accordingly. For that case, you need the GMT feature. GMT feature lets you add another time zone per your current location.

  • Stainless steel body

Of course, you don’t want to invest in a pilot watch for under 200 dollars that last for a few months only. At the top of your considering factors list, keep built-in quality as the priority. Not cast or Aluminum, I prefer stainless steel body because it offers reliable and durable performance.

  • Strap material

The strap is the part of the wristwatch that is mainly in contact with your skin. Whatever material you select will define your comfort zone. Never go with shiny or rough material, as it will cause rashes. Prefer leather, chain, or gents analog fabric for a skin-friendly experience.

  • Dial

Is it possible to finalize any wristwatch without checking the dial? Of course, not! The dial should be large enough to view time without narrowing eyes. The hours, minutes, and seconds hands should have indicated color at the tip. Lastly, the bezel ring should also be slim and classy.

  • Time and date settings

Most of the wristwatches have a crown-down screw for time and date adjustment. Well, you should also prefer this one. Adjusting the time with a screw is pretty simple compared to other functions like rotating the bezel ring and buttons. 


Sometimes, finding things becomes complicated on a tight budget. But with this detailed guide, we hope things were effortless for you. With this detailed guide, we hope now you have got the best pilot watches under 200 dollars you were looking for. 

The mentioned points in the buying guide will aid you in picking out-class wristwatches in every category. Whatever you choose, make sure it matches your uniform code and looks decent as well. 

Lastly, did you find this content valuable? Let us know in the comment section.

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Are there any best pilot watches under 200 dollars?

Yes, there are plenty of best options under the price tag of 200 dollars. SEIKO SNK809 5 Automatic Stainless Steel Watch is a high-class yet affordable option to consider.

What should be the material of the watch?

The most preferred material for the wristwatch is stainless steel. This material is widely preferred, be it case or strap. The reason behind this is the reliable and durable performance it offers.

How do I choose the best pilot watch?

Check the dial size, material, time settings, and water-proof housing. Don’t go with cheap watches because they are poor in quality. On top of that, try to pick a decent yet fashionable product. 

How to set time on the wristwatch?

It depends on what you have. Every model has specific settings. Nevertheless, the general all follow is by pulling and rotating the screw. 

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