Benyar BY-5140m Watch Review – Ultimate Buying Guide

Benyar BY-5140m Watch Is an excellent watch with as low as 90-gram weight and good quality material at An affordable price.

Today I’m going to review the Benyar BY-5140M Watch. I paid $40 for this watch and I bought the watch from Amazon. So firstly, let’s look at the box that the BY-5140M comes in, and then I’ll talk you through the other items that come with this great watch. 

What’s Included in the Box?

The WatchBox itself is made from black cardboard, which has a textured finish, which is very aesthetically pleasing. On the little watch box, We have the Benyard brand logo in silver with the emblem, and I think it’s very aesthetically pleasing. And although it’s a basic cardboard watch box, it does suffice in protecting the watch in shipping. The interior is protected by a piece of foam with a cutout, and the watch sits on the center section of that phone.

At $40, I think it’s perfectly acceptable. This is a low-tier price point Watch but with High-quality material. Now I’ll get you through the other items that come with the watch.

You will also get this Benyard branded blue microfiber polishing cloth, and I always think it’s a nice touch to get a branded microfiber polishing cloth with a watch, regardless of the price point. To get this kind of thing with a $40 watch is really very good. 

One also gets a plastic Banyard guarantee card, there’s a space for the dealer to stamp the guarantee card and fill in the reference number and the date of purchase. Now you’ll notice the similarity between this Benyard Guarantee card and Bursugar and Pegali Design guarantee cards, respectively.

And that’s because Benjamin Pagani Design and Bursca are all made by the same factory in China, so they use the same plastic guarantee cards and just print them to suit the brand of the respective watch being sold.

Lastly, one also gets a Benyar user’s manual and International Warranty booklet. So this details the terms of the international warranty, and I’m pleased to report that the Benyard by-5140M is covered by a twelve-month international warranty, so it doesn’t go into great detail. But it is acceptable in explaining how to operate the Meca quartz movement used in the Watch. So this Benyard BY-5140M uses the Sunon PE 90 three-meca quartz movements. So the manual explains how to use the chronograph function and the movement with regards to the watch itself.

Main Specification Of Benyar BY-5140M Watch

If you look at the case shape and the profile of the lugs, you can clearly see the similarity between the Speedmaster and this Benyard BY-5140. I think at $40 Benyard has done a very good job of producing a homage to the Speedmaster’s very aesthetically pleasing case. The case is 42 mm. It has a 50-millimeter lug to lug measurement and a thickness of 14 mm.

The lug width is 22 mm, and the interesting thing about this watch is that it only weighs 90 grams on the rubber strap. As you’ll know, from my previous reviews, I have previously reviewed the black gold version of the same watch as I like the watch. I thought it was of excellent value at only $40, but however, I didn’t consider it to be of the best quality. 

Negative Or Cons Of Benyar BY-5140M Watch

There are two main negatives, two defects to the watch, which I’ll explain. 

  1. The Oyster style stainless steel bracelet was very poor quality and I felt it let the watch down.
  1. The other main negative to that black dial version of the watch was the. 06:00 sub-dial didn’t reset correctly. The hand didn’t reset precisely to the 12:00 index on the sub-dial, and I tried to recalibrate it using the method but it didn’t work. So I was really disappointed about the poor quality with regards to the alignment of the. 06:00 subdile and the quality of the bracelet.

So when I saw this blue dial version of the same watch for sale online on Amazon at $40, I thought I would give the watch another chance because I really like the watch but disliked the bracelet. So this comes on a blue Silicon rubber strap and that solves the problem of the poor quality bracelet. So with regards to the chronograph alignment of the subdials, I’m pleased to report that this one aligns better than the black dial version I previously reviewed. So When I press the top pusher it starts the chronograph.

  1. The stated accuracy of that Mecca quartz movement is plus or -30 seconds per month and it has two-year battery life. So the negative is the accuracy and also the relatively power-hungry movement. To contrast it to the Seiko VK 63. The VK 63 is made in Japan and it has a better accuracy of plus or -20 seconds per month. This mecca quartz movement made by Sunon has a plus or -30 seconds per month accuracy, so you can see it’s not as accurate.
  1. The other problem is the short battery life. It’s a two-year battery life Watch. Now the VK 63 has a three-year battery life, so therefore it has better movement, it’s less power-hungry. So really, I would say to you that’s the thing to weigh up if you’re considering buying a Mecca quartz low tier price point piece, a chronograph like this, consider a Pagani design or a busker. They’re the same watch because they’re made by the same factory.
  2. Another the negative of this hard legs Crystal is there is no AR coating on the underside. Lack of antireflective coating means that this watch does suffer from some legibility issues. But the highly reflective problem is also compounded by the use of blue, anodized electric blue bezel. But again, In just 40$ we can’t complain much.

That’s a $100 price tier piece. But the Seiko VK 63 Movement made in Japan is superior. This is a less expensive option because it’s a Chinese-made mecca quartz movement by Sunon, not as accurate and more power-hungry, so that’s something to weigh up to $40 versus $100 of the burstiger. Alternatively, Pagani design Daytona homage. So with regards to the rest of the specifications of this piece, the dial layout is very aesthetically pleasing.

What do I like about this Watch BY Benyar? What are Benyar BY-5140M Pros

  1. I like the blue Sunburst dial. The applied indices are symmetrical. They’re clearly legible. One thing I really like about the specification is the use of a domes Hardlex Crystal. Hardlex is more scratch resistant than mineral Crystal, and I think Benyard deserves full credit for not just using the least expensive option, which would be mineral Crystal.
  1. Hardcase is coated and therefore more scratch resistant. Now it’s not as hard and scratch resistant as Sapphire Crystal, but at $40 cannot expect to get Sapphire Crystal in a watch at this low tier price point. So I like the fact it’s got a Dome Crystal. It gives a nice characteristic distortion and slight magnification to the dial and also the hands. The baton-style hands are well executed and they complement the applied indices.
  1. I also like the arrangement of the three subdials which perfectly balances the date. Dial layout is very good. I like the symmetry of the applied indices, and I also like the distortion and I like the reflection one gets from that blue Sunbow style.
  1. It’s a metallic finish rather than being matched, so it’s very eye catching, but some collectors will dislike it because of the light blue toane. Personally, I think it’s an eye catching piece, and I think the electric blue anodizing is very aesthetically pleasing. It complements the blue Sunburst style rather than clashing with it, and I think they’ve made the right choice by putting the watch on a Navy blue Silicon rubber strap.
  1. With regards to Silicon rubber strap. It’s a very soft and supple rubber strap. I like the Silicon material. The stainless steel buckle is signed with the Benjamin Brand logo. It’s laser engraved, very nicely done, very nicely polished, and a nice thick gauge of metal.
  1. So I like the quality of the rubber strap, two keepers which slide on the strap, and if I look at the end of the strap, I can also see it’s nicely engraved with the Benjamin Brand logo emblem, and it’s a nice touch overall. I think the strap is very well finished. If i look at the underside of it, it has a nice tire tread texture to the underside, which actually feels very comfortable on the wrist. I was surprised at how comfortable this strap feels. It really does feel silky smooth despite the tire tread pattern to the underside.
  1. Another aspect I like about it is if you look at the edges of the strap, it’s got a nice Bevel on it. It’s not just a square profile, so very nice attention to detail. I also like the way it fits right up to the case. It’s often the case with Silicon rubber straps. There’s a gap between the spring bars and also the case itself, but I like the way they’ve integrated it.
  1. It is water resistant upto 30 meters which is a great feature in this price tag. This isn’t a dive watch. It’s not meant to get wet so therefore, 30 meters of water resistance is acceptable.
  1. It’s splash proof. I would say to you, it’s okay to wear this watch when washing one’s hands, but I certainly wouldn’t wear it in the bath or swimming, for example, because the pushes aren’t going to be as effective hermetic seal as screw down pushes or a screw down Crown. 
  1. Now, in terms of feel good factor, the feel good factor of this watch is outstanding, very aesthetically pleasing on the wrist due to the domes hardware Crystal, which gives a lovely distortion and magnification to that blue Sunburst style. I really like it. I like the symmetry of the applied indices, the baton hands, and also the arrangements, the dial layout of those three subdials and the date complication at 03:00. Clearly legible, very functional dial layouts. The blue anodizing on the bezel on the tacky meter is done to perfection.
  1.  It’s very lightweight and it’s fairly complemented by the lightweight Silicon rubber strap, much lighter than the solid stainless steel bracelet. The Silicon rubber strap is very supple on the wrist and also no heft whatsoever because it’s only weighs 90 grams. It’s noticeably lighter than an automatic or manual Wines chronograph piece. That’s the advantage of a Meca quartz movement.
  1. It’s very eye catching. The quality of the case polishing is very nice, and I like the mirror polishing throughout on the tops of the lugs, and also the flanks of the case really does look like a very aesthetically pleasing piece comfortable to wear.

There’s also effective hermetic seals with the pushers and also the Crown. The Crown is solid stainless steel, but it’s a push-pull Crown rather than a screw-down Crown, as one would expect. I think it’s perfectly acceptable for a Chronograph to use pushes that don’t screw down like the Daytona, and it’s also perfectly acceptable to use a push-pull Crown rather than a screw-down Crown.

Some Important questions About Benyar BY-5140M Watch

My wrist is big will this watch fit?

I have an eight-inch wrist and it’s often the case. That what straps don’t fit my large eight-inch wrist. But I’m pleased to report that this Silicon rubber strap on this Benjar piece does actually fit my 18th wrist, and I can actually engage the strap into the two keepers. So that’s very good. It’s very reassuring to know that this 42-millimeter piece will fit up to an eight-inch wrist.

Does the Benyar BY-5140M Watch have any defects?

There are no defects, there are no flaws whatsoever. The numerals are clearly legible. I really think Benjamin deserves credit because of the quality of printing of the tacky meter registers and also the numerals on that anodized bezel. It really is done to a very high standard. I like the way the light reflects and bounces off the blue anodized bezel.

Does the Benyar BY-5140M Watch Worth Money?

If you’re looking for comforts, if you like large pieces such as this 42-millimeter case, but you don’t want weights, you don’t want heft because you want to wear the watch as a daily wear piece for long periods of time. For example, if you want a watch that you can wear for eight to 12 hours per day, this really will suffice. I really like the case polishing I think they’ve done a very good job of it. Really. It’s flawless.

Summary: What do I think of Benyar BY-5140m Watch overall?

So lastly, I’ll summarize the piece. What do I think of it overall? Well, when I’m considering reviewing a watch on my channel, the watch should meet two criteria. The watch should be both excellent quality and excellent value at the respective price point. So one cannot argue that this watch is not of excellent value at $40.

I don’t think it can be beaten. It’s a good specification meca quartz-powered chronograph Watch. It’s only $40. The hard text Crystal is very well executed. The case polishing is good, the builds quality, the quality control.

I also like the actual quality of the Silicon rubber strap, nicely finished, comfortable supple, and even the quality of the stainless steel buckle and Tang. They’re very well done. And I think that Benyard really cannot be criticized for what they’ve produced at $40. So is the watch excellent value? Yes, it is.

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