5 Reasons To Buy Wooden Watches

Ever thought about buying a wooden watch? Let me explain the function of wooden watches in detail.

In recent years, wooden watches have been increasingly popular on the watch market. Having become fashion accessories, they combine naturalness, aesthetics, and sophistication, all with a touch of originality.

A multitude of wooden watch models is also available, with the possibility of making a personalized order, according to the tastes of the buyer. Despite their success, wooden watches still have their limits. Let’s take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of wooden watches.

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The advantages and disadvantages of wooden watches

If wooden watches are fashionable, it is because they confer many advantages that set them apart from traditional watches. They are indeed:


The choice of wood instead of plastic, for example, which is very polluting, is “eco-friendly”. This is the main reason that has boosted the popularity of wooden watches. They are particularly beneficial for the environment.

Our opinion on wooden watches

As for the trees used for their manufacture, they can be replanted. But in general, watches are made from scrap wood and recycled paper. Thus, whatever the scenario, the resources of nature are preserved.

Natural and unique

Wood is a material whose uses are no longer to be presented. It offers a natural look to watches and, since there are several types of wood, it is not easy to find two watches that look identically. It is this original side that also attracts many buyers.


Wooden watches are particularly light compared to watches with metal bracelets. They are therefore more comfortable and do not give off the unpleasant odor that arises from prolonged contact between plastic (or steel) and sweat.

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Safe for the skin

The wood is not toxic to the skin, unlike traditional watches whose finishes are made of metals to which many people are allergic.

Beautiful and affordable

Wooden watches have a very aesthetic design and are pleasing to the eye. In addition, the price/quality ratio is interesting. Many watches are therefore available at very affordable prices.

However, you must make sure that the watch you buy is made entirely of natural wood! Otherwise, its quality may be questioned.

However, wooden watches are not free from defects. Their main disadvantages are:

  • They are not as resistant as traditional watches, because their mechanism is rather fragile. It is, therefore, necessary to avoid making too sudden movements;
  • They are sensitive to scratches;
  • Wooden watches are not waterproof so it is not recommended to let them come into contact with water;
  • They are sensitive to temperature changes. When it is too hot or too cold, the watch face may be damaged;
  • Wood can change color over time.

Can a wooden watch last over time?

We will simply answer this question that it depends on how you use it. As stated above, wooden watches are fragile. If you are clumsy, you risk damaging yours very quickly. But with a little extra care, a wooden watch can outlive its usefulness.

Popular materials used in making wooden watches

Wooden watches can be made from several types of wood. The most used are:


It is the preferred material used by manufacturers. It is easier to exploit, it exists in abundance (with various species) and its wood is light.


This tree, which comes mainly from Sri Lanka and India, has the property of producing dark and above all durable wood. Watches made from ebony also have a highly polished appearance.


Sandalwood grows slowly, which makes it rare and exclusive. Sandalwood watches are therefore naturally more expensive.


Maple wood watches are known to be tough and durable. Maple is easy to work with and available all over the world.

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Is a wooden watch easy to maintain?

It is not very difficult to maintain your wooden watch. It is enough:

  • To Avoid playing sports while wearing it, or any other activity that involves a lot of sudden movements;
  • To be attentive to changes in temperature and to avoid exposure to the sun;
  • To apply polish from time to time to maintain the shine. 
  • Put it away when you’re not wearing it.
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