The Best Invicta Men’s Watches – Ultimate Review

We have written this Best Invicta Men’s Watches guide after a lot of research, going through customers’ reviews, and taking care of each watch material’s quality and features. If you are in a hurry and wanna find the best overall Invicta watch for men then Invicta 0073 Pro Diver is the watch for you.

Affordability makes Invicta watches so popular. Depending on the model, some of the best Invicta Watches can even go up to a thousand dollars, but they are much cheaper than similar watches.

The material of its bands is at the same level as other watches in the industry. Take a look at some of the best men’s watches from the Invicta brand. 

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Best Invicta Men’s Watches Comparison Table

1. Invicta 0073 Pro Diver – 18k Gold Plated Men’s Watch

Top invicta watches for men

This Invicta men’s watch is one of a kind, truly a cheap Invicta watch that you can buy for under 100$. With great looks and a better sense of functionality.

It’s precisely the kind of watch you want to have on hand when you’re out on the ocean or traveling or looking professional. This is definitely a men’s watch, as it is rated for depths of up to two hundred meters.

The 0073 watch from the Invicta Pro Diver collection for Men features a stainless gold color with a hint of blue on the dial and bezel section. The bezel section of the watch is blue in color and offers a diving look. The combination of gold and blue creates a beautiful effect.

Similarly, the dial section is also colored blue, and a flame fusion dial window protects the inner section of this quality Invicta watch.

Furthermore, the dial contains three sub-dials. One is located near 2 o’clock, the other is located near 6 o’clock, and the last one is located near 10 o’clock.

In addition, the subdials allow the watch to measure 30 minutes, 60 seconds, and one-tenth of a second. Also, the hour pointer and dial hands are luminous and gold in color. The watch strap is stainless steel with a Gold finish.


  1. Excellent color, design, and construction.
  2. Check the time more easily due to its chronograph feature.
  3. Stainless steel constructions make it more durable.
  4. The hands of the watch are luminous, which makes it easier to check the time in low light.
  5. The folding clasp offers added security to keep it securely in the right place.


  1. Probably too big and too heavy, while Invicta is known for creating massive watches, some people may still find it too massive or heavy.
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2. Invicta 14875 Specialty Men’s Watch

We did a lot of research before selecting our list of the best Invicta watches for men’s and found many great Invicta watches but Invicta 14875 with its awesome features and positive customers reviews made sure to top the list.

This watch has all most every feature that you would want in this price tag such as luminous hands and markers, chronograph subdials, date window, and quartz movement for precision timekeeping. 

The customers who have purchased this watch have a lot of positive reviews and are pretty much satisfied with its performance. The stainless steel band in Invicta 14875 is extremely different and the dark watch face has a very sophisticated look. 

The watch is also suitable for recreational swimming with water resistance of 50 meters. However, this watch really shines on the wrist of a businessman who wants quality and style to be known and understood by everyone.

The weight of this Invicta 14875 Men’s Watch is 350 grams and it comes with a 2-year warranty.

The Invicta 14875 watch is a watch with a timer function. To use the timer function, press the lower button on the side of the watch to reset the second hand to zero (if it is not already at zero), and press the upper button to start and stop timing.


  1. It has a scratch-resistant mineral glass window.
  2. The textured black dial with luminous hands and Arabic numerals and stick hour markers makes it easy to check the time in the dark.
  3. Waterproof. Suitable for short periods of recreational swimming, but not diving or snorkeling.


  1. The diameter of the case is a bit disproportionate to the bracelet, it may seem too big on some wrists.
  2. The hands tend to lose the lighting characteristic.
  3. Water resistance is not adequate.
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3. Invicta 9094 Pro Diver Unisex

Despite the marmite following, the watch got a lot of publicity, whether for better or worse, no one can deny that it is a well-known watch in the affordable watch markets.

The display window has been mineral glass, and it’s perfectly acceptable as it’s rarely in a situation where it’s going to get scratched. It’s also a respectable size, accommodating the entire movement and the large rotor inside.

Surrounding this window we get the name and various details of the watch, such as the model and manufacturer’s name, water resistance, and stainless steel.

There is a date magnifier located at 3 o’clock, which is just above the date window. It may be my eyes, but it seems to be slightly shaky, but only if you look really tough. For more detailed reviews of this watch, you can refer to this article.

Read a detailed review of Invicta 9094 here.


  1. The weight is low compared to other watches.
  2. Analog display
  3. Unidirectional bevel function.


  1. If this automatic watch is not moved or worn every day, it will stop and need to be manually reset.
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4. Invicta 3044 Pro Diver Men’s Watch

Simplicity is the best style you can have. A product with many materials can sometimes appear unattractive. With a simple yet fair design, the Invicta 3044 watch for men is sure to catch the eye of a passerby. The simple design of the watch makes it more attractive to classy people.

The watch’s face is black in color and is protected by a scratch-resistant mineral crystal. The coolest feature of the watch is that it doesn’t need a battery to work.

If you move your arm while wearing the watch, it will turn on automatically.

Also, the watch strap is made of stainless steel and polished steel. It also has a safety clasp to keep your watch secure while you wear it. Finally, the watch is water resistant to 1,000 feet or 300 meters, which is very impressive. Therefore, the watch is best suited for those who are into underwater diving.


  1. 300 meters of water resistance.
  2. Analog display.
  3. Unidirectional bevel function.


  1. The weight is 350 grams.
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5. Invicta 0379 Specialty Men’s Watch

Invicta 0379 Specialty Men's Watch

This traditional watch reflects classy, ​​bold hues that are loved by men looking for a traditional look. It features a 47mm case made from polished silver stainless steel and With a beautiful black dial and subdials with incredible craftsmanship, this Swiss quartz movement exudes class and elegance.

A beautiful analog face is displayed with white Arabic numerals and markings on a black dial with two sub-dials above and below 6 and 12 o’clock. This dial stands out with a Flame Fusion dial window and an abundance of information on the face.

At the 3 o’clock position, there is a calendar window, as well as dual 24-hour and monthly displays.

There is water resistance of 330 feet or 100 meters in this Invicta. It can be worn casually or for work. It can also be used on water. Its slim and polished bezel emits a lovely glow around the dial case window, and its hands are luminous, making it easy to read day or night.


  1. A quartz watch works very precisely, so you always know exactly what time it is.
  2. The watch is suitable for swimming and snorkeling, but not for diving.
  3. Tempered mineral glass is less sensitive to scratches than plastic glass.


  1. The watch does not have a dual time function, so different time zones cannot be set
  2. Water resistance (meters): 100 meters only
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6. Invicta Men’s 8927OB Pro Diver

If you are a man who prefers classic design, the Invicta 8927OB for men is the right choice for you. The watch features a classic design that is sure to attract the attraction of your female companions or any passerby. Its two-tone design makes it impossible for people to leave without taking a look of fascination.

Initially, the watch features stainless steel construction. It also features a 40mm case that is made of stainless steel and 18k gold plated at the same time.

The bezel and dial are black. The bezel is especially beautiful due to the engraved golden numerical digits.

The dial, on the other hand, features a luminous hour marker and hands that are also gold. It also features a date indicator with an enlarged window. In addition, a mineral glass window protects the dial from scratches or dust that could damage it.

The watch features an analog display with Japanese quartz movement. The watch bracelet features three-link steel, which is also stainless. In addition, the bracelet features a buckle for added security. Finally, the watch is water resistant to 660 feet. This allows you to wear the watch while swimming or diving.


  1. Chronograph.
  1. Black Dial.


  1. Some users have complained about the strap quality.
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7. Invicta 1513 I-Force

The two main benefits of the Invicta Men’s 1513 I-Force Collections are its size and the weight that gives it an extraordinary look. It is lighter than other Invicta watches like Invicta Men’s 6582 Subaqua Noma IV Chronograph Black Polyurethane Watch.

Another cool feature that you might also want to consider is the black fabric strap that can go with any casual outfit. Others don’t have the tachymeter on the inner bezel, but it’s a nice feature, especially if you want to measure speed based on your travel time.

The chronograph functions are easy to use, and in case the date is different from the actual date of the month, you no longer have to move your hands to reset or change it.


  1. It is lighter than other Invicta watches like the Invicta 6582 watch
  2. If you have a slimmer wrist, you can easily adjust the strap as it has many adjustment holes
  3. The tachymeter on the inner bezel


  1. The black fabric strap is lighter but more prone to breakage, especially if it’s frequently submerged in water.
  2. Some find that it could have been much better if it was available in black or dark blue and not aqua blue.
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8. Invicta 6977 Pro Diver

The price you have to pay for this watch is worth the quality. This watch features a 48mm stainless steel case and a flame-fused glass window. The band is made of polyurethane and stainless steel and is comfortable to wear, however, some users reported that it is “easy to break”

The dial is beautiful, it features 3 sub-dials as well as luminous hands and hour markers. This watch has a black bezel, which goes well with the black dial. Truth be told, it’s hard not to love this super-budget watch.

It has a time-accurate Swiss quartz movement and a durable, scratch-resistant glass cover to protect the dial.

The chronograph is completed with 30 minutes, 60 seconds, 30 minutes, and 1/10-second functionality. The hands are silver-gray and luminous. The bezel is unidirectional and the chronograph is water-resistant to a depth of 100 meters. It’s also mentioned in our list of the best Invicta Pro Diver watches.


  1. A large screen that is easy to read.
  2. The mineral glass gives the watch a good level of protection against scratches and bumps.
  3. The Swiss quartz movement is reliable and efficient.
  4. The popular oversized durable design.
  5. 100m water resistance.


  1. Due to its oversized design, this watch may not be suitable for those with smaller wrists.
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9. Invicta Men’s 3045 Stainless Steel Grand

The Invicta Grand 3045 is a dive watch that packs an incredible amount of detail. Many times, Invicta watches are ignored when they talk about quality diving watches, but in reality, they are incredible quality watches coupled with excellent quartz movement results.

For starters, this watch uses automatic movement. This means you won’t have to worry about changing the battery or constantly winding the watch as this movement is powered by human motion.

The black background with the white details is incredibly simple, yet eye-catching at the same time.

The pointed design of the hands, combined with the white color, allows for a very easy time reading and gives a sense of sophistication.


  1. 300 meters of water resistance.
  2. Analog display.
  3. Unidirectional bevel function.


  • Automatic watches like this require resetting manually if they do not move or are not worn daily.
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10. Invicta 6981 Pro Diver

It may surprise some fans of sports and high-performance watches that this watch can only handle 100 meters of water depth tolerance. In fact, this detail would have been forgivable if this watch did not have the word “Diver” in its official name.

Its analog display adds a nice and responsive “classic” look to a very contemporary watch. This watch is technically designed as a diving watch, and water resistance is important.

At 100 meters, the Invicta 6981 Pro Diver Watch’s water depth resistance is respectable. Not great, but it respectable considering the ranking of this watch.

Given its triple sub-dial technology design, plus its combination of tough and stylish touches, and 100-meter water resistance, it’s not enough to detract from the convenience of this watch, but really, you’re right.


  1. Luminous hands and indicators allow you to check the time in a dark environment.


  1. The crown is not screwed down so it is not waterproof, like other Invicta Professional Pro Divers you will need to ensure sealing when changing the battery.
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Invicta brand history

The Invicta brand begins in 1837, manufacturing the first handcrafted watches in Switzerland, its creator was Raphael Picard, founder of the brand. His goal was to manufacture the best quality watches at an affordable price.

Since then, Invicta watches have been very popular and recognized for being of a high standard and had remained so for more than a century.

Unfortunately, in 1970 the so-called “Invasion of quartz” arrived, which caused the displacement of many watch factories, Invicta was no exception. But far from being the end of the brand, it led the descendants of its founder in 1991 to decide to reopen a new and improved company.

This is how it has continued to operate until today, its relatives have continued with the same objective as its predecessor and maintain the motto and its original philosophy “a watch for everyone”.

Design of Invicta watches for men

The main feature that Invicta watches for men have is their robustness and weight, each of its components exceeds more than other brands with male models.

This is with the aim of gaining greater resistance, so that it can be enjoyed on any occasion and according to the needs of each person.

The Invicta watches for men are very attractive watches in the men’s watch market because they know how to mix the necessary characteristics so that it becomes a multipurpose object. For example, it is possible to wear a totally elegant style that is also versatile and can be worn while diving or swimming.

The strap is also resistant since men’s wrists are wider, so this structure in watches allows them to resist excessive friction without wearing out.

They give a masculine appearance regardless of whether they are used for sports, business meetings, or social events.

Main characteristics of this watch brand

Invicta watches for both men and women share certain traits in common, which not only differentiate them from other brands, but also from imitations. In turn, the Invicta company usually pays homage to famous brands or designs with a few slight tweaks, so on the market you will find a wide variety of special models, all of which meet the following characteristics:

  • Before 1991, being Swiss handcrafted watches, their mechanisms were from the same country, however, after its reopening, the new owners decided to also work with Chinese and Japanese pieces. If you find an older model that isn’t entirely Swiss, it’s a knockoff.
  • All the details of the watches and their operation are of high quality, it is very difficult to make a scratch or bump during daily use.
  • The watches share a range of prices, most of them exceeding 100 dollars, and in case of an offer, it will be at least 75 dollars.
  • At the time of purchase, all watches have a certificate of authenticity and come in a box.
  • They have the brand logo centered and it is engraved on the chain closure.
  • It is possible to find watches for men and women. You can also choose depending on the lifestyle of each person, they are very versatile.
  • They are very accurate, time variations are minimal.
  • A large variety of recent models are waterproof, some are suitable for use in diving or various water sports.
  • The favorite material in unisex watches especially is stainless steel, its durability makes it a key element in many of the great watches.
  • The internal workings of the watch are recognized worldwide, and the automatic watches in which the watch battery is not changed make these products one of the most durable on the market.

Opinions of other buyers

Customers who have chosen to purchase Invicta watches have been pleasantly surprised. Although it is well known that Swiss watches have a good reputation, the Invicta brand offers a market where there is an ideal watch for everyone.

The watches are of high quality at very affordable prices, with modern and elegant designs that can be used on many occasions. However, many buyers agree that the designs are so good because many of them are based on the legendary Rolex, so you could say that the materials are excellent but the design is not very original.

The models that can be used underwater have received very good reviews, making their mechanism gain more and more recognition. Its Seiko’s NH35 caliber ensures that buyers find themselves with an optimal product that will last them for many years.

Where to buy an Invicta watch

The most famous place to buy Invicta watches is on Amazon, where you will occasionally find promotions not to mention that they have a wide variety of models and user opinions.

However, Invicta also has its official online store where you will be sure that the watch is original and you can buy it from anywhere in the USA. They have a complete catalog presenting the designs.

There are other types of sales such as on social networks like Facebook or Instagram, but you will mostly find the most unusual models by people who do not represent official stores, so you should verify that the watch is not an imitation.

Other online or offline stores may not have as wide a range of styles as the sites I mentioned if you are looking for a particular watch.

Final thoughts about the Best Invicta Men’s Watches

Invicta is one of the oldest watch companies and they are very famous for producing very affordable but quality watches. Although we can’t compare Invicta watches with other high-end watches but at the same price tag, they are up there with the best watch brands.

We hope that you have selected one of the watches from above but in case, you wanna look at other brands’ watches have a look at Best Benyar watches here.

Let’s now talk about some of the most important questions asked about the best Invicta watches for men.

Which are the best Cheap Invicta watches?

Invicta watches are known for their affordability and they sure have produced some cheap but high-quality watches. The best-selling cheap Invicta watches Include Invicta 0073 Pro Diver.

Is Invicta watch a good brand?

There are many top brands that are producing high-quality watches. If we talk about Invicta then one thing is sure you shall get quality watches at an affordable price.

If you are looking for budget quality watches then Invicta is the way forward or if you have no budget issues then probably you have better watches brands.

Are Invicta Watches made by Rolex?

The simple answer to this question is no. Invicta and Rolex are totally different brands but there seems to be confusion between people especially because of the Invicta Pro diver series which has watches that are similar to Rolex Submariner in design and many other functionalities with over 100x the price difference.

Is Invicta really Swiss Made?

Invicta started working in 1837 in Switzerland. But now their corporate headquarter is located in Florida as the first owner went bankrupt and in 1991 the brand was established in Florida. So basically they started as a Swiss brand and moved to USA Florida later in 1991. Still, they call some of their watches Swiss-made on their official website.

Are Invicta watches high-end?

Invicta watches are not high-end at all. Rather Invicta watches are affordable quality watches. Luxury can’t be bought in an affordable bracket. But Invicta watches mimic luxury brands like Rolex in design and many other features.

Are Invicta Watches Junk and Poor quality?

No, and Yes at the same time. The answer to this question depends on your budget and requirements. If you have a high-end budget and want the best watch ever then Invicta is not made for you. If you want decent quality and an affordable price tag then Invicta is the brand you must try out.

So basically the question should be ” Are Invicta Watches worth the money?” The simple answer is yes, With their classic design and decent quality material, and affordable price Invicta watches are worth every penny.

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