Invicta 9937 Watch Review – Perfect Gift Idea For Men’s

Invicta watches are manufactured in the US by the Invicta Watch Company. Invicta is a watch brand, known for its cheap watches with high-quality Materials. Today we are going to review one of the Invicta’s best watches Invicta 9937.
Invicta 9937 is a perfect diver watch on the market nowadays. It is part of Invicta’s Pro Diver Series collection.
The 9937 watch is a glossy model with a glossy black dial, luminous hands, hour markers, and a bezel that makes the watch look very elegant and stunning.

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Invicta 9937 – Can It be a perfect gift for your loved ones?

What is the ideal present that you could ever give to your man? Probably you are thinking about a watch. Of course, this is the most fail-safe idea that is guaranteed to win you brownie points because let’s face it, a guy cannot get enough watches, and with so many designs and brands to choose from in the market, picking the perfect one is not a piece of cake. But this Invicta Divers watch is just a perfect gift for anyone who loves quality and design of the highest class.

Lucky for you, there are a plethora of watches in the market especially designed for divers to choose from, that are both practical for underwater use and good to look at in any other setting. Each watch is different from the other, whether in its features, design, style, etc.

How to know which watch is the one? This is what we are here for.

 Invicta 9937 Watch Review

It seems the market is raving about nothing else but the Invicta watch series, as a close contender for the title of the one watch to rule overall.

Invicta 9937 is perhaps the most notable one in the series. A watch often compared to the Rolex Sub-Mariner, is as practical as its predecessor the Invicta 8926. The watch, however, is not all that similar.

The Invicta 9937 is part of the Pro-diver collection, a watch meant for casual men’s wear. The design is sophisticated and can be worn both outdoors, on a formal occasion, or under-water, due to its being practical and durable. Keeping in mind that the watch is supposed to be for divers, it is water-resistant as well.

This watch is sure to appeal to both men and women alike, although it only comes in one color.

Salient Features Of Invicta 9937

Brand name: Invicta 9937 Pro-diver style series

Model Year: 2011

Dial shape: Round

Dial Material: Crystal Flame-Fusion with magnifier

Dial Color: Black

Display Type: Analog

Case Material: Stainless steel

Clasp Type: Fold-over clasp with safety

Bezel Function: Uni-directional

Movement: Swiss Automatic

Calendar Display: Yes

Other Features: Luminous hand and hour markers, water-resistant


The Invicta 9937 is very much like the Invicta 8926, when it comes to the straight-edged design and classic looks, further inspired by the Rolex Submariner. With a silver stainless steel case, and a beautiful crystal fusion encrusted and scratch-resistant window, a black uni-directional coin-edged dial this fully- automatic watch screams sophistication and elegance.

This watch is fully-automatic, which means that it doesn’t work with a battery. Small luminescent white markers and hands denoting the minute and the hour, and a calendar window complete the look.


As all watches should be, the Invicta 9937 is both practical and durable. Its polished stainless steel casing, paired with a scratch-resistant dial window and a handy fold-over safety clasp will ensure that it won’t break down on you.

The watch is water-resistant, up to a depth of 660 feet. The markers for the hand and hour are then of course luminous, which means you can even see the time underwater. The watch is not only for underwater use, judging by its features. It can be also worn either formally or casually.

Price Over Quality

Even though the Invicta 9937 is similar in looks to its predecessor, it is by far superior when it comes to features and overall quality. Keeping this in mind, the price tag for this particular watch is slightly higher as compared to other watches of the same series.  Not only that but the Invicta 9937, is often compared to the Rolex Submariner and other equally huge watch brands. 

Final Thoughts on Invicta 9937 Watch Review

If you can’t afford a fully gilded brand watch, why not get a close enough copy that has all the features and some more of a submariner, and is easy on the eyes.

Invicta 9937 doesn’t compromise its quality, practicality, and design of the utmost sophistication which appeals to those who’d rather spend a smidge bit more, for a good quality product. Overall, this watch is beautiful, and elegant and catches the attention of every watch lover. A must-have watch for everyone.

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Invicta 9937 Watch Video Review

If you are interested in a detailed hands-on review video, check out the video below:

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