Top 10 Best Moon Phase Watches

Are you on your way to getting the best moon phase watch? Read the article to know-how and the top 10 options.

Being a lover of night, you ought to find it peaceful seeing the moon changing its phases. For sure, it must be the most overwhelming feeling. Keeping the current environmental conditions in mind, don’t you think pollution is an obstacle in your experience, and you need a moon phase watch?

Many of you might be like, now what is the moon phase watch and what it does? 

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What is a moon phase watch?

Like other wristwatches, the moon phase watch is the same. It displays time and date with accuracy. The additional feature it offers is the display of the different moon phases.

There is a hole on the dial that keeps you informed about the different moon phases. You can see the moon phase through the small opening (aperture) without going out and looking at the sky.

Due to this feature, they are named so. This out-class piece of art was first invented by Patek Philippe back in 1925. 

How does the moon phase watch work?

It must hit you so hard that how a wristwatch calculates the moon phases without even contact with the sky? Well, the process is a little tricky, but let’s sum it up in simple words.

Two identical moons with a disc live behind the dial of the watch. The role of the disc here is to rotate the moon to complete the lunar cycle every 29.5 days (29 + ½ days).

The gear responsible for the action of the disc is the 59-tooth. This gear tooth regulates the movement of one notch every 24-hours. The second moon appears when the lunar cycle of 29 ½ days is over. You can see the second one through the aperture.

As the movement of the notch is sparse, new users assume that the watch is not working and end up throwing it away. Little did they know, the action is slight the way the moon changes its phases.

Since you are clear with how the moon phase watch works, let us check the top 10 moon phase watches you need to discern before the end of this year.

Top 10 Best Moon Phase Watches

After a lot of research around the web and reading out 100’s of reviews from different platforms like Amazon, eBay, and Quora we have selected some of the Best Moon Phase Watches that are going to be a perfect fit for you and your loved one’s.

#1 Frederique Constant Slimline Moon phase Watch

Best Moon Phase Watches

If you are not tight on a budget and are looking for the best moon phase watch then check out this one. This moon phase watch features a rose gold plated dial, which is stainless steel. It also features an anti-reflective sapphire dial window.

This elegant watch has a Swiss automatic movement analog display. Besides, this timepiece is water-resistant for up to 30 meters and can withstand water splashes.


  • High-quality leather straps
  • Rose gold plate case
  • Features moon phase window
  • Anti-reflective sapphire dial


  • Expensive than others
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#2 Agelocer Genuine Mechanical leather luxury watch

Agelocer Genuine Mechanical leather luxury watch

Agelocer is one of the well-known brands that make the best watches. This Agelocer mechanical is a luxury moon phase watch that delivers both style and substance. 

It features Italian cowhide leather straps, which make this watch comfortable to wear all day long. This moon phase timepiece is perfect to wear with both casual and formal dresses.

It is combined with German stitching technology and features handmade oil edges that ensure durability. Besides, this timepiece comes with a 2-years warranty.

Pros of Agelocer Genuine Mechanical leather luxury watch

  • Comfortable to wear
  • Handmade oil edges
  • Stainless steel case
  • Durable and reliable

Cons of Agelocer Genuine Mechanical leather luxury watch

  • None
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#3 Orient Sun and Moon Version 3 Moon Phase Wristwatch

Orient Sun and Moon Version 3 Moon Phase Wristwatch

With a sapphire crystal case, this is a top-notch moon phase wristwatch that features sun and moon indicators. The case diameter of this watch is 42.5 mm with 14 mm thickness. The design is stainless steel with black high-quality leather straps.

This moon phase timepiece is elegant enough to wear for business meetings. To reserve power for about 40 hours, it features Japanese automatic movement.

Things To Consider

  • Features sun and moon indicator
  • Sapphire crystal case
  • Elegant design
  • 40 hours power reserve

Things To Let It Go

  • Not suitable for deep water
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#4 Skagen Holst Stainless Steel Moon Phase Watch

Skagen Holst Stainless Steel Moon Phase Watch

If you like your watch simple, then check this watch is the best. It comes in two beautiful colors, which are blue and brown. It features a black crystal case with a 40 mm diameter and nylon straps having a width of 20 mm.

The best thing about this moon phase watch is that you can wear it while swimming in shallow water. Besides, it has quartz movement with a multifunction analog imported display.

Why Should You Buy Skagen Holst Stainless Steel Moon Phase Watch?

  • Quartz movement
  • Simple design
  • Nylon straps

Why Should You Not Buy This Watch?

  • Not long-lasting
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#5 Citizen’s Man Calendrier Black IP BU0057-54E

#5 Citizen’s Man Calendrier Black IP BU0057-54E

Citizen’s IP BU0057-54E is one of the best moon phase watches for men out there. The grey stainless steel case and black bracelet with spherical mineral crystal dial make the look of this watch bold and elegant. It is water-resistant and can stand 100M deep water.

This Citizen’s moon phase watch comes with a moon phase display pointer and eco-drive technology that does not require a battery. Besides, the top-notch dial features day, month, and date subdials. Also, it comes with a 5-years warranty.

Reasons To Buy

  • Eco-drive technology
  • Day, month, and date subdials
  • Impressive bold look
  • Robust design

Reasons To Not Buy

  • Not ideal for sports activities
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#6 Omega Speedmaster Moonphase Master Co-Axial

Omega Speedmaster Moonphase Master Co-Axial

Omega Speedmaster co-axial is a stylish yet elegant timepiece, which is suitable for both men and women. It features black leather straps with a crocodile design and has a case diameter of 44.24 cm.

It also comes with scratch-free sapphire crystal and anti-reflective treatment on each side. For durability, the case of this watch is stainless steel.

Like all Omega watches, this one comes with a 5-years warranty. Besides, this timepiece from Omega is officially certified with Metas.


  • Elegant design
  • Features chronometer
  • Leather straps
  • Anti-magnetic feature


  • Not pocket-friendly
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#7 Citizen’s Men’s AV3006-O9E moon phase watch

Citizen’s Men's AV3006-O9E moon phase watch

Citizen’s Men’s AV3006-O9E is an eco-drive moon phase watch, which is dual-coated that ensures durability. This timepiece comes with a moon phase indicator and features ½ second chronograph that measures up to 12 hours.

To keep the glass safe from raises and scratches, it features anti-reflective sapphire glass. Besides, this watch is water-resistant for up to 100 M deep water, which means you can wear this moon phase watch while swimming.


  • Moon phase indicator
  • ½ second chronograph
  • Anti-reflective sapphire glass
  • Eco-drive feature


  • Not super comfortable to wear
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#8 Seiko Premier Kinetic Direct Drive Moon Phase Watch

Seiko Premier Kinetic Direct Drive Moon Phase Watch

Seiko SRX015P1 is the user’s number one choice when it comes to moon phase watches. It is overall a transcendent value for money. Its silver-tone crystal stainless steel case and straps make this watch uncompromisingly beautiful with every look.

With its water-resistant feature, this moon phase wristwatch can withstand 100-meter deep water. Moreover, its robust design makes this watch durable and reliable.

What do we love about Seiko SRX015P1?

  • Scratch-free sapphire crystal
  • Water-resistant
  • Beautiful look
  • Functional design

What we don’t love about Seiko SRX015P1?

  • Not comfortable to wear all-day
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#9 Thomas Earnshaw Longitude Automatic Skeleton Moon Phase Watch

Thomas Earnshaw Longitude Automatic Skeleton Moon Phase Watch

For those looking for an affordable moon phase watch that is functional, Thomas Earnshaw Longitude Automatic Skeleton Watch is for you. It has a Automated skeleton movement, which features moon phase sub-dials with dates. 

The crisp white dial has blue pointed hands and black numerals that make this watch more beautiful. To add durability, the leather straps of this moon phase watch are hand-stitched.


  • Automatic skeleton movement
  • Analogue display
  • Affordable price
  • Hand-stitched leather straps
  • Robust design


  • Not long-lasting
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#10 LOBININI Automatic Moon Phase Watch for Men

LOBININI Automatic Moon Phase Watch for Men

This LABONINI moon phase watch for men is a value for money. This moon phase watch is a perfect gift for anyone. It features the best quality Miyota Japan automatic self-wind movement.

The diameter of this watch’s case is 42 mm with a case thickness of 12.5 mm. It is water-resistant, which means the splashes do not affect this watch.

It has a stainless steel case that looks great with formal wear- With a sapphire crystal case mirror and black leather straps. Besides, this timepiece gives you an 18-months guarantee.


  • Great build quality
  • Affordable price
  • Miyota automatic movement
  • Black leather straps


  • Not stylish looking
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How to set a moon phase watch?

While updating the time or being extra curious, users end up disturbing the moon phase settings of the watch. If you are standing in the same lane and don’t know how to fix the moon phase watch automatic, then check the below step-by-step process;

  • Before adjusting the notch settings, pull out the crown and set the hours and minutes hand on 6.30;
  • Now sit in your balcony or garden and determine the age of the moon;
  • If this process sounds nerve-racking, then do detailed research on the internet;
  • Be 100% sure whether the moon is waning or waxing;
  • Now turn the disc linked with identical moons and position the lunar moon in the center of the window (full moon);
  • Count the days you see the full moon the last time and rotate the crown accordingly;
  • Turn one notch for one day;
  • Once done, push the crown to its position and enjoy the accurate moon phases.

What to look for when buying a moon phase watch?

I assume you have made up your mind to buy a moon phase watch and hopefully it would one of your best watches for years to come. Now let me talk about some of the most important things that you should look for when buying a moon phase watch.

1. Movement style

On normal days, we use wristwatches with three movement styles;

Automatic: This type doesn’t need any battery or mechanical support to run. It runs with the movement of your arm.

Mechanical: Unlike automatic movement, this needs mechanical support. You need to rotate the crown to let the watch work. 

Quartz: It is the most standard style we use in our everyday lifestyle. You need to add a battery (coin battery or button cells). The watch will run till the battery has power. 

Depending on what style you need, choose accordingly.

2. Dial and bezel ring size

Dial- the center of attention. Again, here you also get two options, round and square. Since you are purchasing a moon phase watch, it is better to choose the round style. The square dial will suffocate the interior design. Outside the dial is the bezel ring. Consider slim style as it enhances the overall look.

3. Strap

Although the strap is not such a case; still, you need to check the material as it will define your experience. If you have any skin issues and want comfortable material, go with a stainless steel chain or genuine leather. Most of the aftermarket leather fabrics are skin-friendly these days. 

4. In-built material

Who wants to have a product that lasts for a few months only? Do you? For on-track high-quality performance for years, consider stainless steel body. It will help you prevent rust formation. Besides, do make sure that the dial case has waterproof housing.

5. The price

It would be a lie to say price doesn’t matter when purchasing a product. In the above list, we have added a mixture of watches. From expensive to affordable moon phase watches, you will find all varieties. Whatever your budget range is, make sure not to compromise on the quality.

6. Weight

The weight of the watch is also one of the important things to consider when buying a watch as many people love to wear watches that doesn’t feel heavy on their wrists and someone like me would go for a heavier watch. So all in all its your choice and you should know what weight would be a perfect fit for your wrists. You may read our detailed guide on How Much Does A Watch Weigh? Is It Worth Considering?

Final Thoughts On The Best Moon Phase Watches

Time to bring the school days back! We can’t predict anything, but one thing is guaranteed. The experience you will have with the moon phase watch is undoubtedly worth your investment.

Isn’t it amazing to watch moon phases on your wristwatch? Lastly, what is your feedback? Drop it in the comment section.


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