What can be said about this Casio Edifice EF-527D-1AVEF watch that hasn’t already been said? It is one of the most classic analog watches in the Edifice collection, with an ornate dial, well manufactured, and with a spectacular price-quality ratio: it gives you the feeling that you are buying a more expensive watch…

It usually costs between 180 Dollars and 200 Dollars, depending on the online store or watch shop where you buy it.

First impressions? The truth is that it is not exactly the Casio Edifice with a more minimalist and simple dial. If you want a watch with a simpler dial design and fewer things cluttering the dials, you may be interested in the Casio Edifice EFR-S108D-1AVUEF – Opinion and review.

Is it worth buying the Casio EF-527D-1AVEF? We have included it among the best Casio Edifice of the moment, so you can’t miss it, especially if you find it at a reasonable price.

Casio Edifice EF-527D-1AVEF – Specifications, Design and Manufacturing

Casio Edifice Men's Watch EF-527D-1AVEF
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Casio Edifice Men's Watch EF-527D-1AVEF
  • 100M Water Resistant,Battery: SR927W, Approx. battery life: 2 years
  • 1/20 second chronograph Measuring capacity: 11:59’59.95” Measuring mode: Elapsed time
  • Slide rule function, Date Display, Mineral Glass
  • Screw Lock Crown, Screw Lock Back, Solid Stainless Steel Band
  • Double-lock, 1-press, 3-fold buckle, Accuracy: +/-20 seconds per month (with no signal calibration)
  • Casio Module No.: 4369 ( manual )
  • Neon display
  • Date Indicator
  • Stopwatch – 1/20 sec. – 12 hours
  • Slide rule function to calculate flight distance, speed, or fuel consumption (pilot watches).
  • Mineral crystal
  • Solid stainless steel case
  • Screwed case back
  • Screw down crown
  • Solid steel strap
  • Safety lock
  • 2 years – 1 battery (SR927W)
  • Water resistance rating (10 bar): Perfect for swimming and snorkeling
  • Dimensions of 51 x 45.50 x 11.40mm
  • Weight of 157 grams

This is a solid, stainless steel watch. You take it out of the box and realize that it could cost a lot more than it does.

It was launched in the early 2000s, and the fact that it has been around 17 years in 2022 and that Casio continues to manufacture, is an example of the great acceptance it has had among fans of the Japanese brand.

The dial is black with a chronograph style, it has a main dial and 3 small dials next to the small box located at 3 o’clock that shows us the day. What is each one for?

  • In the usual mode that shows us the time, the lower small dial counts the seconds and the other two are inactive.
  • In chronograph mode (up to 12 hours), the lower dial shows 1/20 seconds, the center dial the hours, and the upper dial the minutes.

The hands are white (hours and minutes) and then the red color is combined in the seconds. Hours and minutes have a fluorescent layer… which does not give much light at night. But it is that one of the indices… less…

But what catches everyone’s attention in this watch is the slide rule that allows us to calculate flight distance, speed, fuel consumption, or how to convert various units of measurement (as in more expensive pilot watches). It works with the button located to the left of the sphere.

How does it work? In the manual of a sheet of the clock module that we can find online, it does not say anything… but for that, we have the internet. On this page, they do several interesting calculations with these types of slide rules, from calculating the percentage of a tip to converting degrees Celsius to Fahrenheit.


As you can see by the indications of the different circles and numbers on the dial (it puts liters and gallons, volume units, or FUEL LBS in one of them or KM and MPH in another), its main function is to calculate fuel, flight distance, and speed… but it seems more practical in our daily lives to calculate a percentage with this watch, right?

The only problem you may have using this slide rule is that the numbers on the inner spheres are a bit small and don’t look very good. You almost need a magnifying glass.

The box is decorated with a toothed wheel that cannot be moved (I’m sure we’ve all tried it), it has a button on the left to move the slide rule plus the crown and two other buttons on the right to change the date and time ( crown, with two positions) and control the chronograph. Everything is very well finished and is of quality.

How well does the solid steel strap behave? The truth is that it is really solid and contributes to giving this watch an imposing appearance.

It comes quite large, so you will have to remove a few links (in my case 3 with a 19cm wrist) with the appropriate tools.

You just have to follow the arrow that comes in some of them to know which ones can be removed. You have to do a little force.

You can also make 3 micro adjustments at the end of the closure. The chain closure is one of the safest to be seen in the Casio Edifice line.

Back of the box? In the photo, you can see, As usual, Module number, stainless steel, Water Resistant 100M, EDIFICE logo in the middle, and JAPAN MOV’T are present.

The battery can last between 2 and 3 years depending on the use you make of the chronograph.

Casio Edifice EF-527D-1AVEF – Comfort and fit on the wrist

The watch is large at 51 x 45.50 x 11.40mm. It’s a bit thick, but nothing compared to the Casio G-Shock. It has a good weight of 157 grams, so it’s not exactly light. But it is comfortable to wear, although I would not leave it on at night to sleep.

Conclusion: Is it worth buying the Casio Edifice EF-527D-1AVEF?

A watch of this quality that can be obtained for less than 200 Dollars? It looks like it’s worth the purchase if you’re into pilot-style ornate dials… and you can get by without solar charging, Bluetooth, or Multiband 6 time synchronization.

It also doesn’t have a sapphire crystal, but the chain is solid steel and the ruler Calculus is a joy and very useful when you know how to use it (although the small numbers are not visible).

In favor:

  • Ornate pilot watch style dial
  • Good accuracy of +/-0.1 sec/day
  • Solid steel chain
  • Very useful slide rule
  • Good timer
  • Very good price-quality


  • The ornate sphere may not like many
  • The smaller numbers of the inner circles are somewhat small and difficult to see.
  • The fluorescence of the hands and indices is not very strong and does not look very good.
  • Does not have a sapphire crystal, solar charging, or Multiband 6-time synchronization

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