How to wear an imposing watch?

The watch has become a fashion accessory in its own right. In addition to telling the time, this jewel also finalizes the look and refines the style of the wearer. Today, the watch is available in different models, and the major watch brands are constantly improving their collections. While some prefer discreet timepieces, others are seduced by the more imposing versions. But how then to wear a big watch?

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The watch: a jewel to assert your personality

The watch is an essential trendy accessory that we are used to wearing on a daily basis. It acts as a jewel that reflects your personality and refines your outfit with style. This piece embellishes your wrist, and cannot go unnoticed.

How to wear an imposing watch

However, like any jewel, its choice must be made with care. It can perfect your style, but the wrong choice can ruin the aesthetics of your look. If a discreet watch is more easily worn, an imposing watch requires consideration of the occasion, the size of your wrist, or your outfit: after visiting Stupefywatches, You can realize that there are many men’s watches with an imposing design.

A few tips for wearing a big watch properly

Are you a fan of big, imposing watches? To perfect your look, it is essential to select the model that best suits your wrist and your outfit.

Choose the right case size

A fitting may be required before purchasing your watch. Quite simply because the jewel must be proportional to the size of your wrist. The case size of the timepiece should not suffocate the wrist. Prefer a case of less than 40 mm if the circumference of your wrist is less than 15 cm. This will allow you to achieve a harmonious aesthetic. A larger case will be intended for wrists over 15 cm. A tape measure will be useful for you to measure the circumference of the wrist easily. The measurement will then be rounded up to the next half-centimeter.

Strap size

To obtain an aesthetic result, the bracelet must also adjust around the wrist. For a wrist circumference of more than 19 cm, you can choose a bracelet of 135/80. However, a 120/70 model will be more suitable if your wrist circumference is less than 16.5 cm.

The design of the watch according to your look

The style of the watch will also be chosen according to your look. For a special occasion, a dress watch such as those offered by Festina will do just fine. A diver’s watch can be worn with a business suit. Wearing the watch on the left wrist is always more practical because the jewel will not interfere with your movements. Sports models such as those from Fossil, aviator or diver’s watches, or even retro ones as offered by Casio are suitable for a casual business look or a casual outfit. On the color side, avoid colors like beige or white if you have fair skin. They are especially preferred for dull skin. And if you have black skin, you can afford the very imposing models in silver or gold.

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