How to wear a watch with class? Proper way to wear a watch

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How to wear a watch with class?

A man’s accessory par excellence, the watch is available to adapt to dressy or casual styles. Here are some ways to wear a watch with elegance and according to the rules of the art.

In this article, you shall learn about

  1. How to wear a watch with the class?
  2. Wear a watch that matches your outfit
  3. On which wrist to wear a watch?
  4. Wear a watch and bracelets on the same wrist

Best way to wear a watch with class?

Why You Should Wear a Watch

To wear a watch with class, you must start by choosing a model that suits your style. If we talk about elegance, you will need a dress watch with a sober, elegant design and a leather strap. Be sure to choose the size of your watch to fit your wrist and wear it above the ulna.

Wear a watch that matches your outfit

To wear a watch with elegance, it must be in perfect harmony with your outfit. Before choosing your watch, you will therefore have to define the style in which you look fits so as not to create too strong a contrast.

Wear a dress watch

Dress watches generally have a sober and elegant design. They have a fairly thin case, a matching leather strap, and the dial display is minimalist, the bare minimum for knowing the time. For colors, favor a black or dark/medium brown strap.

This type of watch is quite versatile and can be worn with many outfits ranging from very formal to casual chic/smart casual.

The watch for adventurers

If you have a rather adventurous style, sherpa jacket, and boots and you like to move and live at 100 an hour, you need a military-inspired watch with a very readable dial: navy blue or black with numbers and white needles. For the bracelet, choose the resistant one, in leather or nylon in shades of brown, navy blue, or khaki.

An automatic or hand-wound watch will be perfect for men who don’t have time to go buy batteries.

The casual watch

With a casual outfit, several options are possible. For the leather or metal bracelet, you have the choice. Here, it is the case of the watch that will make all the difference. Less sober than the dress watch, you can choose a model with a thicker case, a stronger contrast between the background and the numbers, and opt for some additional functions, the chronograph being the most common.

Wear a sports watch

Wear a sports watch

For athletes, we directly forget precious metals and leather bracelets. Lightweight, strong, and sweat-resistant. A rubber strap will be perfect to match a sportswear outfit. Orient your choice on a quartz model or a mechanical movement, often lighter and more resistant than a battery-powered watch.

The case of digital watches

This type of watch is unmistakably casual, with its LED display and plastic, rubber, or stainless steel strap it definitely doesn’t wear with a three-piece suit. On the other hand, you can wear a digital watch with a casual outfit, streetwear, or sportswear. These can also be worn with a casual outfit: jeans, a t-shirt, sneakers all in simplicity.

On which wrist to wear a watch?

On this question, there is a generality, but no absolute rule. Since 90% of the population is right-handed, convention dictates that a watch should be worn on the left wrist. In this way, the hook is easier. Worn on your “weak” wrist, your watch will also shake less, be less subject to wear and you will thus optimize its lifespan.

The reverse is also true, if you’re left-handed, you can wear a watch on your right wrist. The idea is, in fact, to place the watch on the side that suits you the least. At the end of the day, Right or left, the choice is yours.

Position your watch correctly

Position your watch correctly

The position of the watch on the wrist is also important to wear it with elegance. Some loosen the door, letting the watch wander with the movements. However, if you want to wear your watch in style, you must wear it properly adjusted to prevent movement. The dial of your watch should sit just above the ulna, the bone that forms a small ball on your wrist. Several reasons for this:

  • for reasons of comfort, wearing a watch above the ulna prevents the crown of your watch from entering your wrist when it is flexed,
  • your watch must slip under the lapel of your shirt when you are standing,
  • your watch should only be visible when you bend your arm to look at the time.

And incidentally, having the dial of your watch positioned right on the ulna can be painful.

Wear a watch and bracelets on the same wrist

Attention, fashion misstep, the accumulation of watch and bracelet on the same wrist is risky! However, wearing a watch does not mean giving up on bracelets and vice versa. If you want to wear both, there are a few rules to follow.

As always, it’s all about balance. If you want to wear a watch and bracelet do it on both wrists. Wear a watch on your left wrist and your bracelets on your right wrist to balance things out. Also make sure to keep the same style to create harmony, do not wear a dress watch with rock-style steel bracelets for example. Attempts to maintain consistency between watch and bracelets.

If you absolutely want to wear a watch and a bracelet on the same wrist, the objective will be to avoid the unsightly effect of accumulation. The watch must remain the central accessory on your wrist, so choose a discreet bracelet such as leather for example.

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