Best Jack Mason Watches Review (Straight Outta Texas)

Jack Mason Watches are always loved to buy for all occasions.  Men love to add these masterpieces to their collection, which reflects their taste, heritage, and legacy. 

Worth mentioning is that the watches do not cost arm and leg.

Undoubtedly, Jack Mason had a tough time entering the market when already big brands like Rolex, Rado, and Tag Heuer were ruling the markets. 

But the sheer dedication, high-end quality, and strong customer service made it one of the well-established and well-known brands for watches. You have to go through the Jack Mason Watches review. 

Let us explore the Jack Mason Watches world.

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What are Jack Mason Watches?

Jack Mason is a well-known name in the watches industry. The world was clueless about the intervention of an upcoming company that turned out to be a duo of elegant designs with a touch of heritage at affordable prices. It started its business on 19th January 2015 from Texas. Soon, the company ruled the hearts of every other customer.

Our team had already worked in the same field, so together we had an experience of 50 years. Our relation began the new journey and started to mark and create a visible difference. 

The company holds a strong belief that their creation watches must speak for the man who wears them. Furthermore, the watch describes the personality of the man and what that man will be in the future. To be precise, the Jack Mason watches define the taste of the specific individual man.  

Top Jack Mason Watches Review

Top #1 Racing Chronograph

This iconic watch is the model of the chronograph series. It has the perfect combination of wide date windows high-end with tachymeter rings that set the model apart from other competing brands. You will feel the difference in its styling.

The hour and minute sub-dial are separate while the second hand represents the rest. Many watches do not have a wide display for the date, but you can enjoy it with the Jack Mason watch. The fine minute marking of the watch enhances the aesthetic looks. Overall, it gives the users a perfect feel of racers.


  • Various colors
  • Aesthetically appealing
  • Affordable
  • Easy to read


  • Not waterproof
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Top #2. Nautical Chronograph

The design of the watch is outstanding. It gives a prominent look to its pushers and crown. Still, the bold features do not give it a gaudy or too overstated look. The nice 44mm case of stainless steel hits the nail and gives the ultimate look to the watch, rather than making it an accessory.

Furthermore, the polished crown and bezels give it the final casual touch any buyer desires.

One thing you must know is that the static hand of 12 seconds at the timer completely blocks the logo. It remains a highly questionable point for the people who wish to reflect the logo of the watch.  The sapphire crystal reduces the chances of glare and is nice to see in these watches.


  • Perfect design
  • Excellent quality at affordable price


  • Strap buckle has a wide tank
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Top #3. Canton Day-Date Jack Mason Watch

Jack Mason Watch Review reveals the best watch of the heritage series of your favorite brand, Jack Mason. You will love your sapphire window at an affordable price. In comparison to many of the watchers mentioned in the Jack Mason watch review, it is the smaller one. you will love the snug-fitting on your wrist.

Hold on! Don’t count it to be lightweight. This is an automatic watch and it is completely fantastic to witness the neat movement of gears in the exposed casing. The classy look of the blue and silver body further adds the cherry on top. It can manage good underwater depths with a resistance of up to 330 feet (100 mm).


  • Classy design
  • Small
  • Snug fit


  • Not lightweight
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Why does It win over competitors?

Jack Mason offers free shipping for orders above $1000. However, worth mentioning is its lifetime warranty. This uniqueness lets the buyers invest freely without any second thought because you can cover your investment with the free services against the warranty.

You must be comfortable and feel safe with your choice, Jack Mason watch. The manufacturing defects come under the warranty for a lifetime.  But the warranty does not cover the damages that occur due to wear and tear. 

Whether it is your strap, buckle, or battery, none of them comes under the warranty. The company charges not a single penny for the rest of the repairs.

Keep in mind that the repairs process may take 8 weeks. In the end, you will love your refurbished watch. Hold on! You don’t need to worry much if you wish for a speedy process. You can avail yourself of the choice of completely replacing your watch at zero cost.  That’s not all!

You can choose for equal or less priced value if your watch style turns out to be out of date. Another great news is that you can go for higher-priced models, but you need to give the differential amount. The Jack Mason watches offer complete replacement or repair for Jack Mason watches’ damages not covered under warranty. But you have to pay $100.

The company issues a coupon of 50% for the damaged Jack Mason damaged watch. Be happy you can apply this code once and get a full-priced Jack Mason watch from its website.  After receiving your damaged watch, customer care will contact you and upon your approval, repair or replacement will take place. You will know any incurred cost well before time.

Final Thoughts: Jack Mason Watches Review

In a nutshell, the Jack Mason Watch Review revealed a wonderful side of the Jack Mason Watches series that remains untouched. Men hardly touch or untapped this brand. Though it is a perfect combination of looks, heritage, and affordable price range. Don’t think of low prices but yes, affordable and worth it.

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