Timex Expedition Grid Shock TW4B02500 – Review [Buyer’s Guide]

The Timex Expedition Grid Shock TW4B02500 quartz digital watch is a huge watch, really big with a 50mm (rectangular) dial, and quite sturdy. Perfect to take on your adventures and be able to easily see the digits on the screen.

It is not a watch for everyone: it will depend a lot on the thickness of your wrist and how you like the wide width of your bracelet. Surely after reading this Timex Expedition Grid Shock TW4B02500 review, you have a well-founded option on whether it is worth buying or not.

We are going to see all its functions, design, and manufacture, commenting on its pros and cons in detail.

We already told you that it can be a good substitute for some Casio G-Shock watches. It may not have the same resistance as these, but it can be a good alternative in many situations.

Similar brand watches? The Timex Command Shock TW5M18200 with a military look and the Timex TW4B24900VQ with a negative screen.

It does not have GPS, maps, blood oxygen measurement, or smart functions like other sports watches. In that case, you may be interested in the following models: The best multisport sports watches with GPS and heart rate monitors: for running, swimming, and cycling.

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Timex Expedition Grid Shock TW4B02500: features, design, and manufacturing

  • Dimensions: 50mm case; 16 millimeters thick; 31-millimeter bracelet
  • 75 grams of weight
  • Resin band with buckle closure
  • Resin box with acrylic glass 
  • Time in 12 or 24-hour format
  • Date in MM-DD (month-day) or DD.MM (day-month) format
  • 3 time zones
  • Alerts with audible tone and/or silent vibration
  • Optional hourly bell
  • Battery with CR2032 cell (can last up to about 4 years)
  • 100-hour chronograph with a display of lap and cumulative times
  • A countdown timer for 24 hours (countdown and stop or repeat)
  • counter for hydration
  • 3 alarms for each day/weekday/weekend retroactive at 5 minutes
  • Customizable mode (hides unwanted modes)
  • INDIGLO night light with NIGHT-MODE
  • Water resistance up to 100 meters

The box that Timex offers us is typical of the brand in its cheaper models, although this one is not so cheap anymore. We can find it for about 60, 70 dollars, or more than 100 dollars depending on the moment, so be very careful when buying it. If the price is between 60 and 80 dollars, it is worth buying.

It comes with a support to which it is hooked with some zip ties that have to be cut. It also has warranty paper but does not come with instructions. You have to download them from their website.

You immediately realize that if you have poor eyesight (can’t see up close), this is your watch. My goodness, how great. More than any other you have seen. Huge rectangular case, and a tremendous bracelet. It is a watch for portentous wrists.

The manufacturing quality is good, it seems resistant: the pity is that Timex has not protected the glass in any way.

On the left, we have 2 rectangular buttons and on the right 3 (2 rectangular and one round -the light one-). They are somewhat hard and can be somewhat complicated to press.

The back is made of stainless steel and on it, we can find all the information about the watch, such as that it is a Timex Expedition, that it can be submerged to 100 meters, or that it uses a CR2032 battery.

The resin band is quite hard and like the G-Shock, it does not go flat if you place the watch on a flat surface. This helps improve its shock resistance. It’s huge but comfortable.

Light? One of the best things about this watch. It is INDIGLO in a very nice green color. Perfectly illuminates the entire screen. One of the best lights we’ve seen on a digital watch.

Screen? The glass is acrylic. Many prefer a mineral crystal or even a sapphire crystal in this regard. Acrylic works well in this model (reflections) and the truth is that if it gets scratched, it can be easily polished with one of the products that it sells, such as a poly watch.

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The screen itself is huge (rectangular in shape except for a bottom edge that drops down), and all the information on it is very well laid out. It is clear that they could have put more things in this module. Space has. How do we know? Because this watch is based on the WS4 ABC, a model with 3 sensors that was not very successful.

At the bottom right of the screen, we have the hour digits. At the top and separated by a line, it shows the date. Just to the left, we have a dial that counts the seconds from 10 to 10. And below that dial, it tells us what mode we are in. In the lower-toothed rim, we find the combination VIBE, COMBO, and TONE that refer to the alarms and their way of acting.

As we change modes, the specific data for each mode will appear on the larger screen.

Timex Expedition Grid Shock TW4B02500: how it looks on the wrist

It’s a big watch, in case you weren’t clear. It has a rectangular design of about 54 mm x 50 mm and a thickness of 16 mm. But the strap is just as big at 31mm. An atrocity.

That said, the watch weighs nothing and practically disappears on the wrist. The pin is well engaged with the characteristic protrusion of these Timex watches.

Timex Expedition Grid Shock TW4B02500 – Opinion and review
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Timex Expedition Grid Shock TW4B02500: Features and Modes

Modes? Chrono, Timer, Hydration, Alarm 1, Alarm 2, and Alarm 3. Not bad.

The operation is simple, especially if you have used other Timex watches or any Casio. Some data:

  • Dual mode offers a choice of alert type for alarm and countdown time: audible tone, silent vibration, or a combination of vibrations followed by a tone.
  • The chronograph counts down by hundredths of a second up to one hour, then by seconds up to 100 hours. The chronograph symbol flashes to indicate that the chronograph is running.
  • Timer mode allows countdown with alert. The clock beeps and the night light flashes when the countdown ends.
  • Hydration mode provides a countdown timer with an alert to remind you to drink during a workout. The clock beeps and the night light flashes when the countdown ends.
  • The watch has three alarms. When the alarm sounds, the night light flashes. Press any button to silence it. If no buttons are pressed, the alarm will sound for 20 seconds and repeat once five minutes later. Each of the three alarms has a different alert melody.
  • INDIGLO Light: Illuminates watch for 2-3 seconds (5-6 seconds when programming). If you press the button for 4 seconds you activate the NIGHT-MODE function (you can activate the light with any button).

The watch also has a customizable mode that allows you to hide the modes you don’t use.

HYD(Hydration) is basically a second countdown timer: it has a maximum duration of 60 minutes and will repeat indefinitely once you start it. It is quite useful, especially for races of more than 10 kilometers. Never again will you forget to recover with a little water in your body.

The vibrating alarm is discreet and the truth is that it can be used to wake up without much trouble and without disturbing another person next to you in bed. Adventurers can set the alarm to combined mode (vibrate for 10 seconds before ringing for another 10 seconds).

The watch is water resistant to 100 meters, which means you can wear it for surface swimming but not diving. You cannot use the buttons underwater. It is a pity that they have not put in this model a water resistance of 200 meters.

Conclusion: Is it worth buying the Timex Expedition Grid Shock TW4B02500?

The Timex Expedition Grid Shock is a great watch, in every way. It is not suitable for small dolls. The screen is its most significant part, and it is a pity that they have not added more functions in this model (the sensors of the old WS4 ABC, a model with 3 sensors that was not very successful).

The HYD mode (specific countdown to drink water every so often) and the INDIGLO light (excellent lighting) are two of its most outstanding points. It is also interesting that it works with a CR2032 battery: they are easy to get.

It’s a tough, rugged watch, not at Casio G-Shock level, but enough to use as a tactical or adventure watch for running or hiking (no sensors).

Acrylic glass scratches easily (it is not protected by the case), but it can also be easily polished. The strap is again huge and can be uncomfortable for many.

In short, if you want a watch for your residence, you better buy a G-Shock, but if you want a model with a large screen, the Timex Expedition Grid Shock TW4B02500 is what you are looking for.

A favor:

  • Good quality price (sometimes it is cheaper than others)
  • Good build quality
  • Huge screen with very readable digits
  • With customizable mode
  • Spectacular INDIGLO night light
  • With light and vibration alerts
  • With a counter for hydration
  • Water resistance to 100 meters
  • Battery with CR2032 cell (easy to get)


  • May be too big for small wrists
  • The glass is not protected by the box
  • The bracelet is very wide and bulky
  • Its price can be quite high (be careful)
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