Seiko SKX175 vs. SKX009 – Which One Is Better?

The main difference between Seiko SKX175 vs. SKX009 is that the Seiko SKX175 is manufactured and sold in the USA whereas Seiko SKX009 is sold worldwide.

When it comes to Seiko SKX175 vs. SKX009 both are similar watches with a slight difference between their dial color, country of manufacturing, and price. The rest of the specs are almost similar.

Whether you are a diver or a random watch lover, knowing the difference between SKX175 vs. SKX009 will definitely arouse curiosity in you. Therefore we have compiled a guide on their differences and similarities.

After reading this complete guide you will clearly make the difference between SKX175 and SKX009. But first, before diving right into the in-depth details, you should take a look at the specs of the Seiko SKX175 vs. SKX009. 

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Seiko SKX175 vs. SKX009 – Comparison Table

FeaturesSKX175 SKX009
Product NameSeiko Men’s SKX175 Stainless Steel Automatic Dive WatchSEIKO Men’s SKX009K2 Diver’s Analog Automatic Stainless Steel Watch
Type of ProductAutomaticAutomatic
BezelStainless steelStainless steel
Beats per hour2160021600
Size of Case42 mm42 mm
Band TypeBraceletRubber
Water resistance200 Meters200 Meters
Reference of Dial002 X002 R
PriceCheck On AmazonCheck On Amazon

What is the difference between SKX175 and SKX009?

Well, almost everybody takes these watches the same. And there is nothing awkward in it because SKX175 and SKX009 both are almost similar except for a few small differences.

The little changes between these watches are that the SKX175 is made by and sold in the US. However, when it comes to the SKX009, it is made only by the Seiko brand in Japan and sold worldwide.

The second difference between SKX175 and SKX009 lies in their cost price. It means that the SKX175 is a bit pricey as compared to the SKX009. Maybe the cost gap is due to the uniqueness of the SKX175 supply because it is sold only in the US. The third main difference between Seiko SKX175 vs. SKX009 is that the dial of SKX009 is darker than SKX175.

Despite these changes, almost all the things are similar. And you will get to know every detail by just scrolling down and having a look at the SKX175 vs SKX009 features.


When it comes to the design and comforts of the divers Seiko SKX175 vs. SKX009, both are well known for their charming designs. Almost everybody likes these mainly for their design. The Pepsi bezels and stainless steel case make both of these diver’s watches attractive.

However, there is a little difference in their hues because the dial of the SKX009 is a little darker blue as compared to the SKX175 diver. The rest is the same charming look. The SKX009 weighs probably 7.05 ounces. Thus it may be somewhat heavier for the lighter wrists. And as for the weight of SKX175, it is not revealed yet so we can only guess its weight is near to that of SKX009.

The case size of SKX175 is 41 mm while that of SKX009 is 42 mm, somewhat near to each other. Accordingly, men having smaller wrists may become burdens with these. Otherwise they are good enough for any kind of hands.

The straps of SKX175 and SKX009 are of suitable size which is why you do not have to worry about your wrist size. The overall stainless steel case and unidirectional function of the bezel make the SKX175 and SKX009 worthy price diver watches.

Water Resistance

If you are a new watch buyer of the Seiko brand then you should know that the Seiko is specifically recognized for its water-resistant feature. In the same way, the SKX175 and SKX009 both are also water bearable and they can resist water for up to 200 meters (660 feet).

Many people deceive with a word in their name mentioning “Diver watch” and thus went for using the in high depth diving as well. Well, they are certainly diver watches but the SKX009 as well SKX175 are suitable and recommended for only water sports, and marine activities. But they are never recommended for scuba diving.

An important feature of SKX175 vs SKX009 is that they are waterproof because they are made up of stainless steel material. Therefore you do not need to be panicked by taking them in water.

Case and Dial

The dark blue dial against the white markers is another attractiveness of SKX175 vs SK009. But the SKX009 has a darker dial than SKX175. The hands are wider and bright. Thus you can easily watch time in any daytime.

The case of both SKX009 and SKX175 comes with a hardlex over it. So although it is not weak it is not as strong as a sapphire case. Both of them have calendars mentioned besides the time at 3’O O’clock.

Type of Strap

More than often, the strap of SKX009 is made of rubber material. However, the SKX175 is a bracelet type. But usually, both the SKX009 and SKX175 come with jubilee straps.

The rubber straps are the best for the people who spend most of their time in the pool because rubber straps are waterproof. There is a deployment clasp in SKX009 and SKX175 as well.

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Other features

SKX175 vs SKX009 are not far more different from each other. They are automatic watches with the 7S26 movement. The only difference between Seiko SKX175 vs. SKX009 is that SKX175 has a Malaysian time movement. The SKX175 vs. SKX009 has self-winding free watches.

They both have a 41-hour power reserve and 21 jewels. These jewels are used for protecting the gears from rubbing and the power reserve means the time that the watch will run after you take down the watch.

Wrap up

Now you have clearly understood the guide about Seiko SKX175 vs. SKX009 Therefore now you can differentiate between them although they are pretty much similar. They both have high ratings and none of them is behind the quality limits. So consequently either SKX175 or SKX009, get the one that suits you the best.

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