Why You Should Wear a Watch? 11 Reasons to Wear a Watch

A watch is not just a timepiece, it is an accessory that is a must-have for both men and women. Wearing a watch is not just about being on time but also about being stylish. We all know how essential watches are but they are much more than just a device that shows the time. Here are the reasons why you should wear a watch in your daily life.

The wristwatch was not always as we know it now, even our ancestors did not wear it on the wrist, but carried it in their pocket, moreover, it was an exclusive item that could only be purchased by those who had the monetary means. Pocket watches were expensive due to the time it took to build and run them, as well as the quality of the materials they were made from.

Now, the evolution of the wristwatch was not an overnight event, but it was necessary for the practicality it promised. It follows that the first to use this accessory was Caroline, Queen of Naples and Napoleon’s younger sister in 1812; however, it was not until the 20th century that wrist accessories began to become common and take on the features we see today in watches in cities around the world.

Currently, watches are not only functional items to measure time, but have become accessories that can say a lot about a person, they have also become technological devices that meet different needs of modern life.

That is why it is now a basic complement to any outfit, which is why there are different types of wristwatches.   

• Analogue: using a two-hand mechanism, it indicates the time. The shorthand shows the hour and the long hand the minutes.

• Automatic: this refers to the system by which it works, which is made up of geared components that measure time through energy.

• Quartz: the operating system is driven by the pulsations of a small piece of quartz. It is the most precise system to mark the time.

• Digital: Keeps time using digital electronics displayed in numbers.

In this way, wristwatches can be classified depending on their style and use. You can find casual or dress watches, which are ideal to wear in daily activities; the elegant ones, which are used in elegant occasions and outfits, luxury ones that come with sophisticated features and details for very special occasions, and the sports ones that are very popular today. They also highlight the advances in technology that are reflected in the advanced functionalities. 

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Reason 1 – Wristwatches are practical

The most obvious reason first – wristwatches are the easiest way you can check the time at any time in (pun intended) a snap. While there are times when pulling out your phone is impractical or even against etiquette (say, on a date, at a restaurant, or during a business meeting), glancing at the wrist is easy and subtle to do.

The practical side of a wristwatch is also evident in another aspect. While you have to charge your cell phone or even your smartwatch every evening, only that it sometimes lets you down during the day, you can always rely on your wristwatch. It always runs accurately and even for several years without you having to worry about the battery.

Also: In times when you have to divide your attention sparingly and sensibly, wristwatches also offer hardly any distraction. They don’t let you lose sight of the essentials. A quick and focused look is enough and you have the information you just want. It often looks different with a mobile phone: You just want to check the time quickly and get lost in numerous Whatsapp notifications, freshly arrived emails, or the endless social media swamp. 30 minutes quickly got lost again.

Reason 2 – Perfect accessory for mens

And especially important for men: In contrast to women, men don’t have too many options for wearing stylish accessories on their bodies. In most cases, wristwatches are therefore the only possible way for them to stylishly round off their outfit.

Reason 3 – A watch as a style statement

“One can not communicate.” This sentence comes from the famous communication scientist Paul Watzlawick. It means nothing other than that, no matter whether you speak or not, you always send an image of yourself to other people. This constant communication also includes what you wear on your wrist.

Why You Should Wear a Watch

The reason for this is that wristwatches express the lifestyle you lead in a way that is perceptible to others. It also shows what attitude you have towards issues such as sustainability, fashion, or money and, of course, who is behind the clock. A watch is not a tool that should define your personality. Wearing one of these can definitely underline your very personal character.

With wristwatches, especially, you set an example for a very special lifestyle. The naturalness of products and the aspect of sustainability play a major role for you when buying. 

Every occasion offers its own possibilities for this: If you are looking for an accessory for your leisure look, you are well-advised with a casual, inconspicuous wristwatch. If you are sporty, you may choose a robust but not too large model so that it does not get in the way of sports. And if you are preparing for a formal occasion, such as important business meetings or special invitations, you should also have an elegant wristwatch ready to show off.

But no matter what occasion you wear a wristwatch for, one thing is certain. Those around you are watching and will notice. Because a watch on the wrist attracts people’s attention. So it can happen to you that you are often spoken to about your piece of jewelry and even receive compliments for it. In addition to the very practical use of showing the time, wristwatches also offer an easy way to get into conversation with new people.

As mentioned before, men’s accessories are limited and watches give men the opportunity to express themselves, their personality, and their style. Wearing a watch is a form of self-expression. When you look at the watches people wear, you may be surprised at how well they reflect that person’s style and personality.

In other words, with a watch, you can express yourself without saying a single word. That’s pretty impressive.

Some people wear watches as a statement, which in a way is also a way for them to reflect their personality and style. In some cultures, it’s particularly common to wear things that serve as statements, such as gold or diamond-studded watches.

Why You Should Wear a Watch

It’s no secret that watches are often used as a reflection of style or as a statement.

Reason 4: Punctuality as a value

You know that for sure: waiting for someone who is not on time is annoying. Not only is being unpunctual a sign of a lack of respect for others, but it can also often put you in awkward situations. Missing appointments, deadlines, or important meetings quickly leads you into trouble that could have easily been avoided.

For this purpose, wristwatches give you the secure feeling of always being a master of your own time. Even from the corner of your eye, a look at your wrist gives you the certainty of how you are currently on schedule. This significantly reduces the likelihood of missing important appointments or disturbing other people by being unpunctual.

I know what you will say: “I have a smartphone and therefore always have an eye on my time”. But that’s not quite right. Because apart from the fact that you can’t always access your cell phone for various reasons, there is a more powerful argument in favor of wristwatches.

In 2015, David Ellis and Bob Jenkins made an interesting discovery in a study with the help of several experiments: watch wearers arrive on average 3 minutes more punctually at their appointments compared to the control group of people without a wristwatch. And this is despite the fact that the participants in both groups each carried their own cell phone. Sounds incredible right? However, a follow-up experiment with several hundred participants was able to confirm these results. So remember: if you want to be more punctual for meetings and appointments in the future, a wristwatch can really be worthwhile for you! 

Final thoughts on why you still need to wear watches

If you want to keep the time under control with style, wristwatches are a precise and aesthetically meaningful solution. There are certainly voices who, in the age of smartphones, think that wearing wristwatches is outdated. But above we have given 11 reasons on why this is not the case and that, on the contrary, wearing wristwatches is a timeless trend with no expiration date!

Best regards and always remember: the perfect time is now!

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