Seiko SKX007 Diver Watch Ultimate Review

Seiko SKX007, the brand’s most iconic diving watch? Let me scan this classic diver watch and review it in detail.

Within the world of diving watches, one of the most outstanding has been the Seiko SKX007 Diver. A model that has excited even those who use it daily and want the features offered by an automatic watch.

In fact, the union of its colors, box size, and chosen materials mean that it can be used even for informal meetings, combined with all kinds of elegant or casual clothing. 

In this article, we are going to make a complete review of all the features offered by the Seiko SKX007. From the first moment, both its appearance and usability have us totally hooked. 

However, we are going to be objective and tell you everything that we have found good and bad about this diving watch from the Japanese manufacturer Seiko. 

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Seiko’s heritage with diving watches

Seiko has a long history with diving watches. Currently, there are many brands that have focused on this sector, not only because there is an excellent commitment to scuba diving by ordinary people, but simply because of what it means to wear a diving watch, its appearance, and the quality of its finishes. 

To begin with, giving a waterproof rating of up to 200 meters as is the case with the Seiko SKX007 or even more than that offered by other specialized brands is already a guarantee that all the components are perfectly assembled. 

Seiko SKX007 Diver Watch Ultimate Review

Seiko’s history of diving watches dates back to 1960 when it first introduced a model for professional use and appearance. 

With the reference 6217, it was known as Seiko 62MAS and had a mechanical movement and guaranteed waterproofness of 150 m. 

From then on, different dive watch appearances followed one another, such as the 6105 model that appeared in the movie  Apocalypse Now.

The concept of the diving watch was forged little by little, although it was not used to dive into the depths of the sea. 

Durability, resistance, reliability.

Many years later and after several additional additions, the watch we are talking about appears on the scene, the Seiko SKX007 as an option willing to stay and compete with other specialized brands.

Features of the Seiko SKX007

  • Catalog: SEIKO PROSPEX
  • Movement: Automatic
  • Caliber: 7S26
  • Number of jewels:  21
  • Oscillation:  21600Ah
  • Power reserve: 40 hours
  • Case material:  stainless steel
  • Case diameter: 42mm
  • Thickness: 12.5 mm
  • Waterproof: 20 bar (200m)
  • Crystal type:  Mineral
  • Strap width: 22mm

Seiko SKX007, one of the most practical diving watches

We speak of the Seiko SKX007 as a mechanical movement watch, waterproof to 20 bars (200 m), with ultra-clear vision in poor visibility conditions, screw-down type crown, and unidirectional bezel usual in diving watches.

In addition to its reliability and the magnitude of its automatic movement (powered by a caliber 7S26), its design is also worth talking about, compact, elegant, and practical for daily use. 

But that’s what we enter the scene right now…

Box appearance

It is common to see a high-quality stainless steel mounted case on a diving watch. We are talking about a not-very-wide diameter to deal with the complexity of a compact and submersible option, 43 mm. 

Of course, it has a thickness of 12.5 mm usual in this type of watch, and more if possible when it incorporates an automatic movement. 

seiko skx007 box appearance

This thickness may be uncomfortable for many, especially those with thin wrists. However, it fits very well because it does not have very pronounced tabs (the part that joins the case and strap).

Case bottom

We are talking about stainless steel screwed cover that guarantees water tightness even at high depths (we remember again the 200 meters guaranteed).

Dial and markers

First of all, and speaking of materials, the protective glass of the dial is made of Hardlex mineral glass, something very common in Seiko watches. 

It offers greater durability than normal mineral glass, taking into account that it is also a Prospex watch for sports use.

The dial design is compact and easy to see, a mandatory requirement for a diver’s watch. 

Markers and hour markers are very well contrasted with a practically black or very dark gray background, in a matte style. 

To facilitate the reading of the watch and taking into account that 43 mm is not considered a very large watch, in the Seiko SKX007 it has been decided to dispense with Roman or Arabic numerals, replacing it with a dotted hour index and with a good LumiBrite lighting system.

Seiko skx 007

This diver’s watch also has the complexity of the calendar, is located in the hour index of 3, and has a day and date. 

Is a curiosity to say that the day of the week is marked in black ink, with magnificent contrast with the white background, except Saturday and Sunday, marked in red as the days of rest for many. 

We particularly like the hands of the Seiko SKX007. Rough and thick, which has nothing to do with the stylized line of other watches with a classic look. 

And that is what attracts many interested in diving watches. maximum visibility, compactness, and ease of reading.

Only the second hand maintains a slim aesthetic, with a hand that reaches practically to the indicators at the end of the dial, to provide greater precision if you have to calculate times while we are on the seabed. 

Close to the hour index at 12 we find the Seiko logo and the words “AUTOMATIC”. With orange text and with very good contrast we find the text «DIVER’S 200m».

Nobody doubts when looking at it that it is a diving watch.

Crown design in Seiko SKX007

The Seiko SKX007 has a robust crown that is highly protected from accidents or bumps. 

It is not placed, as usual, at the 3 o’clock hour index, but is moved slightly before the number 4.

It is a large crown, protected by a pronounced case that prevents unnecessary shocks to a sensitive part of the watch. However, it is not a particularly protruding screw and is comfortable on the wrist. 

Bezel Appearance

The bezel is a very important part of a diving watch. The Seiko SKX007 has it made of stainless steel, covered with a metallic luster coating that shines in low visibility conditions.

Reinforcing the robust design of the Seiko is that the bezel edges are fluted and lightly polished.

In it, we find numbering every 10 minutes (with the exception of the number 60), with a mandatory unidirectional turn for a certified diving watch. 

This makes it meet the requirement that they also demand a dive watch, and that is the ease of reading and high legibility.

Seiko SKX007 Strap

Seiko likes to play around with different strap configurations, and this is also the case with the Seiko SKX007 Diver.

It comes standard with either a stainless steel strap or a rubber dive strap, both with a base width of 22mm.

We think that the use of a stainless steel strap is more focused on a watch for daily use outside of the usual dives. 

However, incorporating a rubber bracelet adds much more comfort and less weight, something required when diving. 

Movement characteristics

An essential part of the Seiko SKX007 Diver is the complexity of its interior and how well everything is put together. 

The watch contains automatic movement with caliber 7S26, containing 21 jewels and a beat frequency of 21,600 vibrations per hour (vph).

It features the innovation of the unbreakable Diaflex spring that Seiko has also incorporated into several models. This adds much more durability than you might expect for its price. 

A negative point that we can give to the Seiko is that it does not have manual winding, so interesting when we use it from time to time. 

Kinetic energy transforms the mechanical movement from the movement of our wrist. 

But if we have it stopped for more than 1 day, we do not have the possibility of turning the crown to manually wind it and keep it alive.

However, it has a power reserve of 40 hours, quite common for the calibers that Seiko mounts and highly valued by the regular public.  

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Seiko SKX007 Price Tracking

In the online market, watches undergo many variations, ups, and downs, to which notable discounts are also incorporated. 

Check it on amazon

On the Amazon portal, these are the variations it has suffered in recent months.

  • Lowest price:  $690
  • Highest price:  $990

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