At what age should you give your child the first watch?

At what age should you give your child the first watch? Let me dig deeper into this topic to find out the best time.

Giving a watch to your child has a special symbolism. Indeed, the first watch is linked to learning the time in toddlers. This step is now well-anchored in society because time is present in everything we do.

On the other hand, offering a watch to your little one is a way of empowering him and participating in his development. In view of the importance that this represents, many parents wonder at what age to offer the first watch. 

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At what age should children be taught to tell the time?

Learning to tell the time is closely linked to the child’s ability to know how to count up to a certain number. Learning is done step by step, it is recommended to start with the hours. So, as soon as the child knows how to count to 12, you can start teaching him to tell the hours. 

Generally, this is possible between 4 and 5 years. At this age, the child is at the end of kindergarten or in the Initiation Course (IC). Do not talk to him for minutes yet because he does not yet have knowledge of the notion of ten which will be addressed later during his evolution. 

It is only when he enters the Preparatory Course (CP ) that his learning of the hour will improve. It is in this class that he will begin to learn the concept of ten and thus the principle of minutes. With the notion of multiplication and subtraction which will be learned gradually, it is generally between the ages of 7 and 8 that the child reaches a more complete understanding of the time. 

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What age is recommended to give a child the first watch? 

To the question of age, we can say that everything depends on the knowledge of the child, but also on the aesthetic needs of the moment. Indeed, it is possible to offer a watch from the age of 3 years. However, in this kind of situation, the watch is used as an accessory to complete an outfit. 

On the other hand, to allow your child to take advantage of the “useful” side of a watch, it is recommended to wait between 4 and 5 years. In some cases, you can even wait until they are 6 years old before giving your child their first watch. Between the ages of 6 and 7, there are those who already ask their parents for it.

Where to find a watch for his child?

As you have seen above, from a young age, 4 or 5 years old, children can already have watches. This useful and aesthetic accessory is also essential for your little ones. Don’t know where to find it? Then just visit this Amazon Store.

Amazon store has hundreds of children’s watches with different colors and specifications, you can just go there and find a watch that suits your child. At Amazon, every child, whatever their style or preferences, can find the watch that best suits them. You will have the choice between models for little girls, for little boys, and for teenagers.

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In addition, depending on the child’s age and abilities, you can opt for analog or digital watches. The latter is perfect for young children who can read and recognize numbers, but who do not yet have the ability to understand how analog watches work.

The watches for children are distinguished by their colors, and by their patterns. Some models are sober with solid colors, while others are in the likeness of your children’s favorite charactersYou’ll even get smartwatches for big tech fans.

Educational watches for children: the best choice!

The purchase of a first watch for a child is an opportunity to teach him to tell the time. This gift can therefore have an educational purpose. These watches are designed to make it easier for children to learn to tell the time.

At what age should you give your child the first watch?

They also have a large number of decorations, rhinestones, and sequins, to give the child the desire to always wear his beautiful watch. You will find models that turn into a robot or have fancy dials.

All the conditions will therefore be met to make learning the time a pleasant and fun activity for your children. It’s up to you to choose the perfect watch that is loved by your little darlings.

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What watches to offer at this age?

It is very important to take into account the nature of the watch to offer to your child because this can condition his learning of the time. In reality, as parents, we are tempted to want to simplify things for the child so that he does not encounter many difficulties. This is why many parents choose to offer a model with a digital display as their first watch.

Still called digital watches, these models have no hands and are therefore easier to read. However, it has a disadvantage which is that of not allowing complete learning over time reading. It can even confuse your child’s mind and slow down their learning. 

To allow your daughter or son to have a real knowledge of the time, it is recommended to offer him as a first watch, an educational analog model. This one has a very detailed dial with the hours and minutes inscribed in a numerical way. This model is more suitable for allowing him to perfect his learning at the time.

However, in the end, it is up to the parent to judge what type of watch to give. 

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