Is Casio The Most Accurate Watch Brand? Complete Details

Surely you have heard of the famous Casio brand in many items such as calculators, its most famous item, but if you are looking for a watch, the Casio is always a good alternative for those who are lovers of good quality products and with a wide range of styles. to match any garment.

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Is Casio The Most Accurate Watch Brand?

Yes, Casio is the most accurate watch brand. Casio has always been known for its high-quality, affordable priced electronics. Casio is also one of the most durable watch brands out there. So Casio watches are in fact the most durable and accurate watch brand.

Casio states that their battery-powered quartz watches achieve accuracy of +/- 15 to 20 seconds per month.

The quartz watches need a battery to run, while an automatic watch is a mechanical mechanism powered by the movement of the wearer’s arms, hence these watches are more accurate. However, Casio still claims to be the most accurate watch brand.

The brand is originally Japanese, however, day by day they work to include quality pieces in their products, not only watches. In the analysis that you will see below, you will have everything related to Casio watches, a little history of the brand, a comparison of its best models, and the opinions of users.

Brand story

Casio is an old brand founded in 1917 in Japan by Kashio Tadao. From a young age, he worked as an apprentice in a factory and it is there that he gained experience manufacturing a variety of pots, pans, and bicycle lamps, thanks to his reputation he was rehired to make more demanding pieces.

Only in 1946 did he establish his own business called Kashio Seisakujo in Tokyo, he was in charge of repairing airplane ticket issuing machines and thus was the beginning of Casio products.

His lifelong philosophy was aimed at making people’s work easier through the sale of products. One day they brought him a calculator to fix it in his workshop, this gave Kashio an idea, open to new technology, he decided to make a smaller calculator so that it could be easily transported from desk to desk.

In 1949 he created the first calculator factory to help lift the economy after the First World War, later he realized how easy it was to make watches, they were also fashionable so they were very easy to sell.

To this day the brand continues to grow, becoming a renowned multinational company.

Casio watches for men

Men’s watches have always been the most famous in all brands, in addition to being traditional and resistant in the market regardless of style, whether round or square and it is no exception with Casio watches always highlighted for their quality. , durability and unique design.

Casio G-Shock Watches

Casio G- Shock watches are the most robust of the brand and are classic, they adapt to any place under all types of weather. It is waterproof (withstanding a depth of up to 200 meters) and its solidity makes it basically perfect to use no matter where you go, this is due to the high-quality materials known for their resistance, such as stainless steel, resin, and mineral glass. on the screen.

Therefore, this range is preferred by travelers or athletes who exercise outdoors, as it is a good companion if you continually face demanding challenges.

It has other additional functions such as a rev counter and stopwatch. However, despite being so equipped, it is still a comfortable and easy-to-carry model, it weighs 60 g, which makes it quite light considering how resistant it is.


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Casio Edifice

This Casio Edifice model is a watch made of stainless steel that is still resistant, but with a more elegant style than the G-Shock, they are still comfortable, and its leather strap and resin case make it totally wrist-friendly and in This case comes in two colors, gold, and silver.

This makes the prices of the Casio Edifice more competitive when compared to expensive watches from low and mid-range brands, making it a great option if you are looking for a more refined and resistant style without spending more.

Businessmen will surely enjoy a model like this since it is not only recommended for its appearance, its calendar, calculator, alarm, world clock, and other functions make it a great option for those who prefer to be organized and have the information they need at hand without having to use the mobile.

Casio Protrek

The Casio Protrek also has great resistance to shocks and sudden changes in temperature because it is made of titanium, which also gives it an incredible shine, almost equaling the G-Shock.

Specially designed for those who enjoy the adventure. The fact that it has an altimeter, barometer, stopwatch, compass, and world time, among other functions, makes it an extremely complete model.

The battery has energy savings and once it is activated it will last between six to twenty months, as it can be recharged with sunlight.

It uses Wear OS as an operating system so that the accessories it has are compatible with Google, you will see that its appearance is very peculiar, specially designed for those who climb or play sports outdoors.

Its weight is 92 grams, making it heavier than other designs, it is also large and robust compared to its competition.

Casio watches for women

The unique styles that Casio offers for women have taken over the market and even become a trend, since many prefer to have this tool at hand without having to resort to their mobile at all times, in addition to the variety of models, manufacturing materials and its functions are very complete.

Casio Baby-g

The Casio Baby-g seeks to be the feminine version of the G-Shock watches, they are still resistant, modern and sporty models with firm straps. It is the ideal option for those women who are looking to practice sports since it is made of resin and has an LED light to be able to see it in low light circumstances.

It is equipped with alarms, calendars, chronograph, time zone and it is waterproof, so it will be useful in indoor and outdoor water sports, it can reach a depth of up to 100 meters.

They are analog and digital watches, at the battery level they are efficient since they last up to 2 years. The case diameter is 44 millimeters with a thickness of 16mm and it weighs 46 grams.

So if you want a watch that is stylish, sturdy, but not too chunky or flashy, the Casio Baby-g will be your best bet, especially if you’re an outdoor athlete.


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Other types of Casio watches

Vintage Casio

The watches are inspired by the watch line of the 80s, this retro style is currently very fashionable and has great acceptance in the market. The case is made of resin, and the plastic bezel and the stainless steel strap also come in different colors.

The closure is comfortable and secure, it can be easily adjusted. The screen is digital, in the most classic models, and liquid crystal. The battery allows autonomy of up to 7 years of life. The watch movement is quartz.

They have a stopwatch of 1/1000 seconds-1 hour, it is very precise since it is measured with a precision of hundredths of a second. Its stopwatch capacity lasts up to 1 hour.

Additionally, you can check the date through the automatic calendar. Accounts with daily acoustic alarm, it is fully programmable and will help you stay on top of all your daily activities.

Casio Solar

The Casio Solar model works by means of sunlight as its name says, its battery is recharged in this way or with fluorescent light, although in this way the charge is slower. The solar cell is located on the edge of the dial and surrounds the screen.

Depending on the charge level, the warning will appear on the screen: low, medium, or high. This data refers to the time it takes for the watch to run daily on a solar charge.

From each Casio Solar model, the battery could have a greater or lesser duration, in addition, depending on the functions that are being used, such as Bluetooth, it spends much more energy. The battery has a range of between 10 to 15 years, which is a long time and could even last longer.

It is important to keep it energy-saving and expose it to bright light as long as possible.

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