Casio G-Shock with negative (inverted) vs positive screen

Not sure if a Casio G-Shock with a negative (inverted) screen or a watch with a positive screen is better? Doubt has arisen in all of us at some point.

If you grew up in the 80s, surely you have already tried a positive screen from Casio, and now suddenly you realize that there are hundreds of watches with a reverse screen for sale… which are pretty cool, but are they worth it? Can the numbers on the screen be read well?

Casio G-Shock watches are Casio’s most famous line at the moment. They are the best sellers and the public loves them madly for their tremendous resistance (thanks infinitely, Kikuo Ibe, for such a wonderful invention), design, and low price compared to other watch brands.

And beyond choosing between a classic G-Shock with a square case (blessed GW-M5610) or rounded (praise the Rangeman GW-9400), we now have to face another dilemma: with a negative (inverted) or positive screen?

Negative (inverted) vs positive screen

The most direct comparison that can be made is between the same screen positive and screen negative model, the (1) GW-M5610 versus the (2) DW-5600BB. The positive screen wins by a landslide. The inverted screen isn’t Casio’s best and doesn’t look great from the side or in low light. However, the watch is really nice.


Then things get more complicated, especially when we get into comparing Casio watches with Super-Twisted Nematic (STN) displays, a state-of-the-art display type with great visibility from all angles, and perfect technology to put on displays. The GMW-B5000GD-1JF has such a display and the digits on the display are very legible.

  • Without a doubt, if you see a negative-screen Casio watch that you like that has an STN screen, it will be one of the best models you can buy: it will have that “cool” look you were looking for, and the screen will be very legible. There are not many models with this type of screen at the moment… a shame.

You can also opt for negative display watches with Memory-in-Pixel (MiP), a new type of display that saves power and is also much more visible from all angles. The nice CASIO G-Shock GBD-200-2JF has it.

These two types of technology give your G-shock with an inverted screen a new life. You are not going to leave your eyes to be able to see the time.

Readable screen vs “Cool” screen

Basically, that’s the main distinction you have to make between the two types… Without detracting from the models with a positive screen (I have the GW-M5610-1JR on an altar… and on my wrist), the ones with the inverted screen are really elegant and have become fashionable in recent years. And Casio has noticed, that’s why there are so many models with that type of screen for sale.


But if you want a functional watch, in which you can always see all its digits on the screen, whether it is sunny or not very sunny or there is simply almost no light, the watch with a positive screen will always be the best way (“This is the Way” The Mandalorian would say).

We get into another field if what you want is a Casio G-Shock military watch. In this case, many prefer negative screens because they are more discreet.

But the problem goes further to choosing a Casio G-Shock

That’s it… We not only have to choose a positive or negative screen but also if we want it with solar charge, Multiband 6, Bluetooth, sensors, metal, Carbon Core Guard or resin, square or round, analog or digital… the range of G-Shock watches is very wide, there are many versions, many colors… and apparently none is perfect once you start buying this type of watch. It’s really complicated.

That is why you can also consult the following article with 14 Best Casio G-Shock Tough Solar Watches In 2022 [Reviews]It is a very personal selection, but surely you will find a model that you like.