How to fix Bluetooth connection problems In Casio G-Shock?

Connection problems between your Casio G-Shock and your Android or iOS mobile?

Another thing that can drive us a little crazy with our modern Casio G-Shocks is establishing a Bluetooth connection with the Casio G-SHOCK Connected or Move app. It is usually a simple step in those watches that have Bluetooth connectivity, but many times you can have problems…

And there is no single solution. We will show you a series of steps you can follow to connect your Casio G-Shock with Bluetooth to the G-SHOCK Connected or G-SHOCK Move app on your iOS or Android smartphone.

In the case of connecting with the G-SHOCK Connected app, not being able to do so is not so critical, since all the configuration operations can be carried out on the same watch as always, but if your watch connects to the G-SHOCK Connected app or G-SHOCK Move, this application offers very interesting information about your routes, steps, calories spent, GPS points, etc.

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Common Bluetooth errors on Casio G-Shock watches

This is a small list of various problems that you may encounter:

  1. Failed pairing: Sometimes the watch does not pair correctly with the smartphone on the first try. This may be due to interference, excessive distance between devices, or software problems.
  2. Frequent disconnection: Once paired, the watch and smartphone may disconnect intermittently. This can be caused by physical barriers, low battery on any of the devices, or software issues.
  3. Device not detected: Sometimes the smartphone does not detect the Casio G-Shock watch, even if Bluetooth is activated on both devices.
  4. Software Updates: Sometimes after a software update on your watch or smartphone, there may be compatibility issues that affect the Bluetooth connection.
  5. Interference with other devices: Other nearby Bluetooth devices may cause interference, which may result in an unstable or failed connection.
  6. App issues: The G-SHOCK Connected, Casio Watches, or G-SHOCK Move app may have glitches or errors that affect Bluetooth connectivity.
  7. Low battery: A low battery in the watch may affect its ability to maintain a stable Bluetooth connection.
  8. Incorrect settings: Sometimes the Bluetooth settings on the smartphone or watch are not set correctly, preventing a successful connection.
  9. Model Limitations: Some older Casio G-Shock models may not be fully compatible with newer smartphones or newer versions of operating systems.
  10. Hardware issues: Although less common, hardware issues on your watch or smartphone can prevent a Bluetooth connection.

Possible solutions to Bluetooth connection problems between your Casio G-Shock and your smartphone

Possible solutions to Bluetooth connection problems between your Casio G-Shock and your smartphone

1.-Phone and OS compatible with your Casio watch

The first thing you have to check is that your phone and your operating system, whether Android or iOS, are compatible with your watch.

This is easy to find out by browsing the Casio website: Smartphone Compatible Apps for Watches. Just select your watch and search for compatibility.

In the list that appears, the Casio watches will be listed, and with which app they have to connect: G-SHOCK Connected or G-SHOCK Move.

It is also possible that your smartphone has an iOS or Android version that is too old and is not supported by the app or by the watch… You have to change your phone or update the operating system if you can.

2.-App installed on the phone and Bluetooth on

  • The next step you should check is if you have the correct app installed on the phone in its latest version. This is very important. You can go to the Apple App Store or Google Play to check it out.
  • Then check that you have activated Bluetooth on your smartphone.
  • Still not working? Turn off the phone and turn it back on. Delete the app and reinstall it.
  • Most of the issues have been fixed at this point, and you can probably connect to the Casio app with your G-Shock watch.

3.-Clear the watch information in the app or delete the pairing information of the watch

Two more options. You can first try to delete the information that the app on your phone has saved on your watch. You just have to navigate to the app and delete the clock from it.

You can also delete the pairing information of the watch… and here we can have more problems because each Casio watch has a different way of doing it.

Normally it is done in the following way:

Casio G-Shock Analog (module 5588 )

  1. You loosen the crown and then pull it out to the second click.
  2. You hold down the button (B) for at least 10 seconds (look in the manual for this button on your watch): This deletes the pairing information.
  3. Push the crown back in and lock it.

Casio G-Shock digital (module 3459/3461 )

  1. Hold down button (A) for at least two seconds until [HT] starts flashing (look in the manual for this button on your watch).
  2. Press button (C) twice.
  3. Hold down button (B) for at least three seconds. Release the button when [CLR] appears.

In case the buttons do not match or it is a different module, you just have to go to the Casio manual page and put the module of your watch (you find it on the back).

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  • Each watch has in its manual, at the end of the document, a section called “Troubleshooting” where you can find this information.

Conclusion: fixing Bluetooth errors on Casio G-Shock with Android/iOS

By following these three steps, you will probably be able to connect your watch to the app on your smartphone. Usually, the problem is that you have installed the wrong app (Casio has several).

But in case it is not solved, you can follow the other steps to fix the problem and configure your Casio G-Shock with Bluetooth quickly and easily thanks to the app.

Still haven’t been able to solve it? We leave you the following table with several options that you can check:

Pairing failedMake sure both devices are in pairing mode and close to each other.
Frequent disconnectionKeep your watch and smartphone close to each other and avoid physical barriers between them.
Device not detectedRestart both devices and try the connection again.
Interference with other devicesDisable other nearby Bluetooth devices or move away from areas with many devices.
Problems with the applicationUpdate the G-SHOCK Connected, Casio Watches or G-SHOCK Move app to the latest available version.
Low batteryFully charge both devices before attempting to connect them.
Incorrect configurationCheck the Bluetooth settings on both devices and make sure they are set correctly.
Model limitationsCheck the compatibility of your Casio G-Shock model with your smartphone.
Hardware problemsIf you suspect a hardware issue, consider taking your watch or smartphone for service.
Software updatesMake sure both devices are updated with the latest software versions.

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