How to Turn Off Auto Light on a Casio G-Shock Watch

Are you having trouble turning off the automatic light on a Casio G-Shock watch? The truth is that it is a handy function on many occasions… but if you leave the watch on at night, the light may wake you up when you move your wrist without realizing it.

Additionally, with this option, you will use up your G-Shock’s battery more. It may be the case that the watch sensor goes a little crazy if you wear your Casio under a sweater, the automatic light activates and turns on occasionally. Be careful.

How does the automatic light switch work on the Casio G-Shock?

turn off the automatic light on a Casio G-Shock watch

If you have the automatic light switch function activated, every time you place your BEAUTIFUL watch in a special way in complete darkness, the light will turn on.

  • Moving the watch to a position parallel to the floor and then tilting it toward your position by more than 40 degrees activates the illumination.

In most situations, it is a good option to have it activated, but it can be a bit of a hassle in others: it is quite distracting, especially at night in bed.

How do you turn off the automatic light on a Casio G-Shock watch?

Well fortunately you don’t have to press hundreds of buttons to deactivate it… The information is described in each manual for each Casio:

“In Timekeeping mode, press and hold B for about three seconds to toggle the automatic light switch on and off.”

Depending on the Casio you have, it will appear in one way or another on the watch face. The B button usually refers to the light operation button on your watch.

Keep in mind that this function only works when your watch is in complete darkness, so to check if you have removed them correctly you should go to a dark room (or wait until nighttime) and try it.

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You can find specific instructions for your watch in the online watch manual. You look at the back of the watch for the module number and put it in the search engine on the Casio website.

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