Best Watches With Military Time For Nurses In 2023

Best Watches With Military Time for nurses

Are you looking for a nurse watch with military time? Your search is over now. Dive in to know the best watches with military time for nurses in 2023.

Watches are essential accessories for medical professionals, particularly nurses. The nurse watch with military time is highly preferable by the nurses. Selecting the correct watch provides nurses with excellent benefits. It helps them in maintaining records and doing daily tasks.

Nurses make their lives far easier when their medical-related tasks are not complex anymore. All you need to do is select the best watches with military time.



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List of Best Watches With Military Time For Nurses in 2023

As discussed earlier too, military time watches are a savior for nurses because they can easily track patients’ reports and other medical information accurately.

The watches we chose met some essential criteria required in a nursing job. Let us go through our list to let you select the best partner for your workplace.

Speidel Scrub Watch for Medical Professionals with Blue Silicone Rubber Band - Easy to Read Timepiece with Red Second Hand, Military Time for Nurses, Doctors, Surgeons, EMT Workers, Students and More

watch 1 military watch for nurses Buy on Amazon


Case size                           38mm

Strap material                   Silicone

Colour                                Almost every color

Water resistance up to 30M (99ft)

Glow                                   no luminous


This first watch in our list is simple, and elegant yet popular among paramedical staff due to the variety of straps and dials available. The dial of this watch is highly visible making it easy for even the students’ nurses and doctors to take accurate pulse rates every time. Its analog display and quartz movement are ideal for medical field workers.

Looking for a nurse watch with second hand? This nurse watch has a red second hand with a simple display to record the time with precision. It has a 30 days refund and replacement policy which will give you the freedom to decide about the watch plus it has a 2-year warranty for customer satisfaction.


  • Easy readability of numbers
  • Multiple colors of straps are available
  • Good for a petite and obese person
  • Quartz movement is robust
  • Large numbers to count the pulse rate right every time


  • Low battery life·
  • Very simple design

VAVC Nurse Watch for Medical Students,Doctors,Women with Second Hand and 24 Hour. Easy to Read Watch

watch 2 military watch for nurses Buy on Amazon


Case size                           40mm

Strap material                   leather

Colour                               Multi colors

Water resistance 50m (164ft)

Glow                             no luminous


This simple and elegant big dial design has big numbers both in 12 and 24-hour markers in Arabic style. It has a red second hand for the accurate reading of pulse and respiration.

Its Japanese quartz movement is noteworthy as they have almost 100% precision all time. One other feature offered by this imported quality watch is after-sale services which is a good reason for choosing the Vavac watch.

The stainless steel back and crystal glass dial is easy to clean with a slightly damp cloth. Just make sure not to destroy the side pins of the watch.  You will love using this military time watch during your nursing shifts.


  • Excellent water-resistance
  • Affordable
  • Multiple choice of colors in straps
  • Easy-to-read numerals
  • Military time construction


  • Setting button dislodged in some cases
  • No other con

VAVC Nurse Watch for Medical Students,Doctors,Women with Second Hand and 24 Hour. Easy to Read Watch

watch 3 military watch for nurses Buy on Amazon


Case size                                         31mm

Strap material                           nylon fabric

Colour                                              5 colors

Water-resistance                          30m (100ft)

Glow                                               yes – Indiglo backlight


This floral blue strap watch has a white dial with 12/24-hour numerals in Arabic style.  It is quite famous among medical workers because its luminous backlight can help in the respiratory care program.

The nylon-based strap fits almost every wrist but its water resistance is not good for swimmers. It can handle only hand wash and some splash of water. The glow light helps the medical staff to take vitals even at night time without much disturbing the patient’s rest.


  • Mineral glass dial
  • Slip-thru strap
  • Durable
  • Ideal for a sophisticated look
  • Stationary bezel function


  • Straps attract dirt easily
  • This strap is not unisex

Dakota Men's Stainless Steel Large Face Nurse Water Resistant Easy to Clean Watch with Black Silicone Band - Nurse, Paramedic, Doctor, Medical Field (40mm Diameter) (Silver Case with Black Band)

watch 4 military watch for nurses Buy on Amazon


Case size                           40mm

Strap material                   silicone

Colour                           black

Water-resistance         100ft      

Glow                                   no luminous


Dakota is a renowned company in the field and has been creating high-quality quartz since 1945. This Dakota watch is on our list due to its unisex strap, a big analog dial with 24-hour time, and 15 seconds pulse ring. This pulse ring is ideal for taking vitals and respiratory care.

Due to pandemics, medical staff is required to wash hands for a longer time than normal and this watch is quite good at handling water pressure. The case material is stainless steel with Japanese quartz which makes it quite an all-rounder for health professionals.


  • Easy clean strap
  • Effortlessly readable dial
  • Crystal is mineral glass
  • Suitable for both men and women
  • Red second hand


  • Little expensive
  • Not suitable for long use in water

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Casio Women's LRW200H-1BVCF Classic Analog Japanese Quartz Black Resin Watch

watch 5 military watch for nurses Buy on Amazon


Case size                           33mm

Strap material                   plastic

Colour                                 black

Water-resistance              100m (330ft)

Glow                                   no light


This imported Casio is a classic watch with a date display at number 3. It has mineral crystal glass which means it is highly protective against scratches. Its rotary bidirectional bezel helps medical nurses to keep track of their readings easily and effortlessly.

Its water resistance is worth mentioning. Don’t hesitate in washing your hands frequently up to the wrists because this Casio watch is highly water-resistant. This women’s watch has a standard dial with a black and white combination of dial and numbers.


  • Bidirectional bezel
  • Date display available
  • Almost weightless
  • Great design for health workers
  • Mind-blowing water-resistance


  • The small dial is hard to read for some users
  • The bezel doesn’t move in some watches

TICCI Unisex Men Women Medical Quartz Watch Arabic Numerals Military Time Easy Read Dial Silicone Band Waterproof for Students Doctors Nurses (Navy Blue White-2)

watch 6 military watch for nurses Buy on Amazon


Case size                                         38mm

Strap material                               nylon fabric

Colour                                             various colors

Water-resistant                            30m(100ft)

Glow                                               light up


The slip-thru nylon strap fits up to the wrists of 8-inch circumference. Moreover, it has Arabic numerals with 24-hour military time ideal to read and record for the EMTs. The mineral glass crystal protects it from grazes but the watch heats up in direct sunlight or if left even under a lamp. 

The Indiglo glow-up watch is quite useful in recording vitals during the night shift without disturbing the sleep of the patient.   In this unisex quartz, the metal stamp is stainless steel while the display of the watch is analog.

If you have not yet decided about the watch, read our last two choices to understand the different military watches of 2022.


  • Luminous
  • Big dial for easy readability
  • Military 24-hour time
  • Suitable for both men and women
  • Inexpensive and affordable


  • The Bezel function is stationary
  • Does not have a date display

Casio Women's BA-111-1ACR Baby-G Analog-Digital Display Quartz Black Watch

watch 7 military watch for nurses Buy on Amazon


Case size                           46.3mm

Strap material                   resin case

Colour                                 black

Waterproof                      100m (330ft)

Glow                                   LED backlight


This watch will make you fall in love with it. It is sturdy against shockwaves and water-resistant against frequent hand washing as required in the nursing field. It does not have a second hand but the digital display helps to calculate seconds and military time during your nursing working hours.

  Other worth mentioning features of this watch are an analog and digital display, daylight saving mode, LED backlight, and a stopwatch. This watch is from the Baby G tough series for women, so it has all the functional features one can think of, even alarms and a city code display.


  • Fully automated calendar
  • Stopwatch for accurate vitals
  • Quartz movement
  • Black dial with pink accents
  • Multi-dimensional construction


  • Hard to read due to the color combination
  • Difficulty in keeping seconds track

Read our last pick of the list and choose the one that suits your needs and demands.  Don’t hesitate to share and write to us about your pick.

Prestige Medical Unisex Watch with Leather Band, Large

watch 8 military watch for nurses Buy on Amazon


Case size                           standard

Strap material                   leather

Colour                                 black

Waterproof                      yes

Glow                                   no light


 This China-made quartz movement watch is a special gift for people related to the medical field. It is elegant with a chromium case, a glass lens with a leather band.  It has a big dial which is also liked by oversize people due to their bulky hands.


  • Simplistic design
  • Lightweight
  • Unisexual design
  • Durable
  • Affordable price


  • Big and bulky on petite people
  • No light available


Makzib Fob for Apple Watch for Nurses Midwives Doctors Healthcare Paramedics, Silicone Pin Fob, Infection Control Design Compatible with iwatch Series 6, SE,5,4,3,2,1

watch 9 military watch for nurses Buy on Amazon


Case size                           Available in different sizes

Strap material                   Silicone

Colour                                Various colors

Glow                                   No light


Tired of wearing wristwatches or having skin-related issues try this silicone Fob Band for your time calculations. This band is durable, sturdy, soft made with breathable silicone and the band is washable. You can sterilize your band as many times as you want.

This watch is suitable for midwives, nurses, doctors, and paramedical staff, in fact, an ideal choice for all health professionals. Why? Because it is easy to read, clean, and replace. Now you don’t have to take your watch off or tuck it in before wearing gloves.


  • Durable design
  • Brings individuality
  • Waterproof
  • Several bands are available for a variety
  • Helps to keep an aseptic atmosphere


  • Many wards do not allow for bands
  • Need a clipping material like a pocket

Fitbit Charge 3 Fitness Activity Tracker, Graphite/Black, One Size (S and L Bands Included)

watch 10 military watch for nurses Buy on Amazon


Case size 3 inches

Strap material silicone

Colour Black/graphite

Glow no light


At times nurses remain so busy in their duties and shifts that they hardly focus on their health. They miss out on prioritizing their fitness goals and well-being. Well, then you have to find something to track your fitness after being a nurse.

Nurses can track down their fitness in the following manner:

  • Heart rate
  • Number of your steps taken in a day
  • Measurement of calorie burning

You don’t need to worry much about the charging. Nurses mostly get no time to charge. So, they can use this Fitbit Charge 3 which has a battery life of 7 days. However, keep in mind that the charge is highly dependent on usage and other factors. Within 2 hours, your watch will quickly charge up.

You have the liberty to choose any exercise from the 15 types and set goals. It will let you stay fit and fine. You can even get track of activity trends and get personalized guidance to be on your fitness goal. Feel free to wear it in swimming pools or work around in hospitals without the fear of being damaged due to body liquids or medications.


  • Perfect health and fitness tracker
  • Easy to read readings
  • Durable
  • Classy watch
  • Outstanding program for guided breathing


  • No seconds hand for noting vitals


We picked the VAVC watch as our first choice due to its remarkable pros. It is super easy to read, an appropriate dial size with a 40 mm case size as it is not oversize and not petite. Its high-quality material is good for personal use and gift as well.

Second-hand reading is very important in the nursing field. This watch has a red second-hand which helps to note down the pulse and vitals of the patient perfectly every time.  The colorful dial makes it fashionable, elegant, and modern look.  easy to differentiate between numbers.

This specially designed watch is a medical professional treatment as it has military time and excellent water resistance against hand washing and splashing.

Hurry up and grab your favorite watch today!

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Buying Guide for the Best Watches With Military Time For Nurses in 2022

If you wish to buy a nurse watch with military time, you have to account for various important factors such as design, pricing, and features. Give ample time for choosing the perfect nurse watch with military time. Give a look at trusted reviews as well. Everyone got their own unique choice, but you should look out for


These military time watches must be easy to read. It is the foremost important thing for the nurses so they can read out easily and instantly. The best technique to follow is the contrast of colors between the background and numbers. Digital watches got backlight, and analog watches got dark backgrounds.

Backlighting built turns out to be another essential factor. Being a nurse, you should keep in mind that you have to work in dim lights or completely dark environments. You do not want to disturb your patients by looking at your watch in dark places and switching on the lights.

Second hand

It is often problematic for the nurses to quickly read out the seconds for noticing and reading the essentials (vitals). Note it down for digital or analog watches.

Military time

The majority of hospitals and healthcare settings prefer using military time for nurses in 2023. You must Make sure you get this military time feature built-in if you don’t know much about it.


Several times, you ask yourself which date it is, and you remain unknown about it. Therefore, it proves to be a helpful feature to you for the documentation of your day. Also, it is essential for helping put your patients as well as your colleagues.


You cannot deny the fact that nurses have to work in severely dirty environments. It is highly dependent on the places and which departments they are working in. Therefore, the nurses require the watches for cleaning them easily.

Moreover, it is a must to make them quickly disinfected. It helps you in the maintenance of germ-free and bacteria-free environments. It is only possible if you choose watches made up of rubber or plastic materials.

Hold on! You must avoid buying metal wristwatches or those that have brass cases. Such watches are hard for you to disinfect. Moreover, you will be highly uncomfortable wearing them.

Many of the brands offer watches that have the feature of interchangeable bands. They further facilitate with the benefit of various band colors. It will be a remarkable aspect for you if you love the choice of customization. Moreover, you get the liberty of switching it when not in working condition. Also, you don’t need to run to a watchmaker to get your belt changed over when it breaks down with time.


As a nurse, it is inevitable for you to avoid being exposed to different liquids. For one reason, you have to wash your hands continuously and frequently. Consider how tiresome it will be to take off the wristwatch before washing your hands every time.

Secondly, nurses are continuously exposed to other liquids such as medications, bodily fluids, and cleaning supplies. So, you should go for water-resistant watches that don’t cause any fog or harm.

Fittings and Size

Wearing a watch is an essential part of your uniform. So you have to keep on wearing watches in all of the shifts. You must ensure that your watches remain non-obtrusive and lightweight. It should never give you the idea of coming in between your way. It is highly recommended to refrain from bulky and heavy wristwatches that hinder your job.

Your watch should have a proper fitting, so choose the ones that secure nicely and adjust considerably.

Timers and Alarms

If you wish to keep proper track of the duties during your shift, you will find these features extremely important. Getting alarms and timers in your watches can make you more punctual in your job. It is crucial because of timely giving up patients’ medicines and doing their follow-ups.


Don’t go for expensive watches because it is complicated. People should avoid fancy watches during clinical procedures and duties. Use inexpensive watches, so their replacement turns out to be easy. Expensive watches got exclusive features. 

Watch type

You may find wristwatches of two types, wrist watches, and lapel watches. Feel free to clip your lapel watch anywhere you want and use it whenever you like without any issue. Nurses are not comfortable with wristwatches. These are at high risk because of being highly infected with viruses and bacteria. It can pass on to other people.


Look for minimal ticking sound watches or silent ones. There are some watches with loud ticking noises that can disturb the patients. So nurses cannot use these watches as they have to stay in the patients’ rooms.

Smartwatch or Digital, and Analog

The analog watches have a 24-hour format that is easy for the patients to track. Digital watches are fully packed with potential features. Moreover, you get the choice of customization. Analog watches are free from charge. They show time to seconds and have more minor features. You can prefer digital or analog watches. Nurses’ watches with military time are perfect for digital watches. They work perfectly.


Are Apple watches necessary for nurses?

Apple watches are also a good choice for nurses, particularly with iPhones. They can easily do various jobs with effective nursing technology. It is easy for them to check out notifications. Moreover, they can call even without touching the phones, functioning of the watches, and pulse-taking.

On which hand do nurses wear their watches?

They wear the watches in their non-dominant hands. Dominant hands are a must for noting down the pulses of the nurses. So wear the watches on the left side.

Why do nurses wear their watches upside down?

It is easy to wear the watches upside down. You will find it easy to lift and watch for making charts and data conveniently and maintain other works.

Do you know about watches with sweeping seconds?

It ticks multiple times in a second. Nurses are comfortable with watches that have smooth ticks.

Wrap Up

In a nutshell, nurse watch with military time is a perfect investment for medical professionals, especially nurses. You can use our buying guide and the best products from our comprehensive list to choose the best nurse watch with military time in 2023.

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