If you are looking to purchase a perfect watch then you must look into some of the DOS and DON’TS. Buying a watch could turn out to be a perfect venture if you go about it after some research and guide around the web.

For many customers, finding the right watch is a real adventure. For many enthusiasts, the hunt for the next model is exactly what the hobby is all about.

However, the beginning can often be a bit difficult – with all the choices and decisions. That’s why we’re going to show you 5 DOs and DON’Ts today that will help you keep a cool head and find the right watch for you.

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DO: Choose a watch that suits your wardrobe!

The perfect watch should go with almost everything you already own. Do you like wearing gold jewelry? Probably not the best idea to add a silver watch.


Do you have a lot of black and neutral colors in your closet? Then a simple leather bracelet is your safest bet. See yourself in a full-length mirror while you try on different watches in the store. Then you can see how the watch affects your overall impression.

Think about the colors of your most-worn accessories, such as your sunglasses. If the watch doesn’t match your current pieces, then you should reconsider the purchase.

DON’T: Don’t get stressed!

Much like a good designer handbag or a high-quality piece of jewelry, buying a watch should be a thoughtful process. Make sure you do your research and check out many different options. Our Watches guide page is a good starting point for inspiration and information.

Then, when you’ve narrowed the search, sleep on it again. Keep looking if you are not completely satisfied with your choice.

You may end up choosing an unexpected brand or color, or fall so in love with a slightly more expensive piece that you have to wait a few months longer to save up for it. Whatever you end up choosing, make sure you have fun while doing it.

DO: Get advice from an expert!

Watches differ from other accessories in that function can be just as important as aesthetics. There are diving watches, chronographs three-hand watches, and many more.

There are automatic watches and quartz watches – plus many questions of accuracy and mechanics. Of course, you don’t need to have a watchmaking degree to buy a watch, but it pays to have an expert on hand to help decipher the more technical side of things.

Many of your questions will certainly be answered in our different Watches guide reviewed personally by our experts.

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DON’T: Don’t follow the crowd!


When choosing a watch, one is tempted to stick to one of the few classic styles. At StupefyWatches, we are convinced that a good sense of style lies in individuality. Choosing timeless materials and colors is a good idea, but don’t be afraid to experiment with colors and shapes as well. You are the one who has to like the watch in the long term and who should be happy with it.

DO: Keep it timeless!

Diving in and out of trends is what makes fashion so exciting for all of us. But when it comes to watches, it pays to treat your purchase as a long-term investment.

Black or brown leather, or simple gold or silver detailing works best and doesn’t tend to age. But if you’re a longtime lover of rose gold or color, don’t let it limit you – just make sure it suits your style.

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