Casio Watches FAQ and Troubleshooting

If you have, or have had a Casio watch throughout your life, be it G-ShockEdificePro Trek, or a classic model, you have surely had a performance problem at some point. While it is true that Casio watches are well made and are generally quite resistant, problems can always arise or you may simply have a question about their operation or warranty.

First of all, we are going to tell you about a few quite common problems with Casio watches and then we will reveal how some options in their menus work, which although they seem simple, can be complicated to use at first.

The good thing about this era of the Internet is that we can consult all these doubts online, something that we could not do in the 80s… We had to manage to solve all the problems on our own, or we would end up going to a watchmaker friend. We couldn’t even consult the instructions for the watches online (the Internet era had not begun)… and we always lost the instruction booklet, we just received the watch as a gift… The same thing always happened.

How many of these problems have we encountered in our watch collection? Well, problems with the buttons on the cheaper Casio watches, problems with the calibration of the compass on some G-Shocks, solar watches that do not charge, and occasionally, problems with magnetic fields that make the accuracy of the watch worse. 

Obviously, we have also had to change the batteries because the battery ran out and from time to time, the watches with Bluetooth have not connected properly with the app.

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Solutions to common problems with Casio watches

Casio watches that we have tested

Here is a complete table that includes both common problems with Casio watches in general and some specific to G-Shock or Pro Trek models. In it you will find the causes and solutions for each problem:

Backlight problemsLow battery. Lighting system failureBattery change. Review in technical service
Alarm and Sound ProblemsIncorrect configuration, Internal speaker problemsReview configuration, Visit technical service
Problems with the Energy Saving FunctionIncorrect configuration. Light sensor failureVerify configuration, Sensor calibration or technical review
Problems with the Digital CompassMagnetic interference. Sensors out of calibration.Move away from sources of interference. Calibrate compass.
Belt ProblemsNatural wear. Exposure to chemicals or extreme temperaturesChanging the strap. Avoid exposure to chemicals or extreme temperatures
Fogged glassChanges in temperature, humidity, compromised waterproofingImmediate drying. Joint sealing. Review and repair
Problems with SensorsNatural wear. Physical damage. Exposure to extreme elementsCalibration. Complete reset. Technical service

The screen has become difficult to read

Fact! If you notice that the screen of your Casio watch has become difficult to read or has a discolored appearance, it most likely needs a battery change. This one is obvious. If you have verified that it does not have any damage, and you see that the digits look worse, the battery is most likely on its last legs.

You may also notice how the backlight is lower or non-existent in case of low battery. It is also possible that the light has gone bad (if you change the battery and everything stays the same).

You just have to change the battery yourself (if you know how to do it) or go to a watchmaker to have it changed.

What happens if your Casio solar doesn’t work or charge? In this case, we have a few tips in: Is your Casio G-Shock solar watch not working or charging? Possible solutions.

The clock goes forward or back

Attention! If your clock is running significantly ahead or behind, it could be due to several factors such as low battery, magnetic interference, or even high temperatures. Low battery? Change the battery. Magnetic interference? Move the watch away from the magnetic source and pray that it hasn’t damaged the watch’s internal mechanism. 

High temperatures? The high temperatures may have killed the battery, and he hopes they haven’t charged some internal mechanism. But low temperatures are not good for your watch either:

  • Low temperatures can cause the LCD screen to become slow and unreactive. Additionally, battery life may be reduced.
  • The LCD screen may temporarily turn black. Additionally, prolonged exposure to heat may affect the accuracy of the watch.

The temperature of the use of Casio watches varies depending on the model. The G-Shock one is wider. Most Casio watches are designed to perform best in a specific temperature range, which is usually between 0°C and 40°C.

If your Casio watch has been exposed to temperatures outside the ideal range, it is best to take it to an authorized technical service for review and recalibration if necessary.

The buttons do not respond

Have you noticed that the buttons on your watch are not responding as they should? This problem is often resolved with a complete clock reset. Consult the manual to find out how to do this on your specific model.

Another thing is that you see that the button is deeper than normal inside the case. Then it is likely that it has been damaged from use or from a blow. This is quite common in Casio Vintage watches.

The inside of the glass has fogged up

Another classic problem, not only with Casio watches but also with other brands such as Seiko, Citizen, Timex, Luminox, etc.

We have analyzed it in depth Why The Glass of Your Casio Watch Fogs Up: Causes, solutions, and Tips.
But we give you some clues right here:

Causes of Fogging

  • Temperature changes: One of the most common causes of fogging is a sudden change in temperature. If you go from a cold environment to a hot one (or vice versa) in a short period of time, the glass is likely to fog up.
  • Humidity: If you have been in a very humid environment or have exercised and sweated a lot, moisture can accumulate inside the watch, causing the glass to fog up.
  • Compromised waterproofing: Attention! If your watch has been hit or damaged, its waterproofing could be compromised, allowing water to enter and fog up the glass.

Solutions to the Problem

  • Immediate drying: If you notice that the glass has fogged up, the first thing you can do is dry the watch with a soft cloth. This often solves the problem temporarily.
  • Gasket Sealing: If fogging is recurring, it is possible that the gasket is damaged. In this case, the best solution is to take the watch to an authorized technical service to have it resealed.
  • Review and Repair: Important information! If none of the above solutions work, it is crucial to take the watch to a service center for a complete check and possibly a repair.

Your Casio watch is not as hard as it should or does not work well when you buy it

The first thing you have to make sure is that the watch is real. If it is 100% Casio, take it to technical service or to the store where you bought it if not many days have passed since the purchase.

But if you bought it online from a disreputable store, it is possible that they sold you a fake Casio. There are lots of them. You can not imagine. We have told you everything about How to distinguish an original Casio G-Shock from a fake one.

The sensors of your G-Shock or Pro Trek do not function correctly

Well, the truth is that it is a pain for this to happen. Some problems have an easy solution. Let’s see it.

  1. Calibration: Many G-Shock or Pro Trek models allow sensor calibration through the watch menu. Consult the user manual for specific instructions for your model. You usually have to do this, for example, for the compass and altitude.
  2. Magnetic sources: If you are next to magnetic sources, the sensors and the watch itself are going to go a little crazy. Get away.
  3. Hard reset: Fact! A hard reset of the watch may resolve some minor issues with the sensors. However, make sure you have a copy of all important data before performing this step. Instructions vary depending on the model. You must consult the online manual (enter the module number in the search engine). Normally, it is by leaving a button pressed. If the watch has a Bluetooth connection, you may have the option to reset the watch in the app.
  4. Authorized Service: If you have attempted to calibrate and reset your watch without success, your best option is to take it to a Casio Authorized Service Center for professional evaluation and repair.

The strap is losing color or has cracks

This is very typical for Casio watches with a resin strap. Over the years, Casio has been improving the manufacturing material of its straps, but if you expose the watch to a lot of sunlight, or put it in chlorinated pools, this strap will eventually break or lose color. Extreme temperatures do not agree with them. Don’t leave your watch inside your car in the middle of summer, parked on a street in Seville (for example).

what if The strap is losing color

If the strap is badly damaged, you will have no choice but to change it. They are also not that expensive and you can surely change it yourself by buying the right tools, which are not that expensive.

How to use specific functions of your Casio watch


To use the stopwatch on Casio watches, you will generally need to access the function using the button Mode. Once there, use the button Start/Stop to start or stop time. Consult the manual.

Alarms and energy savings

Setting an alarm on your Casio watch is a piece of cake. Simply enter alarm mode with the button Modeand set the time using the up and down buttons. It is a classic time alarm that drives us crazy at night. You have to know how to turn it off correctly.

Alarms and energy savings in casio watches

The same thing happens with energy savings. It may be disabled. Be sure to look at the manual and see how to activate or deactivate this function.

Bluetooth connection tips

The truth is that many times, using Bluetooth with Casio watches is quite complicated. In general, you just have to press the button indicated for each model for a few seconds for it to pair with your smartphone (you must have the app downloaded), and it should connect.

Warranty and Repair FAQs Of Casio Watches

Warranty and Repair FAQs Of Casio Watches

How long does the warranty last on Casio watches?

The standard warranty for Casio watches is 2 years. 

Important! Please save your proof of purchase as you will need it for any warranty claims.

This is in the USA and in the EU. The warranty duration may be different in other countries.

Where can I repair my Casio watch?

The best option is to take your watch to an authorized Casio service center. Fact! Many warranty issues can only be resolved at these centers.

Go to the official Casio technical service in the USAYou can send them the watch or visit their center if you live nearby. The contact details are:

East Coast Service Location

Casio Factory Service Center (All products).

570 Mt. Pleasant Ave. Dover, NJ 07801

Phone: 1-800-706-2534 Option 2

They have customer service, repair service, casing replacements, straps, etc.

USA West Coast

PacParts, Inc.

1860 W Carson St. Suite 102

Torrance CA 90501

PacParts Inc.


800-420-5080 (US Only)

How much does an out-of-warranty repair cost?

Prices for out-of-warranty repairs vary, but in general, they could range between 20 and 100 euros, depending on the complexity of the problem.

Consider whether it is worth repairing your watch. It will depend a lot on how much it costs you, right?

As a guideline, we leave you some prices for repairs or replacements for Casio watches (prices may vary depending on the watch store you go to):

  • Battery Change: Approximate cost: $10-20
  • Strap Change: Approximate cost: $15-30 (not counting the price of the new strap)
  • Internal Mechanism Repair: Approximate cost: $60-150
  • Full Service: Approximate cost: $80-200
  • Screen Repair: Approximate cost: $40-80

How can we help?

If you have any further questions about your Casio watch, don’t hesitate to ask us! We are here to help you. Surely we can all come to a conclusion and see which solution is the most appropriate for your watch. Leave a comment.

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