Casio G-Shock GMW-B5000 Ultimate Review [Complete Buyer’s Guide]

Are you thinking of buying a Casio G-Shock GMW-B5000? It is one of the most loved watches by everyone at the moment. Reason? The design is tremendous, it is totally metallic (steel), and it has Bluetooth, Tough Solar, and radio frequency. It has almost all the properties that we expect to see in a Casio G-Shock watch.

There are currently 6 variations of the Casio G-Shock GMW-B5000 (silver, gold, black, with the blue case, with a silver case and black strap, and with a positive display and black case). I have tested the Casio G-Shock GMW-B5000GD-1ER (all black with a negative screen).

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Casio G-Shock GMW-B5000: features

Casio G-Shock 35th Anniversary Limited Edition Bluetooth Watch GMW-B5000D-1ER
66 Reviews
Casio G-Shock 35th Anniversary Limited Edition Bluetooth Watch GMW-B5000D-1ER
  • Casio G-Shock 35th Anniversary Limited Edition Bluetooth Watch
  • Water Resistant to 200m
  • Battery level indicator
  • Bluetooth Connectivity
  • Module No.: 3459
  • Bluetooth-Smart
  • Smartphone time (time synchronization via the internet)
  • super highlighter
  • Shock resistant
  • solar power system
  • Reception of DCF/MSF/WWVB/JJY/BPC radio frequency signals
  • Universal time function (39 cities in the watch and about 300 in the app)
  • Stopwatch – 1/100 sec. – 24 hours and timers – 1/1 second – 24 hours
  • 5 daily alarms and snooze function
  • Low charge alert: [LOW] or [CHG] flashes on the screen.
  • Indication of the day of the week in several languages ​​(Spanish among them)
  • Flight Log Memory
  • Phone Finder to find your mobile
  • mineral crystal
  • Solid stainless steel case and a screw-down case back
  • Solid steel strap
  • Safety lock
  • Low battery indicator
  • Water resistance classification 20 bar (ISO 22810).
  • Dimensions (W x H x D): 49.3mm x 43.2mm x 13.0mm
  • Weight: 200 grams

If we look at its characteristics, the first thing that strikes us is that it has solar charging (rechargeable battery), synchronization of time by radio frequency (something common in previous generations of G-Shock), and Bluetooth!

The watch has Bluetooth which gives us access to a lot of possibilities in this model, such as synchronizing the time over the internet, searching for the phone (only if it is within a range of about 2 meters), or changing all the watch settings directly in an app available for iOS or Android, G-Shock Connected.

How to connect Casio G-Shock GMW-B5000 to G-Shock Connected App?

To connect Casio G-Shock GMW-B5000 to G-Shock Connected App we are adding one of the videos from my mate Rob. Just go through this simple video and follow the instruction to get your Casio G-Shock GMW-B5000 Connected to G-Shock App.

It should be noted that we can only check the battery charge in the app itself, something that I don’t like too much, but well… On the clock screen itself we will only have low charge alerts: the [LOW] or [CHG] icons ] will appear on the screen.

For the rest, we find the characteristics that have made G-Shock watches famous throughout the world. It has automatic light, universal time, a stopwatch or timer, and a very interesting function: reminders (you can record reminders on the clock for certain dates, for example, birthdays).

Casio G-Shock GMW-B5000: Case and Screen

The first thing that stands out about this watch is that it is made entirely of metal, specifically, stainless steel, it is the first watch in the 5000 series to have this quality…. and you will love it. It Is beautiful and It looks great on the wrist.

It has a rectangular shape and a nice solar cell that surrounds the entire inner edge. Its style is impeccable, and perhaps that is why it has become a bestseller in recent years, and Casio has decided to release more versions.

The watch mixes polished and brushed surfaces, giving it a sober and elegant look. You only have to be careful in the silver or gold version with the scratches: They are pretty noticeable.

In this case, you are looking at the completely black version with a negative screen, the Casio G-Shock GMW-B5000GD-1ER… and it looks perfect in any situation thanks to its STN-LCD panel that guarantees easy reading of the information, even if we try to view the screen at an angle. 

The best I can tell you is to compare it to the other two negative screen G-Shock models that are also worth a look:

The numbers look perfect. You will not repeat buying it with this type of screen.

At the back, we find a screwed case bottom, so it will be easy to change the batteries in the future. It has a nice “Made in Japan” and all the Casio numerology in a circular shape.

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Casio G-Shock GMW-B5000: Bracelet

And the bracelet? There are models that do not have the steel bracelet, but I think it is worth going for the Casio GMW-B5000 with a metal bracelet, as they give the watch a very elegant and durable look. The closure seems really sturdy and secure.

As you can see in the image, you have to adjust the bracelet to the size of your wrist. It is quite simple. In my case, with an 18.5cm wrist, I had to remove 4 links from the strap.

The bracelet is held together by spring bars in the center of each link. They are all the same. You will only need the right tools to remove them yourself at home or go to a watchmaker to do you the favor in less than 5 minutes.

Casio G-Shock GMW-B5000: features

This watch has a module number of 3459, so the first thing you should do is go to Casio’s page and download its instruction manual … Although the truth is that with the app you can easily configure the watch in about 10 minutes and see all the features that are available to you.

The app does a good job of setting up the watch and showing you a guide with the most common functions of this watch.

I would just like to comment on the battery issue. In this watch, it is difficult for the battery to be completely full immediately. With 8 minutes a day, the watch is supposed to work perfectly, but unlike other G-Shocks I have like the Rangeman 9400 or the GW-5610, which have always had a full battery from the beginning, this model takes a few days to get it… and giving it good sun.

  • In the instructions, they indicate up to a maximum of 270 hours of charging time with a relatively low intensity of light. If it is exposed to direct sunlight, the charging time is reduced to about 45 hours.

The most interesting thing about connecting it to the app is that the time is synchronized via the Internet, not having to depend on radio synchronization, which fails in many places because they are far from the antennas.

Conclusion: Is it worth buying a Casio G-Shock GMW-B5000?

Do you want a resistant watch, with an excellent design, metallic, and Bluetooth? This Casio G-Shock GMW-B5000 is what you are looking for… we just have to keep in mind that its price is somewhat high for what Casio has accustomed us to. At this time, and depending on the model, we can find them from about 300 dollars to approximately 700 dollars. It’s not the cheapest G-Shock.

You also have to take into account that it weighs a lot more than other models, approximately 2 to 3 times more than the Casio with a resin case and strap.

And above all, although they sell it as a Casio watch with Bluetooth, it is not a smartwatch to use. Bluetooth helps us to control the functions of a Casio watch more easily. And it only gives us some interesting extras such as phone search, time synchronization via the Internet, or the possibility of saving locations on a map of the app (perfect for travelers). No notifications from the smartphone on this watch.

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For the rest, we can turn off the Bluetooth and use it as a Casio G-Shock watch of a lifetime without much problem.

Is it worth buying a Casio G-Shock GMW-B5000? If you can afford the outlay… yes. It is one of the best watches that Casio has released in the last decade. Its design is impeccable… it’s a G-Shock.

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