How to distinguish a genuine Casio G-Shock from a fake one?

Do you want to know how to distinguish a real Casio G-Shock watch from a fake one? Casio is one of the most counterfeited watch brands in the world and its Casio G-Shock watches are one of the most counterfeited options in its entire range. What’s the deal with these fake g shocks? Their quality is usually very poor and they do not have the extraordinary qualities of real watches.

In addition, all those fake g shock watches make many think that Casio G-Shock watches are not as resistant as they should be, something that is far from reality if you buy an original watch from the Japanese brand.

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What does an original Casio G-Shock watch offer that a fake model doesn’t?

  • Shock and drop resistance up to 10 meters
  • 200-meter water resistance. 
  • Most G-Shocks have a daily alarm or multiple alarms, world time, adjustable time signal, EL or LED backlight, stopwatch, countdown timer, auto-calendar (up to 2099), button tone, and date format. 12/24 hour time. 
  • The most basic and cheap models may not have: multiple alarms, world time and activation – button tone deactivation, or radio frequency synchronization… 
  • Casio G-Shock Tough Solar: Some Casio G-Shock watches are solar-powered. They have solar cell phones that recharge a battery that can last up to 10, or 15 years without having to change it.
  • Other models have Multi-Band 6 (automatic time calibration through radio wave reception). 
  • High-end G-Shock watches have a Triple Sensor that includes an altimeter-barometer, compass, and thermometer. 
  • Some have Bluetooth connectivity to synchronize the time via the internet and a Casio app that we install on a smartphone.
  • Some new models since 2019 have a new technology that is even stronger: Carbon Core Guard, which offers superior shock resistance by taking advantage of the properties of carbon fiber  (shock resistance, stiffness, and resistance to degradation), which is also used for aircraft fuselage parts. The first model with this technology is the Casio G-Shock Gravitymaster GWR-B1000.

And contrary to what you might think, the vast majority of Casio G-Shock watches are not very expensive. You have models from about 60 dollars to 500 dollars (the classic GW-M5610, GW-B5600, GW-5000, or the GA-2100 or GA-B2100 ).

Then we find more expensive models, from 700 to 1800 dollars ( MTG-B1000MTG-B2000 or MTG-B3000; Mudmaster GWG-1000 or GWG-2000 ). And finally, we have the MRG whose price goes up to 3000, 6000 dollars ( MRGG2000HB or MRG-B5000 ).

How to distinguish an original Casio G-Shock from a fake g shock: Rules for buying a real G-Shock

The golden rule is very simple: You have to buy from a reputable seller. It has to have good reviews online. The price of the G-Shock is not very high, so it is not worth risking buying from unknown online sites.

Recommendations? From where do we buy the Casio G-Shock watches?:

  • Amazon: Trusted store for everything and also for G-Shock. In case of problems they always give you many facilities to return the product.

But let’s see what things you have to look at to make sure that your Casio watch is original and not fake.

1.-Watch packaging

Important. The vast majority of G-Schok watches come in a cardboard box with the G-Shock logo. fake g shocks watches do not usually come with this outer cardboard box.

top Casio G-Shock Tough Solar Watch
  • The more expensive models have better boxes and packaging.

And inside that box, we can find the watch with a label (its data must match what you can see on the cardboard box) and with the manual along with the guarantee, which should be stamped by the watchmaker where you bought the watch.

In addition, the manual is very complete, in several languages. The fake G-Shock probably comes with instructions only (or mostly) in Chinese.

2.-Design, dimensions, and weight of the watch

Another important point is to go to the Casio page and check the dimensions, weight, and general design of the watch. The weight of fake Casio G-Shock watches is often less than the original. Its dimensions can vary and the same goes for the design.

  • The weight of fake g shocks watches can be up to 10, 15 grams less than the real watch. It is easy to check by weighing the watch.
  • Details may be missing on the dial: the hands are nicely finished and painted on the real models. There may be a word missing on the dial or they may even have slightly changed the brand of the watch for some strange variant such as G-Chok or similar. Some embossing may be missing from the indices on analog models. The fake Casio G shock watches module may be different from the original offering much fewer functions.
  • Some features on the face may be in different places, and even the buttons may offer different functions.
  • Also, look at the back of the box. Casio usually puts a lot of information in this part, and it is usually very well engraved. Look at the module number of the watch, and check for misspellings (common on fake watches). They also usually have somewhat poorly placed or poor-quality screws (in the case of watches with them).
  • Strap? Well, it is more difficult to distinguish an original watch from a fake g shock by looking at the strap/. Don’t focus too much on this.

3.-The clock light

Another important point to note about a fake Casio G-Shock is that these models often offer worse lighting than the real G shock watches. Less intense, with another color. You will notice this strange light, with a lack of strength.

4.-The clock functions

A fake Casio G-Shock may have fewer features than you’d expect, especially if you’re buying a model that has temperature, GPS, or compass sensors. Probably, you do not have these functions or part of them in the fake Casio watches.

In the simplest models, it is possible that even the animations on the digital screens are poorly done, with ugly transitions or that even pressing the buttons does not allow us to switch to other watch modes.

Fake watches are also going to be less accurate in providing the exact time. G-Shocks usually offer great accuracy with about 15, or 20 seconds per month (up or down). If you see that the clock loses or advances a minute or more… bad. It’s most probably a fake watch.

Does the watch connect seamlessly to the Casio app on your smartphone? If the watch has Bluetooth connectivity, it should connect to the Casio app without any problems.

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5.-Resistance to drops and water

This is the essential point. G-Shock copies don’t usually offer the tremendous drop and wind resistance of the original models. If you see that the watch has water inside, or If you drop it and it stops working, this is a sign of a fake g shock watch.

Be aware of the following things that happen to real Casio watches:

Conclusion and recommendations

It is not always so obvious to distinguish a real Casio G-Shock from a fake one. Many fakes are very well made… but something is always missing. It really isn’t worth buying a fake Casio G shock watch. Original Casio watches are cheap and will last you for many years. We are going to trust Casio as a brand.

Buy from a trusted store and you will not have any problems with your new watch. And in case you want to take a risk, buying for example on eBay or Amazon (where there are very serious sellers), take a good look at the seller’s valuations. They don’t usually fail.

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If after everything we have told you still have doubts, leave us a comment and we will try to help you.

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