Top 7 Best Citizen Eco-Drive Watches For Men In 2022

Do you want to know which are the best Citizen Eco-Drive watches for men? Opinions and comparisons of the most interesting models in 2022? Don’t worry, we have tested a few Citizen Eco-Drive watches and we have to give you a few opinions to choose the best option.

Citizen is one of the most important Japanese watch brands along with Casio, Seiko, and Orient, and its best-known watches are those that have Eco-Drive technology: they are charged by sunlight. They are good watches. They will last you a lifetime.

What you have to be clear about is that you will not go wrong buying a Citizen Eco-Drive model. This brand offers quartz watches with a good value for money. They cannot be missing from your watch collection.

On the internet, you will find opinions on all tastes of citizens, but the truth is that we have loved the watches that we have tried. Read on to find out our opinion and see which is the best option for your wrist. We’ve tried a few first-hand :

  • Citizen wristwatches in military-style, pilot watches, diving watches, chronographs… a little bit of everything. A watch for every situation.

Quick overview of selected Best Citizen Eco-Drive watches

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A brief history of Citizen Watches

Citizen was founded in 1930 by Japanese and Swiss investors, so we can get a little idea of ​​where the company is going knowing that part of its heritage comes from Switzerland, the masters of watchmaking.

The good thing about Citizen is that they have always innovated. From the launch of the world’s first multi-band “Atomic Timekeeping” watch in 1993 (it corrects the time of the watch using radio frequencies), to the first Japanese submersible watch in 1959, through its Eco-Drive technology: in 1976, they created the world’s first sundial.

Their competition with Seiko and Casio is quite strong. Citizen, Casio, and Seiko are the best Japanese brands at the moment.

Source: Wikipedia.

How do Citizen Eco-Drive watches work? What is Eco-Drive?

In 1976, they invented the first light-powered quartz analog watch that worked exclusively using light as an energy source. This technology, called Eco-Drive, can generate power from any light source (artificial light, natural light, and even dim light) to keep the watch running without the need to replace the battery (Source Citizen ).

This means that as long as you have the watch on your wrist and a light source gives it, the watch will continue to work. In addition, this energy will be stored in the watch’s accumulator, and, depending on the model, it will be able to function continuously without exposure to light for many weeks to months, or even years.

  • Fully charged Eco-Drive watches continue to run for over 6 months,  even in total darkness.
  • They have a power reserve function that makes it possible for the watches to work even up to 7 years without light.

What does this mean? That the maintenance of a Citizen Eco-Drive watch is minimal. It is not necessary to change the accumulator for a long time, it may last more than 15 or 20 years.

As with Casio G-shock Tough Solar watches, only sunlight is capable of quickly charging these types of watches. Artificial light will charge the Citizen’s watch more slowly.

Do you know how to activate a Citizen Eco-Drive Watch? If the Solar Citizen watch has been in the dark for a long time and has run out of charge, it may take a while for it to start working. Your best option is to put it in sunlight to make it charge faster.

If you have any questions about its maintenance or you have a problem with the load or the radio control, we recommend that you read the following entry:

What specific functions do Citizen Eco-Drive watches have?

  • Insufficient Charge Warning: When a Citizen Eco-Drive watch is insufficiently charged, the second-hand moves at 2-second intervals.
  • Power Saving Feature – In the dark, the hands of a Citizen Eco-Drive watch stop to save power. When the light returns and hits the solar cells on the dial, the hands move rapidly and return to showing the current time. 
  • Light Level Indicator – The Citizen watch detects the amount of light reaching the dial and displays the current level of power generation so we can measure the level of charge.

Radio-controlled Citizen + Eco-Drive

Another great addition that Citizen watches usually have is the multichannel radio control function that allows them to keep time with a minimum margin of error: 1 second every 10 million years. Some Citizen watches are capable of receiving a radio signal from an atomic clock to set the time correctly. 

There are several antennas in various countries of the world (Japan, China, Europe, and North America).

Citizen Eco-Drive Satellite Wave

A new technology that takes a little further than the precision in the time of our watches. Wave Satellite watches receive the time signal transmitted from one of 24 orbiting satellites. Each satellite has an atomic clock that measures time with absolute precision. 

The tolerance is 1 second every 10 million years. Does citizen watch with this technology? The Satellite Wave GPS F900 also has a super titanium and sapphire crystal case and bracelet.

Citizen Eco-Drive Super Titanium

We continue looping the loop: there are Citizen watches with Eco-Drive and with the brand’s supermaterial: Titanium (Super Titanium).

  • Citizen’s Super Titanium has an extreme degree of hardness: its resistance is five times higher than normal titanium, and it is still very light.
  • Many have a Super Titanium PTIC platinum finish which makes them extra bright

How does it compare to steel? Super Titanium is 40% lighter than stainless steel. It is also more resistant to wear:

  • Steel wear resistance: 170-200Hv
  • Titanium wear resistance: 100-160Hv
  • Wear resistance of Citizen’s Super Titanium: 1000-1200Hv

In addition, Super Titanium has hypoallergenic properties. If steel watches give you skin allergies, titanium is your friend.

And finally, Super Titanium is very resistant to corrosion caused by fresh or salt water. 

These Citizen watches tend to be more expensive.

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What are the main collections of Citizen watches?

  • Radio control: clocks with a date-time update by means of radio frequencies. For example the CRONO PILOT E660 STEEL or TITANIUM, SUPER PILOT, or the new W770 BLUETOOTH.
  • Super Titanium: with Citizen’s strong and lightweight material. For example the BULLHEAD or the CRONO 4010.
  • Promaster: the most sporty series of the brand with the AQUALAND ECO-DRIVE or ALTICHRON.
  • Satellite Wave: with satellite connection to update the time. For example the SATELLITE WAVE GPS F900, SATELLITE WAVE GPS SKY PREMIER, or SATELLITE WAVE GPS F150.
  • OF Collection: a very wide range of watches. Examples? CHRONOGRAPH, GENTLEMEN 3 HANDS, LOAD RESERVE… classic watches, military design, chronographs…

FACT! Some of Citizen’s best-selling and most popular watches are found in their OF Collection range. They are cheap, durable, and very reliable watches.

What is the price of a Citizen watch?

It is one of the Japanese watch brands with cheaper prices with permission from Orient, Seiko and Casio watch. Almost all Citizen watches that you will find have a price that can range from 100 dollars (the cheapest ones like the military-style BM8476-23EE) to 500, 600 dollars (some Promasters like the AQUALAND ECO-DRIVE, the new model Satellite Wave Gps F150 or ALTICHRON models).

  • One of his most famous fun watches, the BN0150-10E, usually costs between 150 and 200 dollars. The perfect option if you don’t want to spend a lot of money on your dive watch.
  • Other well-known ones, the Citizen SUPER TITANIUM or the RADIO CONTROL, have a price range between 300 and 600 dollars.
  • Citizen pilot watches can cost between 400 and 800 dollars approximately, depending a lot on the materials of the strap.
  • The classic style models with 3 hands and many of their chronographs tend to have very modest prices: between 100 and 200dollars.

Then you have models that can cost between 1,000 and 1,500 dollars, such as some of the Titanium Satellite Wave models such as the SATELLITE WAVE GPS SKY PREMIER (between 1,400 and 1,500 dollars). They usually have the best materials, including the sapphire crystal.

Where can you buy Citizen watches at the best price?

Well, it depends a lot. You can approach a trusted watchmaker, but we recommend you compare prices online. Official distributors usually offer very good discounts on their websites.

Portals like Amazon or eBay also usually have very good offers. You can compare their prices on many comparison websites. And then decide for yourself.

Are Citizen watches good?

YES. It is one of the watch brands that offer the best quality price on the market. Why? Not only does it offer a great design (very careful), it also offers reliability in its calibers and the latest technology options.

We must highlight «Eco-Drive»: we have already commented on how it works, but we must add that possibly, and with the permission of Casio and its G-Shock with Tough Solar, it is the best technology in terms of capacity to transform solar energy in energy to run the watch, and above all, to increase its power reserve over the months.

  • They use « lithium-titanate-oxide (LTO) » batteries that are really efficient and long-lasting. Fully charged Citizen watches can run for months or years without the need for an extra charge.

And do you know another good thing about Citizen watches? People pay less attention to them than models from Casio, Seiko, or famous Swiss watch brands. This implies that its quality price is better. It is a well-hidden secret. It is one of the best watch brands in the world. You will find watches at a very good price.

What caliber number does your watch have?

This is important to know in case you don’t have the instructions handy and want to download them online (you can also use the model number, for example, BM8476-23E ). The number is engraved on the back of the watch. They typically indicate the following:

  • Caliber number: Comprises four digits beginning with a letter (for example, J280, like the ALTICHRON).
  • Box number (in the image T019773, next to the caliber number)
  • Serial number (062030403 in the image)

On the following Citizen website, you can find the PDF files of each of their calibers.

What are the best Citizen Eco-Drive watches for men in 2022?

We have made a careful selection, choosing the best options. You have watches for around 100, 200 dollars (excellent value for money), slightly more expensive watches between 400-500 dollars, and some models that can be found between 800 and 1,200 dollars with the best of Citizen technology.

1.-Citizen Eco-Drive BM8476-23E (Of Collection): cheap and with a good military design

  • Solar Powered Analog Clock
  • Movement: Eco-Drive with an approximate load reserve of 180 days.
  • Steel case with screw-down case back, beige technical fabric strap.
  • With calendar (day of the week and date)
  • Waterproof: WR 10 bar.
  • 41mm case diameter.
  • with 3 needles
  • Steel case with black finish
  • With insufficient charge warning (second-hand moves in 2-sec increments)
  • mineral crystal
  • Gauge number E101
  • Weight of 76 grams
  • Accuracy: ±15 sec/month
  • Autonomy of approx. 6 months (from full recharge to stop); at least 4 days. (from moving at two-second intervals to stopping)
  • Manual

One of the cheapest Citizen Eco-Drive watches you can find. Normally, it can be purchased for between 100 and 120 dollars. It has a really nice military aesthetic with large numbers at 12, 3, 6, and 9, white indexes, and hands and time marks in 24-hour format to have everything clearer and to see the time without any problem. 

The dial is black… and the presence of the solar cells that capture the energy of the watch is not observed at all.

It does not have a light, but the hour and minute hands, the large numbers, and the indices have a lumen. And it lights up quite a bit, although it is difficult for it to arrive the next day.

The 41cm steel case is finished in black which looks to be quite durable. The back is also raw steel, normal tone, and laser etched.

The date and day window is at 3 o’clock (days in English and German in the version we have tested) and it only has a toothed crown on the right (it is not screwed). The 22 cm beige fabric strap is of very good quality (it has an inner area of ​​black leather). 

The glass is mineral and has a 10 BAR rating: water-resistant, but better not to go overboard with it. In addition, the strap can be damaged if you get it very wet.

It is not an automatic watch, but it exudes quality everywhere. It is quite accurate despite not having radio control. The secondary battery that accumulates the charge should last a lifetime.

If you take the watch outside to direct sunlight, it should be fully charged within 12 hours. In only 18 minutes it can be started up in case of being completely discharged.

You can read the complete review of the watch in the following entry:

  • If you like this style, you may be interested in the Citizen AW1361-10H model. It has a nice black design with orange and yellow numbers and a brown leather strap. It has a military-style.
  • You also have the Citizen AW5000-16L with a blue dial and strap, large numbers, and a simple but effective design.

In favor:

  • Excellent quality-price
  • Good military aesthetic
  • Solar charge
  • Pretty accurate
  • Very good quality strap


  • It is not radio-controlled
  • The lumen does not last all night
  • The crown is not screwed (better be careful when putting it in the water)
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2.-Citizen Eco-Drive BN0150-10E Promaster: an excellent diver watch for the quality price (ISO6425 certificate)

  • ISO 6425 certified professional diver watch
  • Eco-Drive with a 6-month charge reserve.
  • 44 mm steel case with steel screw-down case back and crown.
  • Rubber strap.
  • Unidirectional rotating bezel.
  • Mineral glass with anti-reflective treatment.
  • WR 200 water resistance.
  • Warning function and insufficient charge.
  • with 3 needles
  • Accuracy: ±15 sec/month
  • Weight of 93.6 grams
  • Autonomy of approx. 6 months (from full recharge to stop); at least 4 days. (from moving at two-second intervals to stopping)
  • Caliber number E168
  • Manual

A Diver watch totally recommended for the quality price (ISO 6425 certificate )It is usually always below 200 dollars (often between 150 and 170 dollars).

The dial is black, both the indices and the hands are quite large and visible (they have a fairly powerful lumen, even the seconds. It lasts all night), it has a unidirectional rotating bezel to calculate the immersion time, and the crown threaded is located on the right at the bottom. It is protected with a rim. It’s a pretty accurate watch. It has a second stop.

The 20mm rubber strap is quite long and somewhat stiff at first (perfect for diving) and even has a small table printed on it (ND Limits) that indicates the depth in meters and the time in minutes that you can be underwater without having to decompression problems. 

Be very careful with this, as these times do not take into account successive dives or previous plane flights.

You can use it for gear diving, but NOT for saturated (helium) diving

  • How does the rotating bezel work on diver watches? The hoop rotates only to the left to prevent misuse. We have to align the triangle mark with a lume dot with the minute hand. As time goes by, we can determine how many minutes have passed with the bezel scale.

The bezel could be serrated all the way around (easier to move with neoprene gloves), but you can’t have everything.

The case is 44 cm, but it does not feel very big on the wrist. The back is laser engraved and beautiful (a map of the world comes with it). The watch is quite comfortable.

  • Competitors? Possibly the famous Seiko SKX007 – 009 and the Orient Mako. And within Citizen itself the Citizen Promaster NY0086-83L with a nice Pepsi design. It has a crown on the left side and a similar dial design.

In favor:

  • Excellent price for a Diver watch of this quality
  • Good manufacturing, good lumen, good strap
  • Eco-Drive: low maintenance
  • 200m WR ISO certified


  • The bevel wheel could be fully serrated for better handling
  • Mineral glass instead of sapphire
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3. Citizen Watches JY8030-83E Eco-Drive Navihawk A-T

Citizen Men's Eco-Drive Promaster Air Navihawk Atomic Time Keeping Pilot Watch in Stainless Steel, Black Dial (Model: JY8030-83E)
791 Reviews
Citizen Men's Eco-Drive Promaster Air Navihawk Atomic Time Keeping Pilot Watch in Stainless Steel, Black Dial (Model: JY8030-83E)
  • Modern, pilot-inspired Promaster timepieces equipped for professional use to discover the world from high above.
  • Synchronized to Atomic Time Clock for Superior Accuracy, Atomic Timekeeping Technology with Synchronized Time Adjustment Available in 43 World Cities, 1/100 Second Chronograph Measures up to 24 Hours, Perpetual Calendar, Dual Time (Second Time Zone), 2 Alarms, 99-Minute Countdown Timer, Digital Backlight Display, Universal Coordinated Time (UTC) Display, Power Reserve Indicator
  • Silver-Tone Stainless Steel
  • Anti-Reflective Mineral Crystal
  • 200 Meters Water Resistant and 5 Year Limited Warranty

A spectacular pilot’s watch with solar charge, radio control, chronograph, and world time. There are several versions, two of them with a Super Titanium bracelet, the Citizen Watch for Men’s JY8078, and the JY8100-80L. They are somewhat more expensive. The version you see in the photo has a leather strap and a steel case.

The truth is that you have to like ornate spheres. This watch has it all: two digital screens that are illuminated by LED light, 3 dials at the top to show the world time, watch charging, time reception, 24h time… and a lower dial that shows us the different modes. of the clock

Both the indices and the hands have a lumen, and it is quite powerful (it lasts all night).

  • It is a watch with a 45.4 mm case. Translation? It is quite big. Those who have a small wrist… will not fit well.

The outer bezel can be moved in both directions and is used to calculate things as interesting as the gasoline used based on the kilometers traveled, speed of flight, or simpler things such as the percentage of quantities, multiplications, divisions, or conversion of units. There are several examples in the instruction manual.

The numbering is small, but perfectly visible or at least it seems to look better than on the Casio Edifice EF-527D-1AVEF, although the price of this model is much, much cheaper.

On the right, we have the crown with two buttons to control all the functions of the watch. They are pretty and eye-catching.

The 21mm strap is leather and is quite comfortable right off the bat. You can leave it on even at night. On the back, you will find the clock data and a world map.

Solar charging on this Eco-Drive model is tremendous. Fully charged (it takes about 30 hours if you leave it outside and it’s sunny) it can last up to 3 years in power-saving mode.

  • If you like this style, you may be interested in the CITIZEN CB5007-51H radio-controlled Crono Pilot model in steel. It has a nice gray design with orange tones and is completely analog.
  • With a less ornate style and with chronograph capabilities you also have the Citizen Watches Men’s JY8078-01L Promaster Skyhawk A-T, with a leather strap and a beautiful white analog dial.

In favor:

  • Eco-Drive, radio-controlled
  • 200m water resistant
  • Many functions: stopwatch, calculation bezel, world time
  • Sapphire crystal
  • Shock detection and antimagnetic function
  • Striking design for those who like pilot watches
  • Excellent lumen and LED light in digital screens


  • pretty big box
  • Sphere full of information.
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4.-Citizen Promaster Aqualand Eco-Drive Movement Men’s Watch

The special Citizen watch for adventurers, trekking, or mountaineering. Spectacular design. You fall in love as soon as you see it. Reading the dial can be tricky, so it’s best to read the manual calmly. Worth.

It is a watch that has a solar charge, compass, altimeter, has an atmospheric pressure sensor (center left) and you can submerge yourself in water with it (200 m bar). It would only lack the radio control to synchronize the time and a sapphire crystal to be perfect.

It uses crystal glass and stainless steel case material. It has a diameter of 46mm and its weight is 138g. The good thing is that you can use this beautiful watch in water as it’s water-resistant up to 200m. Another great function this watch possess is the overcharge prevention and insufficient warning function.

It is a very colorful watch, the strap is really comfortable and it looks great if you have a medium-sized wrist.

The titanium in the case makes the watch very light and gives it a tremendous look. It’s solar, so you forget to change batteries.

That said, it would only need to be radio-controlled and have the sapphire crystal.

In favor:

  • Beautiful dial design
  • titanium case
  • Sensors: compass
  • Very comfortable and colorful strap
  • Very light and resistant


  • It does not have radio control to adjust the time
  • The glass is crystal and not sapphire.
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5.-Citizen Aqualand Eco-Drive Promaster BN2029-01E: design and perfect for diving (ISO6425 certificate)

Citizen Men's Eco-Drive Promaster Sea Aqualand Depth Meter Watch in Stainless Steel with Black Polyurethane strap, Black Dial (Model: BN2029-01E)
134 Reviews
Citizen Men's Eco-Drive Promaster Sea Aqualand Depth Meter Watch in Stainless Steel with Black Polyurethane strap, Black Dial (Model: BN2029-01E)
  • Iconic Promaster watches with advanced functions designed to venture to the deepest depths.
  • Depth Display to 70 Meters, Maximum Depth Memory, Rapid Ascent Alarm, Auto-Start Dive Mode, Power Reserve Indicator, Date.
  • Two-Tone Stainless Steel
  • Luminous Hands and Markers; Power Reserve Indicator and Anti-Reflective Mineral Crystal
  • 200 Meters Water Resistant and 5 Year Limited Warranty

Another spectacular Citizen design for a professional diver watch. It’s not as cheap as the previous diver model, but it’s really worth it. It is ISO6425 certified.

It has a spectacular presence and a very large strap, perfect for wearing the watch with wetsuit and diving gloves.

Just like the Citizen Eco-Drive BN0150-28E Promaster diver, you can use it to take it down the street, this model is a bit more complicated due to its thickness and weight. Of course, it is perfect to take to the beach and show off a little.

It has a rotating bezel that tells us how long we have been in the dive if we align it with the minute hand.

The lumen is quite spectacular: the numbers are marked in a green tone for the time and in blue for the depth gauge.

On the left, there is a dial that indicates the charge of the watch and on the right, we have the day window. It has three hands to indicate the time and a blue one that indicates the depth. To the left of the box is the pressure sensor and to the right is the water sensor.

In the sphere, we find an inner dial that shows us the depth up to 70 meters. The buttons are easy to use due to their large size and the crown is screwed down. All perfect to resist water pressure.

It takes about 35 hours to complete a full charge with sunlight, but in just 3 minutes you have the power to run for 1 day. After fully charged, the watch will work for 11 months without additional charging.

Belt? Very long and… comfortable as hell. A blessing.

In favor:

  • ISO6425 certified professional diver
  • Excellent design and manufacturing
  • Solar-charged (low maintenance)
  • With humidity sensor and maximum depth indication
  • Rapid ascent warning function
  • magnificent lumen


  • Watch specifically designed for diving. Difficult to carry on a daily basis
  • mineral crystal
  • something heavy and thick
  • Does not have radiation control
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6.-Citizen Satellite Wave GPS Sky Premier CC9020-54E: time synchronization through satellites.

Citizen Men's Promaster Satellite Wave Japanese Quartz Watch
22 Reviews
Citizen Men's Promaster Satellite Wave Japanese Quartz Watch
  • This watch has an Eco-drive technology (Recharged by any light source; no need for ever a battery) and comes with a turnable bezel -The watch has a Calendar function: Date, Solar Powered, Stop Watch, 24-hour Display, Worldtime, Luminous Hands
  • High quality 21 cm length and 20 mm width Silver Titanium strap with a Fold over with push button clasp
  • Case diameter: 48 mm,case thickness: 15 mm, case colour: Silver and dial colour: Black
  • Water resistant: 20 bars -Weight: 125 g
  • The watch is delivered in an original gift box and has a warranty of 2 years.Band size: Mens StandardBand width: 20.0Case diameter: 48.0 millimetersClasp type: Push Button Deployment ClaspDial window material type: Sapphire CrystalItem shape: RoundSport type: RunningTarget gender: maleWater resistance depth: 200.0 meters

  • Eco-Drive with a charge reserve of 1.5 years (5 years depending on energy savings).
  • High-speed double coil motor.
  • Reserve load indicator and Light-Level indicator.
  • Worldtimer 40 zones.
  • Perpetual calendar until 28.2.2100.
  • Satellite synchronization of the time signal between 3 and 30 seconds for the reception.
  • Reception of the geographical position, GPS, between 30 seconds and 2 minutes the reception.
  • Double time zone simultaneous vision, main and local, interchangeable.
  • 1/20 second chronograph with 24-hour measurement.
  • Summer schedule.
  • Alarm
  • WR 200 water resistance.
  • SUPER TITANIUM DURATECT DLC + MRK case and bracelet (using exclusive CITIZEN Gas Hardening technology).
  • Vickers hardness 1,000-1,400 Hv.
  • Bidirectional rotating bezel.
  • Average monthly accuracy of +/-5 sec
  • Sapphire crystal with anti-reflective treatment.
  • Antimagnetic properties.
  • Manual

In the end, we leave the most expensive model, the Satellite Wave GPS Sky Premier CC9020-54E, but you may also be interested in some of the slightly cheaper models such as the Citizen Men’s CC9025-85E Navi Series (not much more, they are all above of the 500 dollars). Or the Citizen Men’s Promaster Skyhawk A-T Eco-Drive Aviator Watch in silver tone.

What do they have in common? That you access Citizen’s Satellite Wave technology: your watch synchronizes the time with a network of satellites orbiting the earth! More accuracy and precision are impossible.

Perfect for all those who suffer from synchronizing their clocks by radio frequency (the coverage does not reach half of Spain or it reaches it with difficulty).

It is a “piece” of a watch”, both in terms of size and functions. You have to have a big wrist for it to fit you. And you have to like crowded watch faces. It is a perfect pilot’s watch. Ideal for travelers or pilots.

It is the perfect union between a solar-charged watch that has little maintenance and GPS technology to always have it perfectly on time (if you change the time zone it will adjust automatically), all surrounded by Super Titanium, which makes this watch be light and very comfortable to wear.

Problem with this watch? Learn all its functions. Know how to use the chronograph, the alarm, set the world time, etc. And if we start trying to use the rotating bezel, things get a little more complicated… but the reward is worth it.

What is a bit unsettling is the presence of the date window in that position, between 4 and 5 o’clock… They didn’t have another place left, right?… The other small dials tell us a lot of things:

  • Dual time (lower dial)
  • Watch load, day of the week, and function (left dial)
  • Watch modes (right dial)

On the upper front it will indicate the current reception of the signal, and at the bottom left the state of the alarm. And then more and more mini bezels with more numbers, cities… surrounding it all. Now you just have to learn how to handle it with the crown and the two buttons on the right.

The Super Titanium finish is beautiful, both on the bracelet and on the case, with a gray tone that gives it a certain poise. Many people like the weight of steel… Titanium is better worn on a daily basis. The sapphire crystal looks great on you.

With the energy-saving activated, it can last up to 5 years without receiving any sun. Spectacular. The lumen isn’t bad, but it’s only on the hour hand, minute hand, and indices.

In favor:

  • Sapphire crystal and super titanium DURATECT DLC + MRK
  • Satellite Wave technology for time adjustment
  • Excellent load reserve (up to 5 years)
  • Very light
  • With many functions
  • Rotating bezel for calculations
  • Double time zone


  • High price
  • Something big for small wrists
  • ornate sphere
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7.-Citizen Pilot Super Titanium CB0230-81L

  • Eco-Drive H145 with 6-month charge reserve (2 years in energy savings):
  • Calendar.
  • Load reserve display.
  • RADIO CONTROLLED: Signal reception from Japan, USA, Germany, and China. Automatic selection of the broadcasting station.
  • Summer schedule.
  • Worldtimer 26 cities.
  • Perpetual calendar until 2/28/2100.
  • SUPER TITANIUM case and bracelet
  • Sapphire crystal
  • Water-resistance WR 20 BAR
  • 42.4mm case diameter
  • 100-gram weight
  • Instructions

What is the first reason you would buy this Citizen watch? It’s clear. The design of its sphere. It is a very well-designed Pilot’s watch, with a blue color that stands out especially in sunlight, with beautiful indices with striking hands.

It is a very light, comfortable watch that will last you a lifetime if you take good care of it. The value for money it offers is tremendous.

The only doubt you may have is whether it is worth getting the watch with Super Titanium or if you can save a few dollars by choosing the stainless steel models with a leather strap.

The other model that people usually choose is the cheapest of all, the Citizen CB0240-11L (with a blue dial and light brown leather strap). Visually, it is tremendous and you can save about 100 dollars on your purchase. What do you lose? Titanium in bracelet and case.

You have the full review at:

In favor:

  • excellent quality-price
  • Excellent dial design with a very striking blue color
  • very light and comfortable
  • Made of Super Titanium (scratch resistant)
  • With Eco-Drive and radio-controlled
  • Sapphire crystal on the dial
  • 200-meter water resistance


  • Difficult to decide between the different models in the range
  • No dual time (GMT) like Nighthawk models
  • Somewhat small inner bezel letters and numbers (but not the worst we’ve seen)
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Other Citizen watches that may be worth it

Obviously, the range of Citizen watches is tremendous, and we have only selected a few, but you may also be interested in the following.

Conclusion: Which watch from this Japanese brand should I buy?

The truth is that it is difficult to know which Citizen watch to buy due to the wide range of watches that this Japanese brand has. 

We have only glimpsed a few watches, many of them are missing, especially those with a more classic style, chronographs, or Bluetooth connection, but the truth is that we believe that Citizen has given everything in these 6 models. You will not regret it.

At Casio, we are looking for one type of watch (classic digitals or G-Shock resistant ), at Seiko a completely different type (more classic automatic watches with very beautiful machinery) and at Citizen, we are looking for their Eco-Drive technology in their quartz watches.

The good thing about Citizen is that its price range is not very high if we compare it with other brands. Its most affordable models start at 100 dollars and for less than 500 dollars we have spectacular watches. Let’s enjoy them.

Other brand watches that are worth it? Well, there’s one from Bulova (owned by Citizen) worth checking out, the Bulova Lunar Pilot, a watch with an interesting history: it walked on the moon in the ’70s.

Do you want us to test a specific Citizen watch model? Leave us a comment and we will do it.

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