How to Change the Time and Alarm of a Digital Clock?

The digital clock has become famous thanks to the simplicity with which you can see the time; at a glance and clearly. If you have found it difficult to understand how to use your smartwatch, stay with this article as we will explain how to change the time and even how to use the alarm option.

It is important to note that this is not a universal way to change the time on a watch, you should keep in mind that not all watch brands work in the same way, however, this guide could help you. We have already seen before how to set a Casio G-Shock, Edifice, or Classic Watch.

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How to put time on a digital clock?

How to Change the Time of a Digital Clock

If you want to set the time on your digital clock you must look for the corresponding buttons. These are commonly found on the sides. There is a button called “mode” or “func” (function). The function of this single button is to switch between modes; time, alarm, timer, and stopwatch, among other functions.

  • You have to press the “mode” or “func” button until the “adjustment mode” appears. How can you identify it? Very easy, the hour numbers will be seen and the screen will blink a couple of times.
  • Then you can change the time, by pressing the “adjust” button as its name indicates, the adjustments are made, and this button must be alternated with the last button.
  • Press the “adjust” button and you will see how it selects either the hour, the minutes, or the seconds, you must stay in the line that you want to change.
  • And to finish you will use the third and last button, which will help you increase or decrease the hour, minutes, or seconds. In the end, press the “mode” or “func” button again.

With these steps, you will have set the time on your digital clock. This will help you with a digital wrist and table clock as well.

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How to set the alarm on a digital watch?

The alarm is a very useful option that helps us remember things like the time for an important meeting, a visit to the doctor, or the time to wake up to start a busy day.

Without a doubt, it is one of the many tools that man uses to control the notion of time, with the aim of being more organized and punctual. Or, just to wake up in the morning.

Now let’s go back to the steps to follow to set the alarm of our digital clock.
Remember the steps! Since the indications are often repeated, so if you did not understand the previous steps very well, take another look.

  • As we explained in the previous option, by pressing the “mode” or “func” button several times, you will see the options, and among them is the alarm option.
  • We will use the “adjust” button to select the hour, minute, or second boxes, in the same way, that we did to change the time, only we will be in the alarm settings mode.
  • Finally, we press the third button to assign the hour and minutes, just by pressing the “mode” button.
  • It is a matter of reading and trying on the clock, by clearly observing what happens after pressing the buttons and following the instructions you will be able to set your alarm and you will not be late for that important meeting.

How to remove the alarm on a digital clock?

This option is a bit more complex, there are different ways to disable the alarm on a digital clock. It is precisely this large number of options that confuse users.

To remove the alarm from a watch, you have to press the “mode” or “func” button for a while, it will deactivate it, is it that simple? Yes, you will only need to press a button for a few seconds.

This solution does not apply to all digital watches, neither to table or wristwatches, and when it works what it does is restart your watch and therefore the alarm mode you had selected is disabled until you decide to activate your alarm again.
On most digital watches you can also turn it off by pressing any button on the watch for a few seconds.

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