Citizen Super Titanium: Is it worth buying a watch with Super Titanium?

Is it worth buying a watch with Super Titanium

When buying a watch from the Japanese brand Citizen, you will have to make an important decision: is it worth buying a slightly more expensive Super Titanium watch or is it better to buy a cheaper version of the watch in stainless steel? Is a stainless steel watch or a titanium watch better? The decision is difficult, so …

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SeaGull 1963 Watch – Opinion and review

SeaGull 1963 Watch review

The SeaGull 1963 may not be familiar to you, but it is a cheap mechanical chronograph watch made expressly for the Chinese air force during the last century. Problem with this watch? That it is quite complicated to buy the correct model: there are many replicas, although the truth is that the vast majority are of good …

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Mechanical vs Automatic vs Quartz Watches: Which Type of Watch is Best for You?

Mechanical vs Automatic vs Quartz Watches

The big question we all ask ourselves at some point in our lives… What type of watch is best for me? Do you need a Mechanical watch, an Automatic model (they are also mechanical), or a Quartz one (who hasn’t had a Casio in his life)? We are looking at the heart of the watch, at the movement …

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Best Seiko Field Watches of 2022

Best Seiko Field Watches 2022

In this article, I’ll be reviewing some of the Best Seiko Field Watches of 2022 that are durable, trendy yet affordable. Field watches date back to World War II. However, over time, they have become trendy for daily wear. Field watches do not show accurate time only but they are rugged enough to last long …

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Best Watches With Military Time For Nurses

Best Watches With Military Time for nurses

Are you looking for a nurse watch with military time? Your search is over now. Dive in to know the best watches with military time for nurses in 2022. Watches are essential accessories for medical professionals, particularly nurses. The nurse watch with military time is highly preferable by the nurses. Selecting the correct watch provides …

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