Best Citizen GPS Watch Review 2022

Missed the office and other business meet-ups due to incorrect timing? Buy one of the citizen’s watches from our list the Best Citizen GPS Watch in 2022.

Well, this happens with most of the travelers, entrepreneurs, and random people who visit outside their homeland or cities occasionally. And just because of a little problem; that they had forgotten to set the time according to their new time zone location.

Meanwhile, there comes the Citizen brand to provide these types of people with watches which will keep a correct track of their timings and help you set your time exactly according to your location. And all that regardless of the place you are located in the whole world.

But wait! Yes, we believe that Citizen’s GPS watches are all good but how would I know which GPS watch is good for me?

To clarify your confusion, we prepared a list of the best citizen GPS watch reviews. Therefore, accordingly, you can know their aspects separately and let decide which model of the Citizen GPS watch suits you the best.

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Citizen Eco-Drive Satellite Wave GPS Best Watch CC3035-50E

Citizen Eco-Drive Satellite Wave GPS Best Watch CC3035-50E
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No doubt Citizen is an emerging and well-known brand of watches. But now it is performing exceptionally well in the GPS watch system.  Like all other GPS watches of Citizen, the CC3035-50E is at the peak of the customer’s favorite GPS watch.

The  CC3035-50E is redesigned to give it a more charming look and improved technicalities.  Its GPS system is the favorite of travelers and other people who change their locations frequently. 

Because the time can be set up according to the satellites of the areas you are locating and high chances are that the timezone will be synced automatically in 27 cities if you provide your location first.

The ion black plating strap gives it an attractive look but after a few months, it may start peeling off the color. In the same way, its sapphire crystal needs your care and attention. 

However, overall the charging by solar energy, water resistance, and the easy timing, date, and day set up according to your location is the considerably nice features of the best citizen GPS watch CC3035-50E.

Why do you choose it?Why don’t you choose it?
● It is very easy to set up.
● It is a 100% waterproof  GPS timepiece.
● Its GPS  sets the time in 27 cities.
●  It is a 100% eco-drive watch.
● The strap of ion black coating is not of good quality.
● Its crystal glass will scratch if you GPSdon’t take good care of it.
● The minute hands and numbers might be difficult to see in the dark.

Citizen Eco-Drive Satellite Wave GPS Best Watch CC3035-50E

Citizen Eco-Drive Satellite Wave GPS Best Watch CC3038-51E
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The GPS watch CC3038-51E is on the second number in the best citizen GPS watch review list. And that all is due to little tech reasons, while overall it is as good as the GPS CC3035-50E citizen watch.

It is also a bolder and brighter watch, having a 44 mm ion black stainless case attractive design with the date and day display positioned near 3 O’clock. The charming black background with the blue accents adds more beauty to its looks and appearance. Its top-most benefit is that time can be settled up in 27 cities of the world.

However, some people might not like it due to its bulky weight which is not suitable for weak wrists, otherwise most travelers and watch lovers can easily handle the 6.07 ounces weight of this best citizen GPS watch.

Overall its timing settings are super easy but if you are unfamiliar with the basic tech works then you may feel some difficulties in setting the day and date. But after this initial setup, you are good to enjoy the GPS watch timing afterward.

Why do you choose it?Why don’t you choose it?
● Its date and timing display is easy to read.
● It is a 100% waterproof GPS timepiece.
● It is quite an accurate watch.
● It also has a Quartz movement.
● It is a bit bulky for weak wrists.
● You might not see the time clearly in the dark.
● The crystal needs attention. 

Citizen CC3039-08E Men's Satellite Wave GPS Black Strap Watch

  1. Citizen Eco-Drive Satellite Wave GPS Best Watch CC3039-08E
Best Citizen GPS Watch Review
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Our best citizen GPS watch review list has the CC3039-08E as the customer’s favorite. Like the two above GPS watches the Citizen has also developed this attractive GPS watch with red accents and a black background.

The Citizen watches CC3035-50E  and CC3038-51E have ion black stainless steel bands but this is not the case with CC3039-08E GPS watches. Because it has a soft rubber strap, thus eliminating your worries about the peel-off coloring of the band. And being a GPS watch you have to set the time manually if it is not according to your time zone and it can be easily charged by the sunlight.

The only downside of the CC3039-08E GPS citizen watch is that the minute and second hands are unable to align with the markers. And as the water resistance is up to 100 meters so it means that you cannot wear it underwater having more than 100 meters depth. However, the easy GPS timing settings and the clear display through the convex mirror make it one of the best citizen GPS watches.

Why do you choose it?Why don’t you choose it?
● The setting is quite easy for beginners.
● The display is easy to understand with its convex mineral crystal mirror.
● It has charging power indicators.
● It can be synced with GPS satellites.
● Its crystal is not Sapphire.
● It cannot be read clearly in the dark timings of the day.
● It cannot be worn in high depth underwater.


The fact is that probably all of the frequent visitors or travelers to multiple countries and cities need a GPS watch. But besides them, other random people also aspire to own a GPS watch, especially by the Citizen brand because of their quality timing settings, attractive looks, durability, waterproof resistance, and warranty.

Therefore we reviewed the three best citizen GPS watches to inform you about the real ups and downs of the citizen GPS watches, so accordingly you can make an effective decision. Consequently, we hope that you have understood all the reviews and now can correctly pick up any of the GPS watches according to our citizen GPS watch review list.

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