Casio G-Shock GWG-1000 Mudmaster – [Hands-On Review]

If you are thinking of buying a Casio G-Shock Master of G, perhaps you have stopped at one of its Mudmaster models, specifically the popular Casio G-Shock GWG-1000.

In this case, we have been testing the Mudmaster GWG-1000-1A3DR model, with yellow touches on its dial, green strap, and black case, but you also have other versions: the GWG-1000-1A1 in black and the GWG-1000-1A in duller yellow tones.

First impressions? It is a beast of a watch, a great G-Shock, and one of the most resistant in the range, and all this is accompanied by a very successful and timeless design.

It only has a few drawbacks that we will tell you about, but that does not detract from your purchase. A sure hit… for people with large wrists and who don’t mind spending a little more on a G-Shock.

It is a Casio watch specially designed for people with hard jobs: If you work in areas with rubble, dirt, and dirt or you are simply an adventurer, this Casio men’s watch is perfect.

It has resistance to mud and vibrations so you can use it with cutters, crushers, drills, and all kinds of heavy machinery. And it’s Triple Sensor. Let’s see how it behaves.

Casio G-Shock GWG-1000 – Review and opinion

Casio G-SHOCK MUDMASTER Mens Watch GWG-1000-1A3DR
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Casio G-SHOCK MUDMASTER Mens Watch GWG-1000-1A3DR
  • Featuring a Band, Case, Scratch Resistant Sapphire Crystal
  • Resin casing and stainless steel frame
  • Resin Strap
  • Mud resistant
  • Tough Solar
  • Digital compass
  • Altimeter
  • Barometer
  • Thermometer
  • Battery charge indicator
  • Energy saving
  • Full auto-calendar (up to the year 2099)
  • 12 and 24-hour format
  • Button operation tone on and off
  • Classic analog and digital timekeeping
  • Accuracy: ±15 seconds per month (without calibration signal)
  • Duration approx. Battery life: 6 months with rechargeable batteries (normal operating time without exposure to light after full charge); 25 months on rechargeable batteries (operating time when stored in total darkness, with the power save function activated after full charge)
  • Case size: 59.5×56.1×18mm

The main question that may arise with this model is that its starting price is high… about 550 dollars. It is not a cheap Casio watch, but it is one of those with the best manufacturing quality and functionalities. It is a true beast that will last you a lifetime.

  • The GWG-1000 is the worthy heir to the Mudman series… transformed into Mudmaster by Casio.

It is a tremendously resistant watch thanks to its sapphire crystal that allows you to use it surrounded by small grains of sand without fear of scratching it, it is resistant to vibrations and falls, and mud does not enter through the buttons… come on, it has everything to be a “combat” watch.

Let’s start with the design. It’s a watch that catches your eye from the first time you see it, and not just because it’s really big. The design of the sphere is very careful with its details in yellow, its large Arabic numerals, its round buttons with texture protected by the edges, its large crown, and its extra-resistant textured strap.

It stands out from other Casio G-Shock. It feels like you can use it as a nail hammer…it’s a real tank. It is worth seeing in detail the buttons on the sides:

Casio G-Shock GWG-1000 Buttons Details
Casio G-Shock GWG-1000 Buttons Details

Nice textured and metallic round buttons. A joy to press and use at night or in low light conditions.

And the magnificent resin strap that Casio has included in this watch has good rigidity and a spectacular texture. It is nothing like that of other cheaper models of the G-Shock line, it is noticeable as soon as it is touched.

And the metal buckle stands out very much, especially since on the strap pin we can find the words “PROTECTION G-SHOCK WR 20 BAR” in capital letters:

Its dimensions are scary at first: 59.5×56.1×18mm, but then you realize that if you have a wrist of about 19.20 cm, it fits you perfectly. Look at the following photo:

It is not the most suitable G-Shock watch for small wrists, but if you have one of about 20, 22cm… you will wear it with pride.

You will notice it on the wrist with its weight of 119 grams, although it is quite comfortable. More photos:

Casio G-Shock GWG-1000 review

It is not a watch to wear to parties, but it is for adventurers, to wear for hard work, or just to impress with a massive watch on the wrist.

The back is also striking, although some of the information that Casio usually offers is not very good, such as the module number (it is in the deepest strip in small print):

What about the functions of this Mudmaster? Very good. It has a compass, barometer, and altimeter, thermometer, Multiband 6 to synchronize the clock time via radio frequencies, solar energy charging, world time, stopwatch, timer, calendar… It is a Triple Sensor model.

Something that is especially striking is that in the framework of the sphere we are going to find the different codes of the world time zones by cities. Casio has put it this way because you’re going to have to select your time via the second hand: you unscrew the crown, pull it out once, and that hand acts to choose your time zone.

It may seem somewhat archaic in times where the easiest thing is to synchronize your smartphone with your smartwatch, but it makes sense, especially if the watch you are going to take on a trip: you get off the plane, move the crown and choose your new time zone: that’s it No internet connection.

That second hand also acts as a direction indicator in compass mode, but you can also see it on the small digital display. The other data from the sensors only appears on the digital screen, moving the small arrow on the dial to the left until it indicates the function where you are (the same date that the other modes indicate the day).

  • The change of the needles automatically when we use these functions so as not to interfere with the vision of the data is really comfortable. Do you want to check the height or pressure on the small screen? You press the corresponding button and the hands are removed from that screen. All a success.

And something significant: since it is solar-charged, you forget to charge the watch every day. A blessing.

How about the double LED light? The watch has an LED light for the dial and an LED backlight for the digital display. The entire dial of the watch is perfectly visible. No problem. Everything is well thought out in this Mudmaster.


The Casio G-Shock GWG-1000-1A3 Mudmaster is a tremendous watch that commands a hefty price tag when compared to the Rangeman 9400 and other Master of G series models.

But no one can doubt its premium build with the presence of crystal sapphire or a spectacular and durable resin strap, or with the presence of a multitude of sensors. It is one of the most resistant Casio G-Shock in the entire range.

It has solar charging or Multiband 6, although it does not have Bluetooth connectivity. It is not intended to be worn by people with small wrists, quite the opposite. It is perfect for harsh environments and for workers in certain sectors. It resists everything.

A favor:

  • Really resistant: drops, impacts, vibrations, mud
  • The very striking and highly legible dial design
  • With sapphire crystal and premium resin strap
  • With solar charging and Multiband 6
  • Changing time zones very convenient for travel
  • Triple Sensor
  • Luz LED doble


  • No Bluetooth connectivity
  • very big box
  • Something expensive

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