An In-Depth Review of the Invicta Pro Diver 8926O

Famed brands like Rolex and Seiko make appealing watches that win the user’s heart in a blink. Is there another such heart winner?

Every watch enthusiast wants the hyped models tucked in their collection. The Invicta Pro Driver is a silk-stocking. It closely resembles the top-scoring Rolex Submariner with price sliced to a fraction!

Seeing its admiration among the watch fans we thought of going ahead and reviewing it. Today we will give you our honest and unbiased Invicta diver watch review.

Trash or Treasure? Invicta Pro Diver

So stick around while we crack the shell to see the justifiability of its fame. 

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Invicta Diver Watch Review 2022 – Is It Worth Buying?

The Invicta Brand

Before diving into the details of the Pro-diver, let’s talk a bit about the brand itself. Invicta roots back to 1837 to La Chaux de Fonds, Switzerland. Not only for Invicta, but the city has an ancestral reputation for other renowned brands like Rolex as well.

Invicta is a brand that is both a Wow and a Boo for many people. Fancy watches with unlikely prices raise a question mark on their quality. Another turn-off is the spread of industry.

Invicta assembles its watches in all parts of the world. Its every-corner access makes it against the standards of the luxury class. 

Invicta Pro Diver Watch

The fame of Invicta watches lies in their expensive style and luxury with competitive price. Invicta tends to stick more to the affordability aspect rather than going with the market trends.

There are many popular models. Today the Invicta Pro Diver 8926OB has our undivided attention. Let’s get on with its review.

Exterior Casing

The Pro-diver closely resembles the Rolex Submariner. They look so much alike that you cannot tell them apart at first sight. There are some minor differences but first, let’s grasp the similarities.

Talking about the case, it has a polished stainless steel casing. The charm and style of the case have the same powerful feel as the Rolex Submariner. The brand name displayed on one side of the dial adds a unique edge to the watch.

To some people, it may look unfitting. But we think the precision of the carving makes it matchless.

The watch is scratch-resistant up to an unbelievable level. Its size is extremely close to the Rolex Submariner. With a case diameter of 40 MM and a case thickness of 13mm with a bandwidth of 20 mm, the entire structure is of gold-plated stainless steel.

Even after months of use, the finishing manages to keep its outclass look.

Movements and Mechanism

Its movement is something that melted us straight-off. One downside; Invicta doesn’t make in-house movements. The NH35A is from Seiko. It has a good automatic movement with a power reserve of 41 hours.

The unique aspect of the Invicta pro diver automatic is the customized rotor. Bidirectional binding and exhibition glass are like hitting a jackpot.

Dial and Hands

The Pro-diver has luminous hands. They work well in the dark but a brush of luminance could spark things up.

The crystal cover on the dial is by far the most striking feature. It’s a flame fusion crystal with high-end scratch resistance.

Its cover is quite reflective but the dial stays readable in most conditions. The Pro-diver is an exquisite resemblance to the Submariner with minor differences.

The slightly greenish hour needles are slightly smaller than the Submariner. For a slim dial preference, the Pro-diver may be a deal-breaker. Its dial sinks slightly deeper making the dial thicker.

There is a date section at the three o’clock position. It complements the overall look of the watch.

There are a couple of colors available in the Pro-diver. But in our opinion, the one with the royal bluish dial gives a decorative look with every suit.

The Bracelet

Now let’s talk about the bracelet of the Pro-diver. The watch has an aesthetically polished bracelet. It adds to the charm of the watch with its hollow end-links and shiny coating.

The clasping is of average quality strongly contrasting to the whole bracelet. With the Invicta insignia, the clasp only does an average job. It’s nothing luxurious. But then again, it’s acceptable at this price.

Water Resistance

As the 8926OB is a diver watch, it is water-resistant. Upon experimenting with the water test the watch did magnificently well to keep the wet out. Now you can easily swim, surf, or dive with the Pro-diver shining on your wrist.

Why Invicta and Not Rolex or Seiko? The Truth about Invicta Watches

As a luxury watch wearer, your instincts may throw up the question of why buy this model? Let’s look at the brights and darks. Since the movement is from Seiko and the watch itself is a mimicry of Rolex. You may consider buying the original version instead.

That is understandable. But the Pro-diver gives you a chance to taste the luxury in an affordable price range. Another bright point is you can closely test how other luxury watches will suit you.

You get a classy, long-lasting, and automatic watch at a considerable price. The price positivity is the biggest takeaway of Invicta Pro-diver.

So, should you buy the Invicta pro diver automatic? The quality, style, and attractive price tag make it a worthy shot. We are pretty sure you won’t regret it.


·         Unmatched quality

·         Best value of money

·         Competitive design to originals

·         Expensive feel

·         3-year warranty


·         Mimicked design

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Our Verdict

After reading our Invicta diver watch review you may be still wondering why buy this? The reluctance is natural. But the final decision of making the purchase falls on your perspective.

If you want to stick to the ‘cheap Rolex’ attitude it is your choice. Or maybe you can go ahead and give the Pro-diver a chance to win your heart like us.

Lastly, you will hear a lot of negative thoughts about Invicta but trying out new things isn’t bad. If you are getting an authentic quality and performance with a decent price, missing it won’t be wise!

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